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The director who bowed out of the 'Star Wars’ spinoff says he left because fans aren’t nice


josh trank fantastic four final

Rumors that director Josh Trank's time might be over in that galaxy far, far away came to the surface when he was a shocking no-show at the "Star Wars Celebration" in April.

Pegged to direct a spinoff of the saga, his absence at the fan convention started whispers that he might get booted off the project. That was then confirmed two weeks after "Celebration" when Lucasfilm announced that Trank was no longer the director of their anthology film.

Trade papers The Hollywood Reporter and Variety made it sound like Trank — who is the director of the upcoming "Fantastic Four” reboot — was fired due to “erratic” behavior on the set of “Four” and that the director had a rift with its co-writer/producer Simon Kinder, who is also a producer on the “Star Wars” spinoff. However Trank, in his first interview addressing the matter, told the L.A. Times that he wasn't fired.

Trank said he walked away from the "Star Wars" universe because of the criticism he's taken from the “Fantastic Four” fan community.

“I want to do something original after this because I’ve been living under public scrutiny, as you’ve seen, for the last four years of my life,” Tank told the L.A. Times, referring to his time making "Fantastic Four.” “And it’s not healthy for me right now in my life. I want to do something that’s below the radar.”

Part of that “public scrutiny” was the decision to change the race of the The Human Torch, which will be played by Michael B. Jordan (“Fruitvale Station”). 

Micahel B Jordan Fantastic Four Alan Markfield FoxTrank also denies the allegations that he was erratic on the set of “Fantastic Four.”

Kinberg came to Trank's defense in the Times story: “This, I would say, is particularly cruel. I haven’t really seen this level of vehemence against a filmmaker. And it’s surreal and unfair."

Trank had spent a year developing the “Star Wars” spinoff, Lucasfilm is currently looking for his replacement as it continues to develop the project.

Filmmakers having to deal with passionate fans is nothing new, but since the advent of the Internet, and particularly social media, they have become susceptible to the positive and negative feedback on a more intimate level.

Joss Whedon AvengersFollowing the release of "Avengers: Age of Ultron," Joss Whedon shut down his Twitter account. Whedon told BuzzFeed it was because he was going to start writing a new project, but the death threats were probably a motivation to stop looking at his feed as well. 

And this quote from George Lucas — perhaps one of the longest sufferers of fan backlash — following the sale of Lucasfilm showed up in Vanity Fair’s May cover story on “The Force Awakens” and mirrors Trank's attitude:

“It was fine before the Internet… But now . . . it’s gotten very vicious and very personal. You just say, ‘Why do I need to do this?’”

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11 New York rooftops where you can do more than just drink


hotel chantelle jazz brunch

In the summer, New York's rooftops make for the perfect place to grab an ice-cold drink and enjoy the sunshine. 

But there's more to New York's rooftops than just a place to drink outside. 

From outdoor art exhibits to mini-golf and yoga, here are 13 rooftops where you can do much more than just drink. 

Walk through art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art garden

met roof garden 1000 5th Ave #5

From early May through October, the Metropolitan Museum of Art opens its rooftop garden, cafe, and bar to the public. On weekdays from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and until 8:15 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, you can enjoy refreshing cocktails, panoramic views of Manhattan, tasty treats, and curated exhibits amidst lush greenery.

This year's exhibit will feature French artist, Pierre Huyghe, whose work will be a focus on civilization and its role on the natural world. The outdoor gallery will include a large aquatic system where you can view live manta rays, eels, shrimp, and other marine life while enjoying a cocktail.

Watch a rooftop film

rooftop films

Rooftop Films has been dedicated to showcasing independent movies across some of the city's most breathtaking locations for over 19 years. The company hosts screenings across beaches, parks, and most notably, rooftops. This year's 2015 Summer Series runs every weekend from May 29-August 22 with screenings at various times

There's a total of eight different venues, with four different rooftop locations: two of the rooftop screenings take place in the Industry City building at 220 36th Street in Brooklyn, and the other two screenings are in The Old American Can Factory at 232 Third St. in Brooklyn, and the Trilok Fusion Center for the Arts at 143 Waverly Ave. in Brooklyn. 

Films include everything from Sundance favorites to shorts, with most of them being either New York, America, or world premiers. The majority of screenings include a discussion session with the filmmaker. From documentaries, dramas, comedies, and animations, the outdoor showings offer the chance to watch a movie in an airy setting under the sunshine. 

Practice your yoga moves 

43rd Avenue, Long Island City

For the second year, the Z Hotel offers its Sunset Rooftop Yoga Series, where you can sign up to take weekly rooftop classes every other Monday from June through September.

Classes go from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. with a reception afterwards including cocktails and hors-d’oeuvres until 9:30 p.m.

You’ll also find outdoor yoga every Thursday from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. at the James Hotel. Hosted by Serene Social, a monthly rooftop yoga series, classes are $25. 

Have an interactive brunch at Gallow Green 

gallow green

542 W 27th St

Located on top of the McKittrick Hotel, home to interactive show Sleep No More, is Gallow Green, the venue's rooftop bar and brunch restaurant. Besides offering eccentric drink choices like its Foreign Affair, a combination of Peruvian brandy, grapefruit, homemade almond milk, and blueberries, the bar offers an extension of the interactive experience with staff members who continue the act upstairs. 

You might find yourself being asked to assist the house botanist, Annabel, in her planting, or dance with the house band. Sometimes, you'll even be given a plant by Annabel to take home for yourself. Plus, you can eat modern American-style cuisine, like ricotta fritters and fried green tomatoes.

Go on a camping adventure with Bivouac New York

Bivouac New York is an outdoor urban rooftop campsite started as an art project by Brooklyn artist Thomas Stevenson.

There are six canvas tents that comfortably fit two people, but guests are only allowed to stay for one night. The installation doesn’t list an address, and you’ll have to get in touch with the artist via email to join the community and learn about upcoming dates, but the 15-hour adventure includes the opportunity to meet fellow newcomers and a communal dinner and breakfast. 

It’s free to attend, but each camper is asked to bring at least one item of food for the dinner. You won’t have access to internet, electricity, or a shower, but toilets are provided. 

The project typically takes place in late spring and early fall for a week each time. 

Listen to live jazz at Hotel Chantelle 

92 Ludlow Street

hotel chantelle jazz brunchHotel Chantelle hosts a live jazz brunch, where the catchy tunes usually lead to rooftop dancing every Saturday.

