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Robert Redford believes Sundance has gotten too big


Robert Redford AP

PARK CITY, Utah (AP) — Robert Redford is pretty sure this is the best Sundance Film Festival they've ever had, and he also knows that things have to change.

It's not the films. The quality, he said, is better than ever. It's the size.

"I'm starting to hear some negative comments about how crowded it is and how difficult it is to get from venue to venue when there's traffic and people in the streets and so forth," said Redford, who founded the film festival in 1978. "We're going to have to look at that."

Redford still seems somewhat bemused that the Festival grew the way it did over the past three decades. He sees it as a combination of the narrowing of the entertainment business — when filmmakers and actors had to look outside of Hollywood to find material and projects worth doing — and a product of globalization.

Sundance Film Festival Jim Urquhart Reuters"When actors came who were well known, then the paparazzi came. Then once the paparazzi came, the fashion houses came. Suddenly this thing was going haywire," he said, laughing that the recession actually helped temper the frivolousness a bit.

But people continue to turn out in droves, looking to be among the first to see a breakout filmmaker's debut — like Ryan Coogler's "Fruitvale Station" or Damien Chazelle's "Whiplash."

"As it grew, so did the crowds, so did the development in Park City. Well, at some point, if both those things continue to grow, they're going to begin to choke each other," Redford said. "So then I have to think about, oh, do we now risk being who we are in the first place? Do we risk (losing) the heart and soul of what we were when we started against the odds. ... Do we have to now rethink things?"

Ideas are already swirling in Redford's brain about how the Festival can and should evolve.

"You have a couple of choices. You can go hard and say we're going to stop it. Say 'that's the end.' Let it go. Let someone else do it," he said. "Or, you say well, if you want to keep it going, we can't keep it going the way things are."

One thought Redford had was to break up the festival into sections, instead of cramming narrative, documentaries, shorts and everything else into a tight 10 days in January. So, in this scenario, narrative features could play in January, and February would be for documentaries.

"I don't know whether that works or not," Redford acknowledged. "That's just an idea that's worming in my head."

The Sundance Film Festival wraps on Sunday.

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The director of 'Star Wars: Episode IX' wants to shoot scenes in outer space


Colin Trevorrow Joshua Blanchard Getty

During a panel talk about the ins-and-outs of filmmaking at the Sundance Film Festival, director Colin Trevorrow ("Jurassic World"), who will be directing "Star Wars: Episode IX," Trevorrow teased an idea he's working on for his "Star Wars" movie: shooting in space.

"I asked the question, 'Is it possible for us to shoot IMAX film plates in actual space for 'Star Wars,' and I haven't gotten an answer yet," said Trevorrow during the panel.

Trevorrow made the comments while on a panel that included Christopher Nolan, and cinematographer Rachel Morrison ("Fruitvale Station").

The ambitious idea by Trevorrow, who is coming off the second-highest grossing film of 2015 with "Jurassic World," would be a first for the "Star Wars" franchise, but it doesn't sound like it's the first time it's been thought about.

Nolan said during the panel that he had the same idea for one of his movies.

"Funny enough, we had that conversation with 'Interstellar,' said Nolan. "There's incredible footage from space now."

The 2008 8-minute short film "Apogee of Fear" is regarded as the first movie to shoot in space.

apollo 13With "Star Wars" movies notoriously difficult to make here on Earth, it could be interesting to see if Disney would give the okay to allow Trevorrow to do it.

For the 1995 film "Apollo 13," director Ron Howard had pieces of the lunar modules set built in a Boeing reduced-gravity aircraft so the actors could do select space sequences for about 23 seconds of weightlessness.

Trevorrow's idea is certainly next level.

"Star Wars: Episode IX" opens in 2019.

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'Kung Fu Panda 3' dominates the weekend box office


kung fu panda 3

It looks like the "Kung Fu Panda" franchise is still a viable one for 20th Century Fox. The third installment that once more includes the voices of Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman, among others, had a dominant showing at the weekend box office with the animated feature taking the number one spot with an estimated $41 million, according to Exhibitor Relations.

The two previous "Panda" movies opened in the early summer, with their opening weekend earnings reported at $60.2 million and $47.6 million, respectively. Factor in "Panda 3" opening in January instead of the more kid accessible summer months, the $41 million opening is nothing to scoff at.

