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The first poster for the final ‘Hunger Games’ movie is pretty ominous


The final installment of "The Hunger Games" isn’t out until November, but we finally have our first tease at the concluding film.

Lionsgate revealed the official poster for "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2," which hints at the impending demise of antagonist President Snow (Donald Sutherland).

The final film will continue to follow Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) as she leads a team to overthrow both the Capitol and Snow to restore peace among the districts. 

It's not looking so good for Snow.

"The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2" is in theaters November 20, 2015.

Check out the poster below.

hunger games mockingjay part 2  

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Here’s the first teaser trailer for Pixar’s long-delayed movie 'The Good Dinosaur'


Pixar’s next film “Inside Out” isn’t even in theaters yet, but the studio is already starting to tease its big November feature, the dinosaur/human buddy comedy “The Good Dinosaur.”

The studio released the film’s first teaser—which really doesn’t tell you anything about the movie at all, other than the fact that it takes place on an Earth that was never hit by the asteroid that triggered the dinosaurs' extinction. Like most teasers, it doesn’t divulge much, but it does build to a pretty fun sight gag and some “Lion King”-esque art. 

Frankly, it’s just great to know that this movie’s on track after a long and tumultuous development that upended Pixar’s release schedule and led to a large number of layoffs. Pixar’s shine may have started to wear off ever so slightly with its dependence on sequels and prequels, but it really is exciting to see the storied studio releasing two back-to-back original films for 2015. 

“The Good Dinosaur” arrives in theaters November 25, 2015.

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Whether or not you watched the show 'Entourage' — you will absolutely love the movie


Entourage MovieWarning: There are some spoilers ahead

I'm not going to beat around the bush here, I was a huge fan of the show "Entourage" and I knew with little doubt in my mind the movie would be awesome.

I was not wrong.

It makes sense, though, when you think about it. For all intents and purposes, the team that made the movie also made the show. They didn't mess with anything.

If you went into the movie expecting and hoping for an hour and 45 minute long version of the successful show, that's what you get here. And that's fantastic. It's also worth noting that I went with someone who hadn't seen a shred of the original series and she loved it too. Creator Doug Ellin has done something very right here.

The movie picks up just six days after the conclusion of the HBO series. That's a bit surprising considering the show's been off the air since 2011. But we don't stay there too long and soon flash forward eight months into the future and launch into our plot.

The basic premise of "Entourage" is generally this: Four childhood friends from humble upbringings in Queens move to LA armed with the new found success of one of the four, Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier).

Throughout the course of the show, Vince rises through a series of highs and lows to Hollywood super stardom. His best friend growing up, Eric (Kevin Connolly), is his manager. His brother, Johnny (Kevin Dillon), a D-list actor, is also around, as well as Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), who drives everyone around and plans parties. Things change and evolve through the course of the series' eight seasons, but that's the basic idea. Those four guys make up the entourage of "Entourage." Most of the time, they all live together and live off of Vince's spoils.

Entourage super gif

The fifth main character is their agent, Ari Gold, played with as much zest and intensity as ever by Jeremy Piven.

The basic plot here revolves around Ari's first project as a Hollywood studio head. Vince has convinced him to let him both star in and direct the movie (which he hasn't done before). Eric is producing, and Johnny gets a small but "pivotal" role.

Things are going decently well with the movie, except Vince and Eric need more money to get the movie finished. To do that, Ari is forced to try to convince the movie's financiers in Texas (played by Billy Bob Thornton and Haley Joel Osment) to pony up more cash. Osment, in a somewhat crazy and a little brilliant turn, travels to LA to see the goings on with the movie itself — and all hell breaks loose.

There's not really much that will surprise you about this movie if you watched the show, and that's why it works. Creator and director Doug Ellin didn't try to fix what wasn't broken, and didn't overstep the bounds of the show. It's the boys of "Entourage" in all their crassness and hilarity in a movie as sharply funny as the series.

ari gold entourageThis is not to say, though, that if you're coming into this movie with no prior knowledge you won't enjoy it. Everyone in the theater I was at seemed to eat this movie up, and there is plenty of exposition at the beginning. It feels a bit forced, especially if you've seen the show. But after thinking about it a bit, I think it works. 

Ellin made the choice to use a Piers Morgan long form journalism piece on the guys as a way to give us the basics on our main characters for those who hadn't seen the show. It's fine. I'm sure the team behind the movie thought long and hard about how to sum up eight seasons of television into 15 minutes of exposition. Looking back, I think they made the right choice.

The plot was funny and engaging, a classic "Entourage" tale of rescuing movies from the depths of hell, dealing with relationship stumbles, and of course, partying like rock stars.

One of the big surprises comes courtesy of Haley Joel Osment. Yes, that cute 11-year-old who claimed he could see dead people in an M. Night Shayamalan movie all those years ago is back. He's playing a crass, rich, young Texan that's a royal pain in Vince, Eric, and Ari's butt.

His transformation is awesome in this movie. The guy can act. He's funny, obnoxious, and completely believable as the misguided and naive Texas millionaire.