Munch on brunch classics like lobster benedict or a truffled grilled cheese while enjoying a great cocktail like the Easy Passage, made from an Acai berry vodka and sparkling wine. Brunch is every Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.  

Swim at the McCarren Hotel & Pool 

The McCarren Hotel & Pool is home to New York City’s only saltwater pool. It’s also one of the largest pools in New York City, with 4,800 square feet of deck space. Starting May 15, the pool is open to both hotel guests and non-guests from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

For non-hotel guests, admission is $45 Monday through Thursday and $60 Friday though Sunday. For guests, admission prices are $30 Monday through Thursday and $40 Friday though Sunday with a limit of two guests per room. 

Admission include access to the pool, towel service, and complimentary Wi-Fi with daybeds offered on a first come first served basis. 

If you’re not a hotel guest, you’ll need to be over the age of 21 to enter, and reservations for parties of ten or more can be made through the hotel’s events department. The pool is typically open until the end of August or September, depending on weather conditions.

Farm at Eagle Street Rooftop Farm

eagle street rooftop farm203 Meserole Ave

Located on the shoreline of the East River, the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm is a 6,000-square-foot organic vegetable farm that sits on top of the warehouse rooftop of Broadway Stages. 

Besides offering an on-site market where you can purchase locally-grown fresh produce, the farm is open to the public on the last Sunday of the month between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. for viewing and farming. You can volunteer with the team and water, weed, and turn compost.

Listen to up-and-coming underground musicians at Subway Sets 

subway sets Subway Sets brings talented subway musicians to rooftop venues in New York City.

The concerts take place on rooftops across the city all week long; follow them on Twitter at @SubwaySets to see the schedule.

Tickets are typically around $18, with music varying from classical and drumming to bluegrass, indie, and jazz. 

Host a private BBQ at The Kitano 

66 Park Avenue at 38th Street

You can host a private BBQ with a trained chef who will grill meats, vegetables, and seafood choices for three hours at The Kitano hotel’s rooftop. The 1,400-square-foot penthouse has floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open onto the terrace with views of the Empire State, MetLife, and Chrysler buildings.

Grill options range from simple burgers and hot dogs to more elaborate seafood feasts with shrimp, little neck claims, and blue point oysters. Costs range from $85 to $115 per person, depending on the package, plus an additional fee for the chef and bartender.

Play mini-golf at Putt Putt Park

hudson hotel

356 West 58th Street

For one month in April, the Hudson Hotel offers Putt Putt Park, a mini-golf pop up on the rooftop where you can play a nine-hole game.

It's one of only two mini-golf courses in Manhattan, and you can enjoy the game while sampling some golf-inspired dishes, like the Masters Classic Pimento Cheese Sandwich and an old-fashioned Arnold Palmer. 

The mini-golf park runs from 2:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. daily in April and costs $10 per game.

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It took a lot of back and forth to finally get 'Entourage' on the big screen


entourage golden globes adrien grenier

Adrian Grenier had been to the Golden Globes many times before.

As the actor who played movie star Vincent Chase on "Entourage" — nominated for six Globes best-comedy-series awards during its eight-year run — he had logged plenty of hours on the red carpet at The Beverly Hilton. But at January's ceremony, as he smoldered for the paparazzi, there was something different in his demeanor. It was hard to put a finger on it — the change was nearly imperceptible — but it turns out he was acting.

"We were working," says Grenier, 38, of the day he and the rest of the "Entourage" cast turned up at the Globes, in character, to photobomb the event for an oh-so-meta sequence in the "Entourage" movie, Warner Bros. $30 million big-screen adaptation that (finally) arrives in theaters June 3. "We showed up the night before to run through it — we choreographed it. There was a lot going on — you're on the red carpet with celebrities and actors and performers — but we had a job to do. We weren't there for the glitz and glam."

On HBO's "Entourage," which ran from 2004 to 2011, the line between fantasy and reality — between glitz and glam and phony glitz and glam — always was blurry. But that's what made it such a favorite among Hollywood insiders (along with 3 million viewers). Every character was a carbon copy of an industry original. Vincent was loosely based on executive producer (and movie star) Mark Wahlberg. Ari Gold, the sharky agent played by Jeremy Piven, was not-so-loosely based on Wahlberg's agent, WME's Ari Emanuel. Kevin Dillon, who played Johnny "Drama" Chase, Vincent's less successful brother, himself is the sibling of a more successful star (that'd be Matt). 

ari gold entourage

Every week, the show featured scenes set at trendy Beverly Hills eateries, plot points torn from the trades and more industry name-dropping than one could overhear at e. baldi during lunch hour. Getting name-checked on "Entourage" became the ultimate professional accolade, way cooler than a star on Hollywood Boulevard.

"Most movies and shows that deal with the business border on insipid," says "Entourage" fan J.C. Spink, a manager and producer. "It was fun to see one where they got most of the stuff right. My friends and family back home could understand what I go through."

The movie is more of the same, only bigger.

There's a plot, kind of — Vincent is directing his first feature, the tentpole Hyde (as in Jekyll and …), while Ari, now running a studio, is battling the Texas billionaire funding the project (Billy Bob Thornton, with Haley Joel Osment as his son); Drama is having a crisis over his X-rated home video getting leaked online (worse, the Texans want him out of Vincent's movie); Eric (Kevin Connolly), Vincent's manager and childhood friend, is dealing with a pregnant ex-girlfriend; and Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), Vincent's friend and driver, has a crush on martial arts star Ronda Rousey — but never mind.

entourage jerry kevin

The movie is more of the same, only bigger.

There's a plot, kind of — Vincent is directing his first feature, the tentpole Hyde (as in Jekyll and …), while Ari, now running a studio, is battling the Texas billionaire funding the project (Billy Bob Thornton, with Haley Joel Osment as his son); Drama is having a crisis over his X-rated home video getting leaked online (worse, the Texans want him out of Vincent's movie); Eric (Kevin Connolly), Vincent's manager and childhood friend, is dealing with a pregnant ex-girlfriend; and Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), Vincent's friend and driver, has a crush on martial arts star Ronda Rousey — but never mind.