Coming in second place is Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar frontrunner, "The Revenant," taking in an estimated $12.4 million. The film now has a total domestic gross of $139 million, a big thanks to that being the Oscar hype around it.

the force awakens box officeIn a disappointing third place is the disaster-at-sea tale "The Finest Hours," which only took in around $10 million, though it was released in over 3,000 theaters. Disney has been on an incredible run with the Marvel releases and "The Force Awakens," this proves the studio isn't bulletproof of bombs.

At least "Hours" can say it did better than the Marlon Wayans spoof "Fifty Shades of Black," which only took in around $6 million on 2,075 screens.

Speaking of "The Force Awakens," the film came in fourth place this weekend with an estimated $10.8 million. If all goes according to plan, the film will hit the $2 billion mark at the worldwide box office this week, making it only the third film all-time to accomplish that feat.

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The 'Star Wars' cast is already starting to tease the next movie


"Star Wars: Episode VIII" is over 600 days away — (You're counting, right?) — but that doesn't mean fans can't start getting excited for the next movie.

Director Rian Johnson released an image on Tumblr early Monday reminding fans that filming on the eighth film in the saga will be starting soon.

star wars episode 8 production

What are we looking at?

That's Pinewood Studios in London, the lot where much of the production on "Star Wars" will take place.

Johnson isn't the only one who has been teasing the start of filming on the next "Star Wars" movie.

John Boyega teased his "Episode VIII" haircut on Snapchat recently and actress Daisy Ridley showed off a partial note along with some flowers from Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy.


A photo posted by @daisyridley on Jan 28, 2016 at 2:33am PST on

C-3P0 actor Anthony Daniels says he has read the script, and joked he wanted to share the story with everyone.

Johnson had a pretty clever response to Daniels' eagerness to share more about the film.

We do know a few things about "Episode VIII."

The main cast, including Captain Phasma, will be back along with a few new faces including Benicio del Toro. Screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan has also hinted "Episode VIII" will be "weird," different from other films in the series.

Recently, the film was pushed back several months to a December 15, 2017 release date.

While the obvious reason is that Disney and Lucasfilm would like to duplicate the box-office success of "The Force Awakens" this past December (the film has made over $2 billion worldwide so far), other reports suggest the film was partly pushed back to make way for rewrites which include adding more of fan favorites from Episode VII.

Similar to "The Force Awakens," much of the new film will be shrouded in secrecy. However, unlike J.J. Abrams, Rian Johnson's a little more social media friendly, which means fans may get some more looks behind-the-scenes as "Episode VIII" gets underway. We'll have to wait and see.

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How the 'Deadpool' cast looks compared to their comic-book counterparts


deadpool ryan reynolds

Deadpool is a hero like no other.

Nicknamed the "merc with a mouth," the unhinged anti-hero and his wild sense of humor are coming to the big screen.

He's also bringing a few X-Men characters along with him. 

If you're not familiar with Deadpool or his unique ability which seperates him from every other character in Marvel history, don't worry. Here's everything you need to know before the movie hits theaters February 12.

Ryan Reynolds will star as Wade Wilson, the mercenary who becomes Deadpool.

Wade Wilson is a powerful mercenary diagnosed with terminal cancer. To save himself, he becomes part of "Weapon-X," the same mysterious program that gave Wolverine his powers.

As a result, three things happen: First, his skin is disfigured horribly, making the Weapon-X scientists assume the treatments failed. The scientists took bets among each other on which of the experimental treatments would be his last, hence the name "Deadpool." They didn't realize that, despite his disfigured face, Wilson developed rapid healing, making him nearly unkillable. This makes him psychotically reckless, which is where a lot of the comic's humor came from. 

The third thing, which makes Deadpool different from all other comic book characters, is that the experiment made him fully aware that he's a comic book character. He frequently addresses the reader specifically and at one point in the comics even wonders aloud about the editing software the comics creators used. No one else in Marvel shares the ability, however, and the other characters interpret this as a delusional side-effect of his experimentation. 

Morena Baccarin will star alongside Reynolds as Vanessa Carlysle, also known as Copycat.