Entourage Movie

There is also a veritable army of star-studded Hollywood cameos in this one. Let me first put fans of the show at ease, everyone from Billy Walsh to Andrew Dice Clay make appearances here on the tails of their arcs in the original series.

And that's just the beginning. There are cameos here from all over Hollywood and beyond: Mark Wahlberg, Jessica Alba, Warren Buffett, Mark Cuban, Russell Wilson, Ronda Rousey (who makes more than a cameo), Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady, Pharrell Williams, Liam Neeson, Armie Hammer, Kelsey Grammer, George Takei, and the list goes on and on.

There's not much to say about the original cast. They're all as entertaining as they've always been. These guys have plenty of practice in these roles and they all nail them again. It was no surprise the audience was particularly drawn to Ari Gold, Piven's character. He's always been the funniest thing in the show and that didn't change in this movie.

"Entourage" isn't reinventing the wheel here. They found a formula that worked very well for nearly a decade, and now it's on the big screen. This movie is going to alienate the same audience it always has (those sensitive to the sometimes chauvinistic humor), and delight most. It's not a think piece, it's just raunchy, fast-paced fun.

The real achievement here is that the creators didn't overthink this movie, they just continued a beloved story with beloved characters. And those who don't know the show will probably love it almost as much as the ones who do for the same reason it was popular to begin with: great writing, solid cast, and fun stakes. Don't miss this one.

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Why Google won't tell you where to watch 'Aloha'


aloha 2

When you Google the title of a recently released movie, Google is kind enough to gather all the theater showtime information at the top of the site. It's one of the easiest ways to find showtimes, and always my go to before I head to the theater. 

Go ahead, try it. It works with every movie, even smaller independent films that are only showing at one or two theaters. avengersgoogle

clouds  google

In spite of (and probably because of ) the onslaught of sheer hatred from critics, I simply must see Cameron Crowe's latest opus "Aloha." But Google doesn't want me to. 

When you type in "Aloha," showtimes are simply not listed. 


Maybe it's a fluke, right? 

Wrong. Even when you type in "Aloha showtimes NYC" you get nothing.

aloha showtimes

In case you think "Aloha" is too common a word for Google to recognize it as a title, take Dreamworks' "Home" into account.

home google

What gives?

UPDATE: A Google spokesperson has issued a response to our inquiry:

"Google Search is a bit of a malihini to "Aloha"—it's still learning that people may be looking for the movie and not a greeting. Our algorithms should begin to recognize and highlight the movie wikiwiki. Mahalo for asking!"

Watch the trailer for "Aloha" below.

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An analysis of drug use in movies vs. real life over the past 100 years

Here are all the celebrity cameos in the 'Entourage' movie


entourage movie

The long-awaited film adaptation of "Entourage" is in theaters Wednesday, and it's filled to the brim with celebrity appearances. 

Everyone from Mark Cuban and Liam Neeson to Jessica Alba and even Warren Buffett make brief cameos as themselves in the film. 

Mixed Martial artist Ronda Rousey follows up her appearance in "Furious 7" with an even larger role in this film, while Billy Bob Thornton and Haley Joel Osment have starring roles.

If you're heading out to see the film this weekend, you're bound to miss a few appearances. 

Here's everyone to keep an eye out for when seeing the film, according to the movie's credits.

Piers Morgan
Fashion model Nina Agdal
model Emily Ratajkowski

emily ratajkowski entourageMark Cuban
soccer player Thierry Henry
rapper T.I.

ti entoruageCalvin Harris
singer Tameka Harris 
rapper Saigon 
Ed O'Neill

ed o neill entourageNew England Patriots' Rob Gronkowski
David Arquette
Seattle Seahawks' Russell Wilson

russell williams entourageGary Busey 
basketball player Baron Davis
David Spade 

david spade entourageBob Saget
Sportscaster Jim Gray

pharrell entourageGreen Bay Packers player Clay Matthews III
actor/director/screenwriter Jon Favreau
Warren Buffett 

warren buffett entourageOlympic diver Greg Louganis
comedian and actor Andrew Dice Clay

andrew dice clay entourage
Mike Tyson
Liam Neeson
Kelsey Grammer

kelsey grammer entourage
Chad Lowe 
Nora Dunn
Mark Wahlberg 

mark wahlberg entourage
Armie Hammer

armie hammer entourage
MMA fighters Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke, and Marina Shafir
David Faustino
George Takei

george takei entourage
Judy Greer
Richard Schiff
Jessica Alba

jessica alba entourage
executive vice president of the New York Giants Steve Tisch plays a studio board member
Matt Lauer
Maria Menounos
New England Patriots' Tom Brady

tom brady entourage
BET host Terrence J
model Alyssa Miller

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THEN & NOW: The cast of 'Entourage' 11 years after the hit HBO show premiered


Entourage Movie

With the "Entourage" movie opening in theaters everywhere today, we're looking back on the 11 years since the show premiered in 2004.

Since the show ended its eight season run in 2011, the actors and actresses who made up the main cast have gone on to star in numerous television and movie roles  but none have managed to top their "Entourage" fame just yet.