Nobody watched "Entourage" for the plots. What's likely to critic-proof the 104-minute film, written and directed by series creator Doug Ellin, is that it's packed with glamorous locales (dozens during the opening credits alone!), more than 50 cameos (even Warren Buffett zips by in a studio golf cart) and countless shout-outs to indus­try names that will be meaning­less to anyone outside show business (take a bow, CAA's Michael Kives, who has two seconds of screen time and gets mentioned during Jessica Alba's cameo — even his house is in the film).

entourage doug ellin

"I try to make 'Entourage' just what Hollywood is — I really do," says Ellin. "The world has to be as real as possible to make it feel like it's happening. People watching the first season thought it was a reality show — a lot of people didn't realize it was scripted. And that's the goal: to make it feel exactly how it would feel if you were walking through the streets of Los Angeles."

Only now, on a 30-foot-tall screen.


So, whose big idea was it to turn "Entourage" into a movie? Nobody seems to know. Dillon, 49, recalls discussions as early as 2008, during season five — right around the time another HBO series, 'Sex and the City,' made its big-screen debut (and went on to gross $415.3 million worldwide). "We all went, 'Hmmm, maybe we could do something like that, you know?' " he says. "We were often compared to that show. I don't know why — I never watched it. But we thought maybe we could do a film as well."

In the fake Hollywood of the "Entourage" movie, Vincent's directorial debut goes $15 million over budget and nearly gets shut down. In real Hollywood, Ellin's film had problems of its own. For starters, the 47-year-old writer-director was having trouble pounding out a story despite nagging phone calls from Wahlberg. "He called me every few months and said, 'Where's the script?' " says Ellin.

Salary negotiations also stalled the project for months, and there were rumors of acrimony among the cast, particularly over how much Piven, 49, the only established star on the series, was being offered. Some of that strife leaked into the press — asked in October 2013 when an "Entourage" movie would begin shooting, Wahlberg told TMZ, "As soon as them guys stop being so greedy"— and spilled onto social media. "I will sign any deal that gives ALL the boys an opportunity to share in the upside of success EQUALLY," Grenier fired back at Wahlberg on Instagram.

Mark wahlberg entourage

In the end, a deal was struck that, according to sources, paid Piven about $5 million and each of the other actors more than $2 million (plus backend). "It was just a matter of ironing out details," Grenier tells THR. "The previous deal for the show was over, so we all had the right to negotiate however we wanted for the movie." And the way Grenier and the other actors (minus Piven) — none of whom had broken out beyond their "Entourage" roles — wanted to negotiate was as a team, which TV stars sometimes do but is more of a rarity in the film world. "We recognized that we had more leverage when we were aligned," adds Grenier.

The 34-day shoot, which began in February 2014, was more sprawling than the TV show, with scenes set not merely on the Warners backlot and at local restaurants but also in places like Miami, where Vincent throws a party on a $30 million yacht. But it wasn't all caviar and Jell-O shots. "We were doing a party scene at Turtle's house with cameos up the yin-yang," says Dillon. "We had 20 trailers, each for a different celebrity — it was like a small city. It was fun, but it wasn't really a party. As soon as they said, 'Cut!' the music would stop." In yet another case of life imitating "Entourage," Dillon's favorite scene — in which Drama does a striptease with Channing Tatum — was dropped from the shooting script when Tatum canceled his cameo ("I did a lot of whining," says Dillon).

But there were more serious snafus on set. On day 20, while shooting that celeb-packed party on the Rancho Palos Verdes estate that's supposed to be Turtle's digs, Connolly broke his leg fooling around with a football. "Kevin whispered to me, 'I heard something pop,' " says Ellin. "Kevin is one of my best friends, but immediately I'm like: 'Oh, God. This movie is dead.' " After some creative adjustments, though — in a few scenes where Eric was supposed to walk, he instead gets driven — the movie fans have been awaiting for four years finally was finished.

entourage doug ellin ari


Nearly a year later, in January — after editing on the film mostly was complete — Ellin decided to add one more scene: a bit where Vincent and his posse steal the show at the Golden Globes. "I just had this idea," he says. "I called Lev [producer Stephen Levinson] and Mark [Wahlberg] and asked if they could figure it out. They called the Globes, and they were awesome to let us on their carpet. That's millions of dollars' worth of free sets, you know?" The only hitch: Ellin failed to dress for the part. "My girlfriend told me to wear a suit, but I was like: 'I'm just filming — I'm shooting. I'm not wearing a suit,' " he adds. "Then a few hours later I start getting calls from people saying they can see me on Access Hollywood, and why am I dressed like there's a flood?"

He'll remember to dress better for the "Entourage" premiere June 1 at Westwood's Regency Village Theatre. And he might want to bring a camera to capture more red-carpet footage because a second "Entourage" movie is not out of the question. "Warner Bros. is ready to move ahead with the script," says Ellin of plans for a sequel. "But I'm not thinking about it till I see if people are into this one."

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THEN & NOW: The cast of 'Entourage' 11 years after the hit HBO show premiered


Entourage Movie

With the "Entourage" movie opening in theaters everywhere today, we're looking back on the 11 years since the show premiered in 2004.

Since the show ended its eight season run in 2011, the actors and actresses who made up the main cast have gone on to star in numerous television and movie roles  but none have managed to top their "Entourage" fame just yet.

See what Vinnie, Eric, Drama, Turtle, and Ari, the rest of the crew have been up to since the show ended.

THEN: Adrian Grenier played the young Hollywood movie star Vincent "Vinnie" Chase.

NOW: Grenier starred in the 2013 apocalyptic dramedy "Goodbye World" and became an environmental activist.

In March, Grenier's Kickstarter to fund a search for the "loneliest whale in the world" was saved at the last minute by a $50,000 donation from actor and fellow activist Leonardo DiCaprio.

Grenier and filmmaker Josh Zeman will use the proceeds from the fundraiser to film a team of scientists as they search for the lonely whale — called "52 Hertz" for the high frequency of its mating song that no other whale speaks.

THEN: Kevin Connolly starred in all 96 episodes of "Entourage" as Eric "E" Murphy.

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This incredible new movie about Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys is unlike any biopic you’ve seen



Producer/director Bill Pohlad admits he was not a big Beach Boys fan growing up in Minnesota. The legendary “California sound” of the band didn’t have the same pull for him as the Beatles.

But then ten years ago he got hooked on the Boys’ seminal album, “Pet Sounds.