Vanessa AKA Copycat is Deadpool's on-and-off girlfriend.

In the comics, she was born a mutant and has the ability to duplicate the appearance and powers of other mutants. So if she were to copy Storm, for example, she'd not only look like her, but she'd have Storm's powers as well. This makes Copycat extremely powerful.

For now, we're not sure how true to Copycat's comic origins the film will be. If the trailer is any indication, Wade and Vanessa will begin the film as humans and both gain their abilities later. Though we've seen Reynolds both before and after his transformation, we still don't know if Baccarin will have silver hair and skin like her comic counterpart.

Gina Carano is Angel Dust. She chemically supercharges her adrenaline, giving her intense super strength.

We're not quite sure what's up with Angel Dust in the movie. The trailer makes her seem like a villain. She attacks Weasel and later on faces Colossus and Negasonic Warhead. Her character in the comics is much more sympathetic.

There, Angel Dust is an outcast hiding underground with other mutants. She reunites briefly with her parents, who she expected to push her away, and is surprised to find that they miss her and want her home. This doesn't seem to be where they're going with Angel Dust in the movie. But it's likely there's more to her than what we've seen. 

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Fans want this young Harrison Ford lookalike to be the next Han Solo — and he says he's ready


anthony ingruber age of adaline

"Star Wars" fans can expect a Han Solo standalone film from Disney in 2018, but the actor who will portray the young Solo has yet to be chosen.

In early January, a shortlist of talent being auditioned — including Dave Franco and Miles Teller — was released. But there's one name absent from the list that some fans immediately rallied behind: Anthony Ingruber. 


The 25-year-old actor made his film debut in Disney's TV movie "Avalon High" back in 2010, but he's best-known for his portrayal of a young Harrison Ford in 2015's "Age of Adaline." 

In 2008, Ingruber posted a video to YouTube of himself doing a Han Solo impersonation. The video has since racked up over a million views and it even drew the attention of "Age of Adaline" director Lee Toland Krieger, which led to Ingruber's role in the film. 

"It was really important for me to find a balance between delivering the role as an original piece, while still applying some of the mannerisms that Ford is famous for," Ingruber told Business Insider. "So it was not simply a matter of impersonating him, but rather taking those elements to build a new, although still recognizable, character." 

Ingruber got to meet his idol while working on the set of "Age of Adaline," after the director organized it.

Harrison Ford anthony ingruberIngruber said people started pointing out the resemblance when he was 14. As the son of a diplomat, he moved to various countries throughout his childhod and devloped an adoration for movies, which eventually resulted in him practicing impersonations of actors like Ford and Jack Nicholson.

"One of the few constants I had in my life was my love of film and the iconic actors that had been my childhood heroes," he said. "I had already developed a passion for film and had spent a lot of my childhood watching their movies so the mannerisms and voices had kind of sunken in. This was something I always enjoyed doing throughout my teen years, as it always got a great response and made me a lot of friends. It also sparked my main goal of becoming an actor in my own right."  

He said he's amazed by the support he's received from fans and would gladly take the Han Solo movie role if the opportunity presented itself.

"I'm so grateful to the fans for their awesome support and confidence in me," he said. "When the news of casting first started, my internet actually stopped working due to the massive amount of tweets and comments from lifelong 'Star Wars' fans who were campaigning for me to play Han." 

Watch his Han Solo impersonation below:

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RANKED: The 10 worst movies to win the best picture Oscar — and what should have won



Winning the best picture Oscar at the Academy Awards doesn't just say that a movie is regarded by Hollywood as the top achievement in the medium for the year, but cements it with past winners that have gone on to become classics like "The Godfather,""Lawrence of Arabia," and "On the Waterfront."

But the Academy voters don't always get it right. Tucked away in the 89 years of Oscar ceremonies, there have been best picture winners that quickly vanish from the zeitgeist, never to be heard from again. That's often because they weren't as good as originally thought. 

Here we look back on the 10 most disappointing best picture winners and choose the nominees that should have won:

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10. “Around the World in 80 Days” (1956)

Based on the Jules Verne novel, this film used all of Hollywood's resources (a $6 million budget in the 1950s was far from cheap) to create a sprawling look at the world, but the story of super-rich English gentleman Phileas Fogg (David Niven) who attempts to win his wager to navigate the globe is silly and far from memorable. 