See what Vinnie, Eric, Drama, Turtle, and Ari, the rest of the crew have been up to since the show ended.

THEN: Adrian Grenier played the young Hollywood movie star Vincent "Vinnie" Chase.

NOW: Grenier starred in the 2013 apocalyptic dramedy "Goodbye World" and became an environmental activist.

In March, Grenier's Kickstarter to fund a search for the "loneliest whale in the world" was saved at the last minute by a $50,000 donation from actor and fellow activist Leonardo DiCaprio.

Grenier and filmmaker Josh Zeman will use the proceeds from the fundraiser to film a team of scientists as they search for the lonely whale — called "52 Hertz" for the high frequency of its mating song that no other whale speaks.

THEN: Kevin Connolly starred in all 96 episodes of "Entourage" as Eric "E" Murphy.

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Disney's giving one of its darkest characters — a demon gargoyle from 'Fantasia' — its own movie


fantasia chernabog

Disney has been greenlighting live-action adaptations of its beloved animated classics left and right, but none are quite like this.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Mouse House will give the spotlight to one of its darkest characters — the demon gargoyle Chernabog — in a future film. 

If you're not a huge Disney fan, you may not be familiar with the character, who first appeared in an 11-minute segment of Disney's 1940 classic "Fantasia" called "Night on Bald Mountain."

The decision to make a movie around this guy seems kind of odd because, honestly, he's probably the most un-Disney-like character you could center a movie around.

He's essentially a depiction of the devil and is portrayed as nothing more than a frightening all powerful being. 

Here are a few more looks at him from "Fantasia":

chernabog fantasia fantasia chernabogchernabog fantasiaNot exactly family friendly, right?

While the movie news may come as a surprise, Disney's been quietly putting out feelers on the Chernabog character in recent years in some of its content.

The character has popped up on Disney's animated series "House of Mouse" as more of a misunderstood evil figure claiming he's actually afraid of the dark, and as a terrifying demon on ABC's "Once Upon a Time" this past season. He was also a boss character in Disney's popular "Kingdom Hearts" video game.

chernabog house of mousechernabog once upon a timeThe Hollywood Reporter notes the film will "be similar to what Disney did with Maleficent."

If that's the route Disney's going, it makes sense — on paper at least.

It's a formula that's been working for four seasons of "Once Upon a Time," which tells the backstories of Disney's popular heroes and villains, along with 2014's "Maleficent" which grossed over $$758.4 million worldwide at theaters.

Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless will write the script and executive produce the film.

There's no release date yet for the film.

You can watch the "Fantasia" segment featuring Chernabog below:


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AND: Disney has been recycling the same footage in its beloved animated classics for years

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Jeremy Renner and Tom Cruise team up in a new trailer for the next 'Mission: Impossible'


A day after releasing six new posters, Paramount has released a new trailer for the next "Mission Impossible" movie, "Rogue Nation."

Four years after the most recent film, Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner will reteam for the fifth installment, in which all the members of the IMF (Impossible Missions Force) are being hunted down by an international organization called the Syndicate. Ethan (Cruise) and his team have to take out this anti-IMF group before it does the same to them.

Moved up from a December release, "Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation" will be in theaters July 31.

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THEN & NOW: The cast of 'Jurassic Park' 22 years later


jurassic parkWhen "Jurassic Park" came out in 1993, it was a groundbreaking marvel. It revolutionized CGI while telling a compelling story.

With the next installment, "Jurassic World," out in theaters June 12, now seemed like as good a time as any to see where everybody from the original is today.

The actors and actresses who helped bring the original classic to life have found success long after escaping the clutches of the Velociraptors.

THEN: In perhaps the biggest role of his career, Sam Neill played leading paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant, who gets invited to the dinosaur-filled island home to Jurassic Park.

NOW: Neill reprised his role in "Jurassic Park III" and has appeared in TV series including "The Tudors." He now plays Inspector Chester Campbell in the British gangster drama "Peaky Blinders," which is preparing for its third season.

"Peaky Blinders" airs on BBC Two and can be seen on Netflix.

THEN: Laura Dern played paleobotanist Dr. Ellie Sattler, who accompanies Dr. Grant on his trip to Jurassic Park.

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Stunts in 'San Andreas' look ridiculous without special effects


dwayne johnson san andreas 3

Disaster movies in which entire cities are leveled by the fury of nature have become a tradition in Hollywood. The latest of these, "San Andreas," was released Friday and topped the box office with a solid $54.6 million opening weekend.

To create the sensation of California's destruction, "San Andreas" had to employ a lot of special effects. It's impossible to understand just how heavy the CGI is in a movie like "San Andreas" until you watch it before the effects were put in place.

Luckily, a behind-the-scenes video captures some of the movie's key scenes without the help of special-effects wizardry.

Some of the clips may make you chuckle a bit, especially at the site of people running and jumping from absolutely nothing. But it will also make you appreciate just how much summer's biggest blockbusters are a result of computer effects and editing.