“It was very spontaneous,” he tells Business Insider. “There was no reason for it that I understood at the time. It just happened. I really fully appreciated that album and everything Brian was doing with it.”

The Brian he’s referring to is Brian Wilson, co-founder of the Beach Boys, along with his brothers Dennis and Carl, their cousin Mike Love, and their friend Al Jardine. Brian wrote most of their songs and thanks to his innovative production of "Pet Sounds," which included songs “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” and “God Only Knows,” the album is now regarded by many as being one of the greatest of all time.

Pohlad, an independent film producer whose titles include “Into the Wild,” “12 Years a Slave,” and “Wild,” says he’s a big believer in “things happening the way they are supposed to happen.” So when a script on Wilson’s life titled “Heroes and Villains” (the title of a Beach Boys song) was sent to him to produce a few years ago, he couldn’t help but see the signs of being handed the life story of an artist he had recently grew very fascinated by.

LOVEANDMERCY021431647736According to Pohlad, “Heroes and Villains,” which would later be changed to its current title, “Love & Mercy” (the title of a Wilson solo song), was a very basic, by the book biopic of Wilson’s life. But Pohlad felt to best tell the story that the script had to be more intimate. It had to escape from the grasp most stories on famous people are under of feeling required to highlight the person’s major life moments to appease the super fans.

To tell the story of Brian Wilson it would have to be done with multiple actors.

“Love & Mercy” looks at two key moments in Brian Wilson’s life. One, the musician at age 22 (played by Paul Dano) in the mid 1960s when he stopped performing live with the Beach Boys and went into the studio to begin recording “Pet Sounds.” And second as Wilson at middle age (John Cusack) in the 1980s suffering from mental illness and isolated from his family and friends while under the care of Dr. Eugene Landy (Paul Giamatti).

love and mercy giamatti finalEnlisting the help of screenwriter Oren Moverman— who knows something about making unconventional biopics as he also wrote the screenplay for Todd Haynes’ “I’m Not There,” in which six actors play Bob Dylan personas — he and Pohlad created a story that gives us both the genius and madness of Brian Wilson.

“It was really clear that we had to separate those two times,” said Moverman. “It was really Bill driving the conversation in talking about the differences of Brian in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s.”

In fact, Pohlad got so engrossed in the story, including spending time with Wilson (who would come on the film as a consultant), that following some convincing by Moverman Pohlad agreed to direct “Love & Mercy.” His first directing effort in over 20 years.

“It just felt natural,” said Pohlad matter-of-factly about getting back in the director’s chair. “In the process of working with Oren, at some point I just start running with it.”

And what he delivers is an intimate portrait of Wilson that brings out the nostalgia for Beach Boys fans but mainly delivers the private terror Wilson endured for decades.

love and mercy dano studio finalIn the young Wilson years, which Pohlad referred to as “Brian Past,” we see his creative mind at its zenith as he painstakingly creates the lyrics and sounds for the “Pet Sounds” album (as well as the stand-alone single “Good Vibrations”). This included creating arrangements that puzzled the session musicians that included at times bicycle bells, Coke cans, and even barking dogs. But all the while Wilson was beginning to mentally break down.

“As I got to know Brian a little I got to understand more about how his mind works,” Pohlad told BI. “He has hallucinations but they are not visual hallucinations, they are auditory. That really intrigued me. That he hears really complex arrangements and harmonies and melodies that nobody understands and don’t think would work until he executes them and they are amazing. That’s part of his genius, but he can’t turn it off.”

To express this in the film Pohlad didn’t want to do the typical camera tricks to visually express hallucinations, instead he used the film’s sound mix to explain Wilson’s pain.

In one scene, Wilson is at the dinner table with friends. Everything seems fine until we hear the clanging of the silverware build louder and louder. The audience (and Dano playing Wilson) are the only ones who hear the sounds as they get to the point where it drowns out the dinner conversation.

love and mercy dano“I thought immediately of The Beatles’ ‘Revolution 9,’” said Pohlad referring to the sound collage track from “The White Album.” “It kind of inspired me.”

When we move to Wilson in the ’80s (“Brian Future”), we find him at the lowest point in his life. Over medicated and his mental problems diagnosed incorrectly, he had just come off a few years staying in bed following the death of his father. Dr. Landy, handlers, and security guards are the only people in his life until he meets car salesman Melinda Ledbetter (Elizabeth Banks), and the two begin a relationship.

LOVEANDMERCY081431647886Looking back on the research for the film, Pohlad believes meeting Ledbetter (who is now married to Wilson), was what sealed the structure of the movie.

“Having her tell how she and Brian first met, for me that really sparked it,” he said. “I knew the ‘Pet Sounds’ era I wanted to address, but how they met was a great way to get into that part of his life. To see that part of Brian’s life through Melinda’s point of view versus Brian’s point of view in Brian Past.”

Pohlad said that Cusack spent a lot of time with Wilson but that Dano didn’t. Instead, the actor retaught himself how to play the piano and listened to a lot of the “Pet Sounds” session outtakes to hear how Wilson worked in the studio.

Cusack and Dano also didn’t talk about the character they both were playing.

“I didn’t want to say, ‘Here’s the plan and we’re going to do it like this,’” said Pohlad about working with his leads. “They both found their own way. I didn’t encourage them to meet. I felt it would be more authentic for them as actors and more exciting creatively that they didn’t.”

LOVEANDMERCY011431647752Wilson has seen “Love & Mercy” multiple times, and according to Pohlad, he loves it. Audiences have too. It received positive reviews following its premiere at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival. There was even talk of possible award consideration for Dano and Cusack. But it was decided to not go into last year’s award season race and instead give the film a summer release this year as counter-programming to the major studio blockbusters.

It’s a gamble when it comes to award consideration, but as Pohlad sees it, things happened the way they are supposed to happen.

 “Love & Mercy” opens in theaters Friday.

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Buried within the Steve Jobs Building in California is the only Pixar store in the world – and we found it

The producer of 'Arrested Development' shares the crazy story and success lessons behind his hit movie 'Splash'

Matt Damon is left to die on Mars in first trailer for ‘The Martian’


20th Century Fox has released the first trailer for its anticipated fall film “The Martian,” and it looks great.

Based on the best-selling book from Andy Weir of the same name, the story follows astronaut Mark Watney (Damon) as he’s left behind on Mars after a storm forces the rest of his crew to head home. 