SHOULD HAVE WON: “The Ten Commandments”

Cecil B. DeMille's final directing effort still holds strong today. With its all-star cast, particularly the incredible performance by Charlton Heston as Moses (he didn't even get an Oscar nomination for the role), and its remarkable effects for that era, it's a movie that should have been recognized with the top prize.  

9. “Ordinary People” (1980)

The late 1970s and early 1980s were when the melodrama was at its zenith in movie theaters, and "Ordinary People" came around at the perfect time. The film didn't just win best picture but also best director for Robert Redford and best actor for Timothy Hutton. Granted, the film has explosive performances in it, but there needs to be more than great acting to win best picture.

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Yoda was supposed to be in the new 'Star Wars' movie, but his role was cut


Luke Skywalker and Yoda

If you were hoping for Yoda to appear in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," he nearly did!

According to a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Frank Oz was set to reprise his role as the former Jedi master in a cameo before it was cut from the final film. 

"There was one point where we were actually thinking of having Yoda in the film, and then we decided not to,” "Star Wars" editor Maryann Brandon told Entertainment Tonight at the 66th annual ACE Eddie Awards. “Frank Oz came in for a day and did a whole bunch of Yoda and he was over the moon to do it — and we were tickled pink!”

Yoda did end up having a role in the film, it just wasn't as a physical presence. 

"The Force Awakens" director J.J. Abrams revealed to Entertainment Weekly that Oz voiced some lines for Yoda. You can hear him in Rey's flashback/flashforward sequence in Maz Kanata's palace if you listen closely along with the voices of Ewan McGregor and Alec Guinness as Obi-Wan Kenobi.

“He [Frank Oz] was incredibly generous and came in to Bad Robot, where we had a recording area, and he was doing Yoda, saying a number of lines we gave to him," said Abrams.

Fan site StarWarsNewsNet claims Yoda may have been seen in another scene speaking with Luke, possibly giving him guidance.

While we didn't see Yoda's Force Ghost in the new film, maybe we'll see him pop up in one of the future "Star Wars" movies.

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Incredible before and after images of the visual effects in 'The Martian'


matt damon the martian

If it wasn't for visual effects studios, many big-budget projects wouldn't be nearly as satisfying.

Superheroes would be much less believable and a space movie like "The Martian" would be a tough sell when you can't film in space. 

Visual effects studio Moving Picture Company (MPC) recently released a great breakdown of some of the effects it added to the Oscar-nominated movie "The Martian." It should come as no surprise there's plenty of green screen that fills in for Mars, but do you know just how many visual aids are needed to make viewers feel like they're on the red planet?

Keep reading to see some before and after images from "The Martian."

Matt Damon may have looked like he was on the planet Mars in "The Martian" ...

... but most of the time, you were seeing him in front of a green screen.

Damon going for a stroll on the arid desert planet ...

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One dedicated fan went to a lot of trouble to prove every Adam Sandler movie is connected


shawn kohne

You may have heard of the Pixar theory— the popular theory about how every Pixar movie is possibly connected.

Now, another fan has a wild theory suggesting every one of Adam Sandler's movies takes place in the same universe as well.

Sound far-fetched?

YouTuber Shawn Kohne definitely has some convincing evidence which links many of Sandler's movies. 

In a nearly nine-minute video, Kohne points out how multiple Sandler movies showcase the same characters, deliver the same jokes, and even have some of the same props.

For example, both "50 First Dates" from 2004 and "Blended" from 2014 feature a man known as 10-second Tom, a character who can only retain ten seconds of memories before his mind is wiped clean, a result of a tragic hunting accident where he lost part of his brain.

Both of these films feature Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, for what it's worth.

10 second tom 10 second tom

Kohne also points out that Chubbs Peterson, who dies in "Happy Gilmore" (1996), is later seen in heaven in 2000's "Little Nicky."

chubbs peterson happy gilmorechubbs peterson

It doesn't stop there. Kohne realized we learn the name of Sandler's golf caddy from 1996's "Happy Gilmore" in 2011's "Jack and Jill." It's Otto for those who are wondering.

adam sandler otto happy gilmoreadam sandler otto

It's not just characters who appear more than once in Sandler films. Kohne notes similar movements that occur across films.