Here's a shot of star Alexandra Daddario getting knocked down by the sheer force of nature's fury:

Alexandra Daddario San Andreas GIFIt's a lot funnier to watch acted out without a real quake:

Alexandra Daddario San AndreasIn a scene in which people are running through the streets from a sinister dust cloud ...

San AndreasThey're not running from much of anything.

Instead, many people are strapped to wires, flying through the air. It looks pretty crazy.

people getting tossed earthquake san andreassan andreas earthquake
Here's a view of the same people from a different angle.

San Andreas Ropes CarAt one point, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson gets out of his truck and sees that the road in front of him has been split:

San Andreas The RockSan AndreasWhen looking at it through one of the monitors, however, the impact of the earthquake is much less terrifying with the added blue screen.

San Andreas MonitorIn a big action sequence, Johnson's character helps pulls his wife into a helicopter:

San AndreasSan AndreasSan AndreasThis moment loses most of its terror once you see she wasn't as far off the ground.

San Andreas Behind the ScenesSan Andreas Behind the ScenesNot everything was done with CGI though.

In one scene, Johnson takes his rescue mission underwater.

San Andreas Underwater GIFJohnson was actually holding his breath and swimming beneath the surface.

San Andreas The Rock Underwater

San Andreas Underwater Behind the ScenesCheck out the full video below:

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Marvel's 'Star Wars' comic just made a huge change to Han Solo


Star Wars #5

Marvel's "Star Wars" comic book series by Jason Aaron, John Cassaday, and Laura Martin was one of the biggest comics of the year when it launched at the beginning of 2015. Set between the first two films in the original trilogy, "Star Wars" follows the main cast of Luke, Han, and Leia as they continue to bring the fight to the Empire after the destruction of the Empire. 

And it just dropped a huge bombshell about Han Solo's past. 

Huge, huge spoilers for this week's "Star Wars" #6 below. 

star wars #6Han has a wife, and her name is Sana Solo. 

Sana SoloHere's why this is such a big deal: When Disney took the reins of the "Star Wars" franchise, they wiped the slate clean—the only "official" story was the one that took place over six films and the "Clone Wars" animated series.

It was a drastic move shifting decades of beloved novels, video games, and comics from the realm of "could conceivably be an extension of the movies" to "definitely not an extension of the movies." While most of those stories aren't going away, it was upsetting to some fans to see a ton of great, ongoing Expanded Universe stories summarily swept away. 

What they did next was even more drastic: As of April 24, 2014, every new "Star Wars" story was an official part of the canon — that includes the "Rebels" animated series, the Marvel "Star Wars" comics that launched in 2015, and several novels — a contribution to the wider tapestry of the "Star Wars" universe. Everything counted. 

So yes, as far as Lucasfilm, Disney, and Marvel are all concerned, this is Han Solo's official backstory now. He has a wife named Sana Solo, following the events of Episode IV, and she is very, very mad at him. 

There is one caveat to this, though—since comic books are probably the most serial narratives in popular fiction, they thrive off misdirection and cliffhangers. It's possible that there is some explanation to this that'll downplay the legitimacy of this marriage, in order to keep the romance between Han and Leia intact. For now though, Leia is also mad at Han Solo, but she more or less can't stand him until the end of Episode V anyway. 

But maybe the people in charge really are serious about this new change, and want to put Han through the wringer a bit before sending him off to Hoth and all that "The Empire Strikes Back" entails. Whatever happens next, it'll be interesting.  

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Here's why John Cusack says Obama is ‘worse than Bush’


John Cusack Jonathan Leibson Getty

In a Q&A with The Daily Beast to promote his new movie “Love & Mercy,” in which he plays Beach Boy cofounder Brian Wilson, John Cusack gave his opinion on the job performance of President Barack Obama.

When told that a recent CNN poll revealed that former president George W. Bush currently has a higher approval rating than President Obama, the actor replied:

“Well, Obama has certainly extended and hardened the cement on a lot of Bush’s post-9/11 Terror, Inc. policies, so he’s very similar to Bush in every way that way. His domestic policy is a bit different, but when you talk about drones, the American Empire, the NSA, civil liberties, attacks on journalism and whistleblowers, he’s as bad or worse than Bush. He hasn’t started as many wars, but he’s extended the ones we had, and I don’t even think Dick Cheney or Richard Nixon would say the president has the right to unilaterally decide whom he can kill around the world. On Tuesdays, the president can just decide whom he wants to kill, and you know, since 9/11 there are magic words like ‘terror,’ and if you use magic words, you can justify any power grab you want.”

This isn't the first time Cusack has been vocal about the Obama Administration. In 2012 he wrote a piece that criticized Obama for “shredding civil liberties and due process.” He also took part in an anti-NSA ad on 2013.

In The Daily Beast interview Cusack also responded to Vince Vaughn’s opinion that guns should be allowed in schools

“The thing is, you’d say ‘what schools’ and ‘what version of America are we talking about?’ If you look at the site called HeyJackass.com it’ll tell you about how many murders have happened in Chicago, giving you weekly and monthly updates, and you can probably find out how many murders have happened in Baltimore and all over the country. That’s not the kind of debate where you want to do a tit-for-tat with what two celebrities think about it, and in order to talk about it you have to do it in an in-depth way—you need to follow the money and see what the politics are. But no, I think that’s a bad idea.”