Thought dead, Watney has to find a way to let NASA know he’s alive to bring him back home before his supplies run out. Once he does, he has to hope they can reach him before its too late. 

Also starring Kate Mara, Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig, and Jeff Daniels, "The Martian" is in theaters November 2015.

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Netflix makes its biggest deal yet by buying Brad Pitt’s next movie


Brad Pitt Mark Davis Getty

Showing once more it is becoming a major player in the film business, Netflix announced Monday it has acquired Brad Pitt’s new film, “War Machine.”

Based on the best-selling book “The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan,” Pitt will be playing a four-star general whose “lethal reputation and impeccable track record vaults him to command the American war in Afghanistan,” according to a Netflix press release.

The film, which Pitt is producing, will be available exclusively to Netflix subscribers and released in select theaters next year.

"The Operators" was acquired for a number "in the range of $30 million," according to reports, which makes it the biggest feature film acquisition buy for Netflix in its history.

Previously, Netflix’s largest acquired film was the period war drama “Jadotville,” starring “Fifty Shades of Grey” star Jamie Dornan, at the Berlin Film Festival for $17 million. “Jadotville” will also be released in 2016.

The Operators“We are so excited to be a part of the inspiring commitment by Netflix to produce cutting-edge content and to deliver it to a global audience” said Pitt in the Netflix release.

“Global” is an important word these days at Netflix, as it rapidly expands its service worldwide. Earlier this month it was reported that Netflix is now available in Italy, Portugal, and Spain. A move on a project with A-list backing like Pitt shows that it is seeking out content that will appease a global market.

Having Pitt also builds Netflix’s stable of movie talent.

The company already has deals with Adam Sandler, the Duplass brothers, and just recently inked a feature comedy by Ricky Gervais

Netflix also has a possible award season contender in the acquisition of the much buzzed about Cary Fukunaga ("True Detective") project “Beasts of No Nation,” which will be out later this year to Netflix members and theatrically.

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A librarian found the original 'Star Wars' script, and it settles one of the biggest fan debates of the film


star wars luke leia han solo

It turns out the answer to a question that has puzzled "Star Wars" fans for decades was hidden in a Canadian library.

According to CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), while trying to digitize the University of New Brunswick Library's science fiction collection, librarian Kristian Brown stumbled upon an early draft of the "Star Wars" script.

The script, which is marked as a "fourth draft," is dated March 15, 1976, well ahead of the film's eventual 1977 release. 

The most striking revelation centers around one of the most famous scenes in the film. 

While at the Cantina Bar, Han Solo (Harrison Ford) is confronted by Jabba the Hutt's henchman Greedo, who demands Han finally pay Jabba the money he owes him. The two of them come to blows, and Han Solo emerges as victorious. While that isn't disputed, the real debate lies in whether Han or Gredo shot first. 

This is the famous duel:

Han Greedo GIF 1It is difficult to tell whether Han or Greedo got the first shot in, and several updated versions of the film haven't helped to settle the debate once and for all. For instance, in the 1997 version, the scene was slightly altered to make it look as if Han was acting in self-defense. 

"I'll tell you one thing, right now," Brown told CBC"Based on the script, I can tell you 100 per cent, Han shot first."

Among the small differences in this draft, Luke Skywalker was originally named Luke Skykiller. Meanwhile, it was also called "Saga I." It would eventually go on to be called "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope."

"No matter how many new things are made, it all basically came from this first thing. And it's just good to look back at the origins of the entire thing and not forget, you know, what came first," Brown said to CBC.

Watch the famous scene below:


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It took 3.5 hours every day to transform Paul Bettany into the Vision character for 'The Avengers' sequel


paul bettany avengers age of ultron world premiere

Hands down the best character in "Avengers: Age of Ultron," the follow-up to the 2012 hit, was the introduction of a new character, Vision.

Played by Paul Bettany, who up until this point has solely voiced Tony Stark's A.I. J.A.R.V.I.S., Vision is a human android who fights alongside the Avengers.

Business Insider spoke with Bettany on playing the character.

While he had a great time as the superhero, he says it took over three hours each day to do the makeup for the film.

"Mainly the pain in the ass was the prosthetics and stuff that you know is as uncomfortable as getting paid a lot of money to be uncomfortable is, which is not really that uncomfortable," Bettany said.

"It wasn’t even the putting it on — it was the sitting in it, you know. The putting it on — which took about three and a half hours — with prosthetics, makeup, and all of that, and then the suit ... It was the sitting in it. The first day was OK, and it wasn’t even the second day really, but the third day in a row and the fourth and the fifth day was … you had to really get kind of Zen about it, and meditate on the line of 1,000 actors behind you that would like to be in your position, you know?"

vision avengers age of ultron Special-effects makeup artist Shaune Harrison, who worked on the character for about five months, tells Business Insider that Vision's makeup was a combination of prosthetics and digital makeup.

"Most of the lines on the front part of his face are added digitally," Harrison wrote in an email.

the vision Bettany described the effort of the makeup team transforming him each day.

"The makeup on my face, which, you know, they’re huge prosthetic pieces that go from below my eyebrows all the way down to the mid-shoulder blade. And same thing around my neck. The only part of your skin of your entire body that’s open to the air is a sort of … part of your face the size of maybe your hand."

Once he was in the getup, what was the experience like?

"You can’t hear very well," Bettany said. "You can imagine it’s quite isolating and you have a cooling mechanism, which is a suit beneath it that pumps a sort of ice-cold water around you like racing car drivers use, and there’s a lot of sitting down, reading, and just trying to focus on how very fortunate you are."

There aren't any images available yet of Bettany making his transformation into the superhero.

We'd be surprised if we don't see some when the film is eventually released on Blu-ray.

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Steven Spielberg's 'Jaws' just turned 40 — watch the original 1975 trailer


Steven Spielberg's box office blockbuster "Jaws" just turned 40 years old. The masterpiece originally hit theaters on June 1, 1975 and immediately changed the Hollywood landscape. After the film's success, movie studios focused their efforts on creating summer "tentpole" releases, with buzz fueled by expensive marketing campaigns and unconventionally wide theatrical releases.