Take for example this classic horseback riding move that both Sandler and a child use in "Happy Gilmore" and "Blended":

happy gilmore blended

In addition, the line "You can do it" can also be heard across multiple films, and is said by nearly identical characters played by Rob Schneider and Adam Sandler in "The Waterboy" (1998) and "The Animal" (2001), respectively.

rob schneider adam sandleradam sandler the animal

The same props are even used across films, like this children's book that is not only in "Billy Madison" (1995), but also "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry" (2007):

adam sandler children bookadam sandler i now pronounce you

Kohne tells Tech Insider he started the project last June. He was originally working on a different Sandler video, but then he came across a connection in "50 First Dates."

"The Sandlerverse was born and it became my main projects," said Kohne. 

While Kohne helps connect all these films, a more reasonable explanation is that Sandler's team may just be recycling some of their material from film to film.

Regardless, kudos to Kohne for noticing all of these similarities across Sandler's films.

Check out the full video of the theory below to see if you're convinced by Kohne's findings.


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'Hail, Caesar!' is the ultimate Coen brothers movie — enjoyable and infuriating


hail caesar universal

Sometimes you get the feeling that Joel and Ethan Coen make movies just to mess with the audience.

Their latest, "Hail, Caesar!" belongs to the wildly bizarre section of the Coen canon, alongside "Burn After Reading' and "The Man Who Wasn't There." These movies have all the pieces to make a phenomenal "Coen brothers movie," but something about them doesn't grab you like the classics — "Fargo" or "The Big Lebowski" or "No Country for Old Men."

It's not that "Hail, Caesar!" is bad. It's more that the film is a collection of great scenes that don't add up to a story.

We're inside the workings of the fictitious movie studio Capitol Pictures where Eddie Mannix (Josh Brolin) is the head of physical production — essentially the studio's fixer. Making sure things go smoothly means Mannix ping-pongs from each soundstage, or sometimes helps out the public image of one of his ingenues (Scarlett Johansson).

Hail Caesar Alison Rosa Universal.JPG
But on this day, he has to deal with the disappearance of the star Baird Whitlock (George Clooney) from the studio's big movie of the year, "Hail, Caesar!: The Tale of the Christ." Mannix quickly learns that Whitlock has been abducted and is being held ransom for $100,000.

Warning: If you're expecting the next act to entail a ragtag group of actors teaming with Mannix to find Whitlock before the papers get wise, as the movie's trailers spin it, that's far from what happens.

That's the blessing and the curse of a Coens movie: You can't bottle it into a marketing campaign.

Channing Tatum sings and dances his way through
"Hail, Caesar!" is the Coen brothers paying homage to the sword-and-sandal epics, Westerns, musicals, and aquatic movies of yesteryear topped with some great performances from Brolin, Clooney, Johansson, Channing Tatum, Ralph Fiennes, and Alden Ehrenreich, who has a scene-stealing performance as a star of Westerns that the studio wants to rebrand.

I still don't know if I liked "Hail, Caesar!" I may never know. And that indecisiveness is what the Coens strive for.

"Hail, Caesar!" opens in theaters on Friday.

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Vin Diesel reveals when the final 3 'Fast and Furious' movies will come out


Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel has vowed that before the “Fast and Furious” franchise rides off into the sunset, there will be a final trilogy, and true to his word, he sent out this Instagram Tuesday night with the release dates to prove it:

A photo posted by Vin Diesel (@vindiesel) on

Why is this franchise being expanded to 10 films? A big reason is the massive global success of last year's “Furious 7,” which made over $350 million at the domestic box office and over $1 billion in foreign ticket sales. The film was the last featuring the late Paul Walker, who died in a car crash while it was in production.

“Furious 8” (out April 14, 2017) will be directed by F. Gary Gray, who's coming off the success of the N.W.A biopic “Straight Outta Compton.” Diesel will return along with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez, and Tyrese Gibson.

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Here is every actor who has ever played the Joker


joker suicide squad

Jared Leto has big shoes to fill this summer. Big, clown shoes. 