However, when Cusack saw the Beast's headline for the interview "John Cusack Talks ‘Love & Mercy,’ Drug Trips, and the Ways Obama Is ‘Worse Than Bush’" he took to Twitter:


“Love & Mercy” opens in theaters on Friday.

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7 gorgeous works of art inspired by ‘Jurassic Park’


chris pratt jurassic world

In the lead up to the release of “Jurassic World” on June 12, Mondo, the Austin-based collectible art boutique, is doing a gallery exhibit that will showcase dozens of original works of art and screen prints inspired by Steven Spielberg’s 1993 hit that started it all, “Jurassic Park.”

Titled “When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth,” 31 artists curated by Mondo will reveal works based on the movie at the Mondo Gallery in Austin from June 12-27.

According to Mondo CEO Justin Ishmael, Universal, which is releasing “Jurassic World,” brought up the idea of a gallery show late last year and Mondo quickly agreed to do it.

“We’ve always wanted to do a show like this around this movie,” Ishmael tells Business Insider. “It just was a question of when, and with the release of ‘Jurassic World’ this turned out to be the perfect time.”

Mondo is known best by memorabilia connoisseurs as the premiere destination for unique works based off of popular movies and TV shows, both new and old. This can range from galleries, to doing toys and apparel, all created by well-known artists (the artist behind the "Ex Machina" concept art will be part of the “Jurassic Park” gallery).

Ishmael said Spielberg has seen works they’ve commissioned in the past based on his films, such as for "Jaws" and "E.T." and hopes he’ll see the works from this one.

“I hope he’s into what we’ve done,” he said.

Below are some of the posters that will be shown at the gallery, including a few given exclusively to BI.

And if you’re not in Austin, go to MondoTees.com during the gallery run to see remaining works available for online purchase.

This poster art highlights the star of the film, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. As you can see, it looks back on one of the most famous moments in the film. 

Stan and Vince (Poster)In this poster the insect that caused all the trouble is brought front and center. "Life finds a way."

EXCLUSIVE Dan McCarthy (Poster)_revisedAnd who can forget when Muldoon gets his from the "clever girl."

Rich Kelly (Poster)_revisedHere's an original work of art once more highlighting the mosquito.

EXCLUSIVE Sam Wolfe Connelly (Original)

This poster takes a bite out of the island.

Franesco Francavilla (Poster)

This next one brings out the kid element of the film.

EXCLUSIVE James Flames (Original)

And finally, a cute look at the dinosaur who was responsible for letting that important shaving cream can go free. 

EXCLUSIVE Tiny Kitten Teeth (Original)

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This incredible new movie about Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys is unlike any biopic you’ve seen



Producer/director Bill Pohlad admits he was not a big Beach Boys fan growing up in Minnesota. The legendary “California sound” of the band didn’t have the same pull for him as the Beatles.

But then ten years ago he got hooked on the Boys’ seminal album, “Pet Sounds.

“It was very spontaneous,” he tells Business Insider. “There was no reason for it that I understood at the time. It just happened. I really fully appreciated that album and everything Brian was doing with it.”

The Brian he’s referring to is Brian Wilson, co-founder of the Beach Boys, along with his brothers Dennis and Carl, their cousin Mike Love, and their friend Al Jardine. Brian wrote most of their songs and thanks to his innovative production of "Pet Sounds," which included songs “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” and “God Only Knows,” the album is now regarded by many as being one of the greatest of all time.

Pohlad, an independent film producer whose titles include “Into the Wild,” “12 Years a Slave,” and “Wild,” says he’s a big believer in “things happening the way they are supposed to happen.” So when a script on Wilson’s life titled “Heroes and Villains” (the title of a Beach Boys song) was sent to him to produce a few years ago, he couldn’t help but see the signs of being handed the life story of an artist he had recently grew very fascinated by.

LOVEANDMERCY021431647736According to Pohlad, “Heroes and Villains,” which would later be changed to its current title, “Love & Mercy” (the title of a Wilson solo song), was a very basic, by the book biopic of Wilson’s life. But Pohlad felt to best tell the story that the script had to be more intimate. It had to escape from the grasp most stories on famous people are under of feeling required to highlight the person’s major life moments to appease the super fans.

To tell the story of Brian Wilson it would have to be done with multiple actors.

“Love & Mercy” looks at two key moments in Brian Wilson’s life. One, the musician at age 22 (played by Paul Dano) in the mid 1960s when he stopped performing live with the Beach Boys and went into the studio to begin recording “Pet Sounds.” And second as Wilson at middle age (John Cusack) in the 1980s suffering from mental illness and isolated from his family and friends while under the care of Dr. Eugene Landy (Paul Giamatti).

love and mercy giamatti finalEnlisting the help of screenwriter Oren Moverman— who knows something about making unconventional biopics as he also wrote the screenplay for Todd Haynes’ “I’m Not There,” in which six actors play Bob Dylan personas — he and Pohlad created a story that gives us both the genius and madness of Brian Wilson.