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There's a new 'Justice League' cartoon and it's unbelievably shocking and violent


harley quinn bruce timm

As the man behind critically acclaimed "Batman: The Animated Series" and the wider DC Animated Universe of the '90s and early 2000s, Bruce Timm introduced a lot of young fans to the DC Universe.

batman the animated series harley quinn Young fans, however, should probably stay away from his latest DC creation. Probably old fans too, if they're squeamish. 

Because boy, does it get super dark

"Justice League: God and Monsters" is Timm's latest work, a shocking reinvention of the Justice League that's a complete 180 from his iconic DC Animated Universe. In this version, Batman is a vampire, Superman is the son of General Zod, and Wonder Woman is descended from Jack Kirby's New Gods as opposed to Greek Mythology.

While "Gods and Monsters" won't be available to watch until July 28, 2015, Timm will be rolling out three installments of "Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles" in the meantime — a series of animated shorts released on YouTube channel Machinima.

The first, "Twisted," has Batman (who is Kirk Langstrom aka Man-Bat here, not Bruce Wayne) hunting down Harley Quinn, who is more demented (and scantily clad) than ever before.

As the title for the short suggests, it is messed up

No, those aren't Batman's disembodied heads or limbs.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles - 1That's a torso in a Jack-in-the-Box!

Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles - 2And Harley Quinn looks even crazier than usual! 

harley quinn justice leagueHere's how she typically looks in other iterations.

joker harley quinnharley quinn arkham knightAgain, here's another shot of her from "Twisted":

harley quinn justice league bruce timmTurns out Harley's not only using corpses for play things, she's also using them to create a fake family.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles - 4Nothing screams creepy like taking a selfie with your dead pretend family.

harley quinn dead family selfie justice league bruce timmIt's also quite violent.

Harly Quinn Chainsaw gif FIXEDVampire Batman? 

Justice League: Gods and Monsters - 5This is bananas.

vampire batman justice league"The three shorts airing on Machinima were deliberately designed to be a bit shocking," said Bruce Timm in an interview with Kotaku's Evan Narcisse. "I wanted to smack people upside the head and say, 'Wake up! These are different characters.'"  

While "a bit shocking" might be kind of an understatement, Timm has certainly gotten his point across. 

We're kind of scared to see what Superman and Wonder Woman are going to do in the next few shorts. 

"Justice League: Gods and Monsters" will be available on July 28.   

For now, check out "Twisted" below:

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The 'Ferris Bueller Fight Club' theory and other fan conspiracies are sending people on Reddit into a tailspin


ferris bueller's day off

Reddit is the online forum where diehard fans of everything from "Goodfellas"to Katy Perry's dancing Super Bowl sharks congregate. 

So it makes sense that one of the most popular Ask Reddit threads this week had users divulging their favorite unauthorized and unofficial conspiracy theories behind popular TV shows, movies and books. 

"What 'fan theories' have blown your mind with their devastating logic?"user Exdee1 asked. Redditors were happy to deliver their answers — a special kind of fanfic lite where back stories are invented by avid readers and watchers of franchises like "Star Wars,""Harry Potter," and even "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air."

Fan theories are part of a larger trend on Reddit; there's one whole section of the site called /r/fantheories, and the fan theory question has been posed on Ask Reddit before.

Twenty-four hours in, this most recent thread had accumulated 10,000 comments and counting. Here are some of the best theories we found. (Just keep in mind — these are unofficial and all in good fun. What they show more than anything is just how obsessive certain online fan groups can be.)


Screen Shot 2015 06 08 at 11.07.46 PM

"Scooby Doo" is more political than you thought

"The original Scooby Doo series is set after a horrible economic depression,"user King_of_Swag postulates. "Everything is abandoned and falling apart, and all of the villains are people who would normally be really respected (professors, museum curators, celebrities) who have fallen into hard times just like everyone else. How many times have the gang helped someone NOT go out of business?"

"I'm personally partial to the theory that they're draft dodgers during the Vietnam War,"says liljakeyplzandthnx, while linking to another subreddit that enumerates that particular theory. "The show takes place in 1969, a big year for protesters. Fred's a draft-dodger on the run, Daphne's his fiancée, Shaggy's a nomadic hippy, and Velma's a campus activist."


There's a reason "Inspector Gadget" has a soft spot for Penny

"Inspector Gadget is actually an android who's been programmed to believe he's really Penny's uncle,"yakusokuN8 writes. "Her real uncle was in a terrible accident, and left horribly disfigured, so that his voice is raspy, and his face is terribly mangled and never wants anyone to see it. That man is actually... Dr. Claw. Dr. Claw has been driven mad having lost everything and vows to destroy Inspector Gadget at every turn. This explains why Dr. Claw never hurts Penny, why a bumbling fool barely manages to function like a human adult, and why Dr. Claw is so hellbent on exacting revenge every episode."


"Aladdin" wasn't really set in the past

One redditor posted this meme, which postulates that the Genie in "Aladdin" was actually trapped in his lamp for 10,000 years, and that the world of "Aladdin" is actually post-apocalyptic. "How else could the genie do impressions of long-dead celebrities like Groucho Marx, Jack Nicholson, etc.?" it reads.

aladdin genie


"The Magic School Bus" has a touch of "Doctor Who"

Reddit user psykulor postulates that fictional third-grade teacher Miss Frizzle, who owns a magic school bus that she uses to take her kids on field trips to caves, prehistoric times, and outer space, is a "time lord," borrowed from the "Doctor Who" franchise.

The evidence, according to psykulor:

  1. She's cheerfully blasé about the most perilous situations - clearly a trait of the species.
  2. She's in casual contact with aliens and parahumans.
  3. Most notably, she has a device which allows her to travel through time and relative dimensions in space (though she clearly prefers shrinking to time travel).


"The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" opening credits hid a dark secret

"Will was murdered on the basketball court in West Philly,"user Naweezy posted. "The taxi driver is God (that's why we felt that the cab was different or "rare") [...]  God takes him heaven where he lives in a mansion with his wealthy aunt and uncle and slowly works out his issues and hardships."

Fresh Prince of Bel Air


In "Star Wars," the Emperor wasn't even focused on fighting the rebel forces

One user, BlackClaw24, dug deep into the archives of Reddit and located an exhaustive post from a similar thread started three years ago. It explains how the Emperor in "Star Wars" was not antagonizing Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, et al. Instead, he was preparing for extra-galactic invasion.

The thread goes on and on, and is a must-read for anyone who likes diving deep into the politics of "Star Wars."