“It was really clear that we had to separate those two times,” said Moverman. “It was really Bill driving the conversation in talking about the differences of Brian in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s.”

In fact, Pohlad got so engrossed in the story, including spending time with Wilson (who would come on the film as a consultant), that following some convincing by Moverman Pohlad agreed to direct “Love & Mercy.” His first directing effort in over 20 years.

“It just felt natural,” said Pohlad matter-of-factly about getting back in the director’s chair. “In the process of working with Oren, at some point I just start running with it.”

And what he delivers is an intimate portrait of Wilson that brings out the nostalgia for Beach Boys fans but mainly delivers the private terror Wilson endured for decades.

love and mercy dano studio finalIn the young Wilson years, which Pohlad referred to as “Brian Past,” we see his creative mind at its zenith as he painstakingly creates the lyrics and sounds for the “Pet Sounds” album (as well as the stand-alone single “Good Vibrations”). This included creating arrangements that puzzled the session musicians that included at times bicycle bells, Coke cans, and even barking dogs. But all the while Wilson was beginning to mentally break down.

“As I got to know Brian a little I got to understand more about how his mind works,” Pohlad told BI. “He has hallucinations but they are not visual hallucinations, they are auditory. That really intrigued me. That he hears really complex arrangements and harmonies and melodies that nobody understands and don’t think would work until he executes them and they are amazing. That’s part of his genius, but he can’t turn it off.”

To express this in the film Pohlad didn’t want to do the typical camera tricks to visually express hallucinations, instead he used the film’s sound mix to explain Wilson’s pain.

In one scene, Wilson is at the dinner table with friends. Everything seems fine until we hear the clanging of the silverware build louder and louder. The audience (and Dano playing Wilson) are the only ones who hear the sounds as they get to the point where it drowns out the dinner conversation.

love and mercy dano“I thought immediately of The Beatles’ ‘Revolution 9,’” said Pohlad referring to the sound collage track from “The White Album.” “It kind of inspired me.”

When we move to Wilson in the ’80s (“Brian Future”), we find him at the lowest point in his life. Over medicated and his mental problems diagnosed incorrectly, he had just come off a few years staying in bed following the death of his father. Dr. Landy, handlers, and security guards are the only people in his life until he meets car salesman Melinda Ledbetter (Elizabeth Banks), and the two begin a relationship.

LOVEANDMERCY081431647886Looking back on the research for the film, Pohlad believes meeting Ledbetter (who is now married to Wilson), was what sealed the structure of the movie.

“Having her tell how she and Brian first met, for me that really sparked it,” he said. “I knew the ‘Pet Sounds’ era I wanted to address, but how they met was a great way to get into that part of his life. To see that part of Brian’s life through Melinda’s point of view versus Brian’s point of view in Brian Past.”

Pohlad said that Cusack spent a lot of time with Wilson but that Dano didn’t. Instead, the actor retaught himself how to play the piano and listened to a lot of the “Pet Sounds” session outtakes to hear how Wilson worked in the studio.

Cusack and Dano also didn’t talk about the character they both were playing.

“I didn’t want to say, ‘Here’s the plan and we’re going to do it like this,’” said Pohlad about working with his leads. “They both found their own way. I didn’t encourage them to meet. I felt it would be more authentic for them as actors and more exciting creatively that they didn’t.”

LOVEANDMERCY011431647752Wilson has seen “Love & Mercy” multiple times, and according to Pohlad, he loves it. Audiences have too. It received positive reviews following its premiere at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival. There was even talk of possible award consideration for Dano and Cusack. But it was decided to not go into last year’s award season race and instead give the film a summer release this year as counter-programming to the major studio blockbusters.

It’s a gamble when it comes to award consideration, but as Pohlad sees it, things happened the way they are supposed to happen.

 “Love & Mercy” opens in theaters Friday.

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This horror film that breathes new life into haunted-house movies is now available to watch


we are still here

"We Are Still Here" is a legitimately scary, occasionally funny, and always smart homage to '70s/'80s horror. The dialogue and performances may feel a bit ham-fisted at times, but when things kick into high gear, the wonky exposition takes a backseat to some truly memorable and terrifying stuff.

After the tragic and untimely death of their son, a married couple move far away to a small New England town in an attempt to leave their melancholy behind. Anne (Barbara Crampton, '80s horror staple) immediately feels her son Bobby's presence in the new house, and while her husband, Paul, doesn't buy in to it at first, as evidence of the supernatural piles up, it's not long before he's a believer.

To help free her mind, Anne invites over their New Age, pot-smoking hippie friends Jacob and May (the parents of their late son's roommate) to reminisce and maybe even perform a séance. When May taps into the spirits of the house, it becomes clear that the forces at work here are more sinister than a friendly visit from Bobby.

The melodrama of the opening sequence may be a bit off-putting at first, but once all the wheels are set in motion, the film picks up the pace and dives right into the insanity. Genre legend Larry Fessenden turns in the film's best performance as Jacob, balancing big laughs with genuine terror, and Crampton also shines in a more muted, understated role.

The film succeeds by touting a seemingly predictable story and using it to subvert the audience's expectations. The characters think they know what's happening, but the reality of the situation goes far deeper than that, and first-time director Ted Geoghegan isn't afraid to sprinkle in his own mythology to spice things up.

WeAreStillHereLarryRather than follow the boring traditional route, the film veers left when you expect it to go right, constantly keeping you engaged and wondering what new danger will be revealed next. By the third act, things get bloody. Like, really bloody.

There are a few sequences so effective and scary that they remain firmly implanted in my mind even several days later. The CGI baddies are honestly never that intimidating, and the scares all come from well-paced, well-shot, and well-edited moments in which their reveal is scarier than the beings themselves. When one of the spirits gets loose and possesses the body of one of the characters, it's genuinely terrifying. There are a number of other unlikely surprises that I will not spoil here, and the paranormal stuff is only the tip of the dread iceberg.

"We Are Still Here" is one of those modern horror works that simply would not exist without the laundry list of genre films that inspired it. Instead of feeling reductive as a result, it brilliantly mashes up these retro conventions and sensibilities with more modern horror aesthetics to create something wholly satisfying. Horror fans will definitely want to cut out 80 minutes for this one.

"We Are Still Here" debuts in limited theatrical release this weekend (Cinema Village in NYC) and can be purchased/rented via Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, iTunes  and cable VOD services.

Watch the trailer below.

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An Earth, Wind, and Fire song inspired Spielberg to create one of the most terrifying scenes from 'Jurassic Park'


Jurassic Park T Rex

Steven Spielberg has a habit of building up a lot of suspense to his monsters and creatures before actually showing them.

In "Jaws," the shark doesn't pop his head out of the water until the film's third act. The aliens of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" don't appear until the film's final moments. 

Spielberg used the same trick for the T. rex in "Jurassic Park," to terrifying effect. Before making its first appearance, the giant dinosaur is heard through roars and grunts and, most memorably, a plastic cup of water, which vibrates as the predator stomps along and draws near:

Jurassic Park Cups GIFThe ingenious shot came to Spielberg while listening to an Earth, Wind, and Fire song with the bass "turned up full volume" in his car. The identity of the song remains unknown.

A behind-the-scenes featurette from Universal, which can be found on the "Jurassic Park" Blu-ray, shows some of the original storyboards for the iconic shot:

Jurassic Park Cup Storyboard

Jurassic Park Storyboard"I was at work and Steven calls into the office and he goes, 'I'm in the car. Earth, Wind, and Fire is playing, and my mirror is shaking! That's what we need to do!'" Dinosaur effects supervisor Michael Lantieri said in a making-of featurette on the "Jurassic Park" Blu-ray. "He goes, 'We need to shake the mirror, and then I wanna do something with the water.'"

Jurassic Park Mirror GIFIt took a lot of work to make Spielberg's vision come to life. 

"The mirror shaking was easy ... put a little vibrating motor in and shook it." Lantieri said. "But the water was another story. It was a very difficult thing to do. You couldn't do it. " 

So Lantieri gathered everybody he could find to try to figure out how to make that water shake. 

Interestingly enough, it was music that first inspired this shot and music that eventually brought it to life. Lantieri decided to experiment with his guitar.

"I set a glass and started playing notes on a guitar and got to a right frequency ... a right note ... and it did exactly what I wanted it to do." Lantieri said.

To replicate that for the shot, they "fed a guitar string through the car, down to the ground, and then I had a guy lay under the car and pluck the guitar string," Lantieri said in an interview from an early "Jurassic Park" DVD.

Jurassic Park Cup GIF"One of the things that Steven is so good at is finding images that represent the story, the emotion, that the audience is supposed to be experiencing," cinematographer Dean Cundey said in the same behind-the-scenes video.

But to find that right image, you might need to hear a good tune first.

Watch the behind-the-scenes clip below via Universal:


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One of the most memorable scenes from ‘Kingsman’ was originally longer and more violent


colin firth kingsman

In Matthew Vaughn’s "Kingsman: The Secret Service," a movie filled with thrilling moments, the craziest one of all could have possibly been even more intense.

The surprise hit for 20th Century Fox with a worldwide gross of over $400 million stars Colin Firth as suave secret agent Harry Hart who recruits a kid from the streets named Eggsy (Taron Egerton) to be part of the Kingsman. But Eggsy is quickly thrown into the fire when evil tech-whiz Richmond Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) creates a technology that can cause mass terror across the globe, and only the Kingsman can stop him.

On the hunt for Valentine, Hart ends up at a hate church group in Kentucky. And this is where the movie hits its peak. While Hart is in the church, Valentine tests his technology, which causes the SIM cards in everyone's phones in the church to make them become homicidal maniacs.

What unfolds is a three-and-a-half minute sequence in which we watch Hart shoot, stab, slam, and break everyone in his path as the guitar solo from Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird" plays in the background. 