Crossover theories

Of course, redditors don't stop at theories that explain the backstories of just one franchise at a time. They also put a considerable amount of thought into whether the fictional worlds of distinct movies and shows overlap.


Kevin from "Home Alone" becomes the twisted villain from the "Saw" movies

"I'm a big fan of the theory that Kevin from Home Alone grows up to be Jigsaw,"writes DTRmageddon, linking to a Grantland story by Jason Concepcion diving deep on that particular hypothesis.

Home Alone 2


George Weasley from "Harry Potter" becomes Willy Wonka

"George Weasley goes on to become Willy Wonka,"user PM_Me_Your_Asian_Self writes. "The scene where Willy has half of everything in his office kinda hints that he lost his better half, that is his brother who died."

This one seems like it could have legs — until you remember that the source material for "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" was written by Roald Dahl 33 years before the first "Harry Potter" book was published.

Plus, as user TomatoSlayer puts it, "I doubt even with magic could he make the snozzberries taste like snozzberries."


There's a link between "Sons of Anarchy,""Cops,""The X-Files," and more

"Sons of Anarchy shares a universe with Raising Hope, My Name is Earl, Cops and X-files,"lokigodofchaos writes. "So in an episode of Raising Hope, Jimmy is going door to door for some reason. One of the doors he knocks on is answered by Filthy Phil wearing his Sons of Anarchy vest. On the first episode of Raising Hope, it me[n]tions a New Jersey man finally finished his karma list, a reference to My Name Is Earl. In an episode of Earl, they appear on Cops. The X-Files also had a Cops crossover."

Read farther down on that thread, and you'll see some redditors have pushed this even further to include "30 Rock" and "Arrested Development."

sons of anarchy charlie


All of Quentin Tarantino's movies are connected — not just "Pulp Fiction" and "Reservoir Dogs"

Tarantino himself has admitted to the overlap between the worlds of two of his earliest films, "Reservoir Dogs" and "Pulp Fiction." Redditors have taken this even further, striving to link every one of Tarantino's films — even the World War II film "Inglourious Basterds." One redditor says the character called the Bear Jew is the father of a character in Tarantino's other film, "True Romance."

Click here to read dozens of redditors' extensive Tarantino theories.


"Fight Club" and "Ferris Bueller" share one specific plot element

Redditor pbbtttb links to SlashFilm's theory that in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," Ferris doesn't exist. Instead, he's a manifestation of the more introverted Cameron's id — just like Tyler Durden, Brad Pitt's character in "Fight Club."

Brad Pitt, tyler durden, fight club


Click here to read even more insane fan theories.

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'Creep' starring Mark Duplass is no-budget horror done right


creep duplass 2

Before you roll your eyes at yet another found footage movie, know that "Creep" has nothing to do with ghosts, exorcisms or teenage time travel.

It's a slow-burn thriller starring the incredibly in-demand indie filmmaker/sitcom star Mark Duplass playing completely against type, and boy is it unsettling and, well, really creepy.

"Creep" really makes the most of its bare-bones premise.

The film opens with Aaron (Patrick Brice) addressing the camera, stating that he has answered a Craigslist ad for a freelance video job and will be filming at this guy's house in the middle of nowhere. The very instant Josef (Duplass) introduces himself, it's clear he's not quite right. Josef claims he is terminally ill and that he hired Aaron to follow him and film a sort of 'day-in-the-life' video for his unborn son.

Aaron sympathizes with Josef's sob story and agrees to go through with the unorthodox job. As the two spend more time together, Aaron begins to question Josef's motive. If this is all for his unborn son, where's his pregnant wife? 

creep duplass 3It's a complete two-hander — the only characters on-screen the entire time are Duplass and Brice, both of whom had a part in writing the film (which feels pretty healthily improvised). "Creep" marks Brice's directorial debut, and having seen his follow-up "The Overnight" which is a hilarious comedy, it's clear he's here to stay. The man has already crafted two incredibly effective films in wildly different genres.

Just when you think you know where "Creep" is going, it makes a sharp turn and still manages to shock and surprise. While a lot of the beats of the story are easy to predict (it's pretty obvious Josef is psycho from the get-go, but Aaron doesn't figure it out for a while), the manner in which they reveal themselves is always fun to watch. 

creep duplass 4"Creep" really thrives on Duplass' excellent performance, and it knows it. There are no frills here at all — the film is literally just a man with a camera talking to another man.  The super lo-fi feel works in context and never feels cheap or gimmicky like so many found footage movies do when they try to over explain the camera's presence. 

If you're a horror aficionado or just a casual fan of Duplass who wants to see him have some fun, "Creep" will get the job done. 

"Creep" will be available to rent/purchase via iTunes on June 23rd and will be streaming on Netflix July 14th.

Watch the trailer below. 

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The first trailer for the final 'Hunger Games' movie is out and it's great


We've been getting a few teases for this fall's "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2" this month.

Starting with a poster at the beginning of June, the hints kept dropping on through the first official promo shot (that teased today's date),  and a photo from the filming of the film's epilogue (one of the only missing scenes that wasn't filmed at the same time as "Part 1") — all leading to the official reveal of the film's first trailer.

And it's a pretty great trailer, one that promises a big, explosive finale.

"The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2" arrives in theaters November 20, 2015. 

Video courtesy of Lionsgate

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SEAL Team 6 uses tomahawks created by ‘Last of the Mohicans’ weapons master


navy seal

Over the weekend, The New York Times wrote an in-depth look at the history of SEAL Team 6, the Navy’s secretive unit that is best known for killing Osama bin Laden.

In a piece filled with insight from former members on the controversial assaults done by the team, one eye-opening portion revealed that sometimes Team 6's choice of weapon during nights raids are “primeval tomahawks.”

And not just any tomahawk, but ones created by renowned North Carolina knife maker Daniel Winkler.

Winkler is known best for his Native-American designs, which led to filmmakers of the 1992 drama “The Last of the Mohicans,” set during the French and Indian War in the 1750s, to call on Winkler to create realistic tomahawks and knives for the film.

last of the mohicans tomahawkWinkler notes that along with making rubber versions for the film’s action sequences, he and his team also created “actual functioning knives and tomahawks” that the actors did carry.

Winkler was also brought on as a consultant for “Zero Dark Thirty,” Kathryn Bigelow’s 2012 Best Picture nominated film looks at the decade-long hunt for bin Laden, including his death at the hands of SEAL Team 6.

ZERO DARK THIRTY seal team 6In the New York Times story, members of Team 6’s Red Squadron, which brandishes a logo of crossed tomahawks below the face of a Native American warrior, received a hatchet made by Winkler after their first year on the team.

Former members tell the paper that some on the team “carried the hatchets on missions, and at least one killed an enemy fighter with the weapon.”

Though the story points out that SEAL operators reject the use of tomahawks because they are “too bulky to take into combat and not as effective as firearms,” former Team 6 member Dom Raso told the Times that during his time with the unit he saw the hatchets used “for breaching, getting into doors, manipulating small locks, hand-to-hand combat and other things.” He tells the paper he did see hatchet kills.

According to the story, Winkler said many of the tomahawks were paid for by private donors.

Business Insider reached out to Winker for insight on the weapons he provided SEAL Team 6, but he said he could not “discuss my involvement with any of the US Special Operations community.”

However, he did grant us permission to include pictures of tomahawks that he sells on his site.

Here’s a look at some of Winkler’s custom-designed works:

Titled the WK II Stealth Axe, it's described on the site as a "close quarters axe." 


WK II Winkler/Sayoc RnD Hawks was made with the goal to "exceed the standards of what a tomahawk could be — a practical application tool of exceptional craftsmanship."


WK II Hammer Combat Axe is "the same as those carried by elite SOF (Special Operations Forces) operators."


WK II Combat Axe is another favorite of the SOF community specialized for "breaching/combat."


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The first reported 'Batman v Superman' synopsis hints at a new villain


batsuit batman v superman

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" has been teased so far ahead of its Spring 2016 release that it's easy to forget that very little official information has been released.

But with several big industry and fan trade shows approaching, that's about to change — it looks like we might have the film's first official synopsis. 

According to Collider, an official synopsis has surfaced at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, which kicks off June 9.  Per Collider:

Fearing the actions of a god-like super hero left unchecked, Gotham City’s own formidable, forceful vigilante takes on Metropolis’s most revered, modern-day savior, while the world wrestles with what sort of hero it really needs.  And with Batman and Superman at war with one another, a new threat quickly arises, putting mankind in greater danger than it’s ever known before.   

This definitely seems in tune with the tone of the film's first trailer, which debuted in April. 

But what about that bit about "a new threat?" As menacing as Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor may look, that doesn't quite sound like him, does it?

jesse eisenberg lex luthor

Could it be hinting at the long-rumored appearance of Doomsday, the villain famous for killing Superman in the comic books? Or is Lex Luthor really going to be that big of a threat? 


San Diego Comic-Con is just around the corner — we'll probably find out more then. 

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" arrives in theaters March 25, 2016. 

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Quentin Tarantino is 'retrofitting 50 theaters in the world' with special projectors so they can show his new film properly


the hateful eight final

Quentin Tarantino's just landed quite a punch in his never-ending fight against digital filmmaking.

In anticipation of his new film "The Hateful Eight," which was shot entirely in 70mm, Tarantino will reportedly take it upon himself to install 70mm projectors in 50 theaters worldwide.

The frames on a 70mm film are nearly the same height as standard 35mm film, but about twice as wide (and cost twice as much to produce). The end result is a higher-resolution and wider image on-screen. 

The film is the first to use the Ultra Panavision 70 anamorphic lenses since 1966's "Khartoum," and THR reports that the upcoming "Star Wars" spinoff "Rogue One" will also use these lenses. 

The news comes from the Cine Gear expo, where Tarantino debuted footage from his new film and dazzled audiences with its ultra-wide presentation. 

Cinematographer Bill Bennett was in attendance and tweeted the following:

Dan Sasaki, Panavision's VP of optical engineering, told THR that Tarantino "really wants to get people back into theaters" and hopes that he "did something great to bring that [experience] back." 

Right now there are no details about which theaters will be lucky enough to receive the new projectors.

We have reached out to Tarantino's production office for confirmation and will update this post as new information becomes available. 

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Why comic book writer Mark Millar believes he can compete with Marvel Studios


marvel ultimates

It’s obvious the Marvel universe has been engulfing our moviegoing experience. The latest film from Marvel Studios, "Avengers: Age of Ultron," has made over $1.3 billion worldwide, and it seems they aren’t slowing down with titles like "Ant-Man" and "Captain America: Civil War" on the horizon.

But Mark Millar — who is responsible for penning the comics based on hit films "Wanted,""Kick-Ass,""Kingsman: The Secret Service" (out on Blu-ray/DVD June 9), and a creative consultant at Fox for their slate of comic adaptations — isn’t concerned.

In fact, he calls Marvel’s climb to greatness in the last few years “inspiring.”

“I started at Marvel December of 2000,” said Millar, who at the time was working on the "Ultimate X-Men" comic, among others. “When I came in the company was literally coming out of bankruptcy and it was a mess. But that's a very good time to come into a company because they want to take risks and what I realized is I saw something built from nothing.”

fantastic fourMillar hopes to use that pull-up-from-the-bootstrap mentality to get his comic adaptations like "Nemesis,""War Heroes," and "Chrononauts" off the ground at various studios. As well as the comic adaptations at Fox he's consulting on the upcoming "Fantastic Four,""Deadpool," and "X-Men: Apocalypse." (Yes, these are all Marvel properties. Why does Fox have the rights to use them and not Marvel Studios? It's a bit complicated, but here's a chart that explains which studios own Marvel characters.)

“My plan is to really have a very diverse range of franchises, whether it's spy movies or superheroes or science fiction or horror,” he said. “My plan is to have 25 of these franchises over the next five to ten years.”

Mark Millar HeadshotThat may sound like a lot of comic book adaptations, but the way Millar sees it, Marvel hasn’t monopolized the market. Instead, it has caused audiences to have such an appetite for comic book adaptations that there’s a need for more.

“Comics are kind of like novels now where they will always be adapted,” he said. “The superhero thing may burn out in five years time and come back again later. But what's nice now is that comics can be about anything and feel like their own thing. The weird thing is back in 2004 when I sold the rights to 'Wanted' I remember the guys at Universal saying they felt this whole superhero movie thing could go bust and weirdly it has just kept going and going. It's a very exciting time.”

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