In a talk with Mark Millar, author of comic book "The Secret Service," on which the movie is based, he revealed to Business Insider the bloody church scene was intended to be longer.

“What’s funny is there was a seven-minute version of it that Matthew originally had in one of the early cuts,” Millar told BI.

The scene in the final version contains a few cutaways to Valentine, Eggsy, and a fellow Kingsman, Merlin (Mark Strong), all looking on at different locations.

kingsman hartMillar says the first time he saw the scene what grabbed him most, outside of its length, was that it had no cutaways.

“It’s amazing what the cutaways do [for the scene],” he said. “Those three or four seconds give you a moment to take a breath. Seeing it relentlessly for seven minutes you’re like holy s---, I can’t believe what I’m looking at. It’s obscene! Matthew asked me if I thought it was too much and I was like, ‘I’m feeling it’s too much, and I’m the guy whose been playing video games since 11, and I can’t handle this.’”

But Millar admits the church scene is one of his favorites from the movie. It’s one of the few scenes in the film, he says, which was changed completely from his comic.

Instead of Harry Hart taking out most of a church congregation, in "Secret Service #2" the evil signal is unleashed at a beautiful beach where a group of brides and grooms are getting married. When the signal is turned on they pummel each other to death.

secret service bleedingcool.com marvel comics:Icon

“I wish I had thought of that,” Millar said of the church scene. 

Millar also loves how Hart, a buttoned-down James Bond-like secret agent, completely loses it.

"Guys like James Bond are so highly trained you never really get them to cut loose in movies and show what they can really do,” he said. “Maybe all they do is fire a couple of shots off or jump across a building, but to actually see them go nuts and not hold back was just fascinating. It was like James Bond trying to survive in 'The Walking Dead.'"

Currently there are no plans to release the seven-minute scene.

Check out the final version of the scene below.

 “Kingsman: The Secret Service” is available on Blu-ray and DVD starting June 9. 

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The 'Entourage' movie will completely destroy your childhood image of Haley Joel Osment


Entourage Movie

If you head out to see "Entourage" this weekend, you'll most likely have an enjoyable time.

Despite the harsh critiques the film adaptation of the popular HBO series is receiving, the film basically plays out like an extended episode of the HBO series. It's crass; it's funny, and it's filled with plenty of star power from a number of celebrity cameos to keep you looking for more.

Whether or not you end up agreeing with the critics, one thing's certain — the film will shatter your childhood image of Haley Joel Osment forever.

You know, this Haley Joel Osment — the kid best known for uttering the words, "I see dead people" in 1999's "The Sixth Sense."

haley joel osment sixth sense

This was the role for which Osment became known as one of the cutest child stars of the early 2000s.

He later appeared in "Pay It Forward," where he played a middle-school student who creates a good-deeds community program. We saw him again in "A.I. Artificial Intelligence," where he played an android who could love, and "Secondhand Lions," as an introverted teen living on a farm, before the actor disappeared from the Hollywood scene.

Pay It ForwardIf you haven't seen him recently, you may be wondering what he's been up to in the 12 or so years since then. 

He started voicing a character in sequels of the popular video game "Kingdom Hearts" before reemerging into the acting scene. He did a voiceover on Seth MacFarlane's "American Dad!" and in 2014 appeared on TV miniseries "The Spoils of Babylon" and Amazon's "Alpha House." 

If you weren't aware of Osment's role in the "Entourage" film, it's a big shock to see him on screen, and in such a large role. 

However, it's even more disorienting once you learn his role is a far cry from anything he played as a child.

Osment plays Travis McCredle, a spoiled, foul-mouthed redneck millionaire Texan.

haley joel osment entouragehaley joel osment billy bob thornton entourageThere's a scene of Osment in a hotel room with two women and it will definitely ruin your image of the little boy from M. Night Shyamalan's 1999 hit.

McCredle is quite the obnoxious, egotistical monster to the Entourage boys, and Osment plays the character to a tee.

I don't remember the last time I've hated a character on screen so much. 

However, that's how you know he's good.

Osment was a good actor 15 years ago — he was nominated for an Oscar for his role in "The Sixth Sense"— and he's grown into a fine one today. 

He has a few more projects coming up this year including a film with Richard Armitage, "Sleepwalker," and "Me and Her," which has been described as a "sexual-identity comedy."

Here's to seeing more of him!

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Here’s the first trailer for Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks' next movie ‘Bridge of Spies’


It has been three long years, but we’re finally getting our first look at Steven Spielberg’s next movie.

The famed director’s latest effort is “Bridge of Spies”, a Cold War period piece that tells the story of James Donovan (Tom Hanks), a Brooklyn lawyer recruited by the CIA to negotiate with the Soviet Union for the release of a captured American U-2 pilot.

The catch, of course, is that he’s supposed to arrange for the release of a Soviet spy — something that will make him one of the most reviled men in the country.

With a script co-written by Matt Charman and the Coen brothers ("Fargo"), "Bridge of Spies" opens in US theaters on October 16, 2015.

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