Leto will play the latest incarnation of the Joker in this summer's adaptation of "Suicide Squad." Upon his casting, Leto was immediately compared to the likes of the late Heath Ledger, who was posthumously awarded an Oscar for his performance in the role in 2008's "The Dark Knight." 

Leto's performance won't only be compared to Ledger, but to every actor who has taken on the role. 

Keep reading to find out more about the dozen performances Leto has to live up to later this year.

Cesar Romero was the first actor to play the icon onscreen when he took on the role in the original "Batman" series in 1966.

Cesar Romero, known in his day as the "Latin from Manhattan," was a skilled actor and dancer.

Romero had a full career before his role as Joker in the original 1966 series with Adam West as Batman and Eartha Kitt as Catwoman. In the A&E documentary series "Biography," West said that Romero "brought an enormous amount of energy to the role...I don't know how he did it." In the same special, Romero said his role as Joker was easy, "When [you] get in an outfit like that...you fall right into it."

Jack Nicholson played the first theatrical iteration of the Clown Prince of Crime in 1989's "Batman."

Jack Nicholson played Joker in Tim Burton's 1989 take on the film. Nicholson told MTV he took the role partly because of his belief in Burton's vision of Batman. "Tim Burton’s a genius. He had the right take on it. That’s why I did the movie," he said. "I did the movie based on a single conversation with him. We both come from the cartoon world originally. We had similar ideas."

Mark Hamill became the voice of the Joker for the DC Animated Universe starting in 1992.

Hamill has been playing the Joker the longest of all the actors here.

His version of the Joker first appeared in the Emmy award-winning "Batman the Animated Series.""BTAS" was the first of many shows in the DC Animated Universe, which all shared the same canon and voice actors. Hamill would go on to appear in adaptations of Superman, the Justice League, and Static Shock as well. He appeared in animated films and video games as well.

After announcing his "retirement" of the character in 2011, he's slated to reprise the role in a 2017 adaptation of Batman's iconic "The Killing Joke" story, marking 25 years as the character.

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George Clooney nails Hollywood's diversity problem

Bernie Sanders once played a rabbi in a low-budget 90s romantic comedy — and his cameo is amazing


Screen Shot 2016 02 03 at 12.03.52 PM

Democratic presidential candidate and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) had a film career that spanned at least one project.

Sanders played a rabbi in the low-budget 1999 comedy "My X-Girlfriend's Wedding Reception." The film has a 5.3/10 rating on IMDB, but a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 86 user ratings.

His cameo as Rabbi Manny Shevitz, who gives a speech during a wedding reception, doesn't disappoint.

"Testing, testing, can you all hear me?" Sanders begins. "Today we celebrate life, a very sacred part of life. I remember when I used to walk down my old neighborhood in Brooklyn."

Feb 03, 2016 16:14

He then went into an extensive rant about the Brooklyn Dodgers — who moved to Los Angeles in 1958:

That was before the Dodgers went to Los Angeles, which was the worst thing. The worst thing that ever happened and I don't know why we let them do that. I mean nowadays, there is no pride. You don't know who owns what team, you don't know who's playing for what today. They're here one day, and they're gone the next day. It's a terrible thing. I remember when the Dodgers played the Yankees and that ticket was good for 10 years. Now, you go to the stadium and you look out on the field and you see the Red Sox, you see the Orioles, you see the Cleveland Indians, you see everything but you don't see the Yankees playing the Red Sox.

OK, I'm getting a little bit off the track here, but let me not take any more of your time. Oh, by the way, that free-agency crap, that really gets me, they spend $2 million here, $12 million there, what's so free about that free agency? I can't take that anymore. Okay, let me just make my point here and that is all in all, it's not so bad. When it's good, it's good. If it doesn't feel right, just say no. There's always tomorrow. There's always tomorrow. It could be worse. Now, let's just thank God you have your arms, you have your legs. Let's eat.

BuzzFeed reported on the cameo last April, but it's making the Internet rounds again Wednesday.

You can watch the full clip here:

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7 images of your first look at the new 'Ghostbusters' movie



They ain't afraid of no ghosts!

The all-woman remake of the 1980s classic "Ghostbusters" just relaunched its official site with a bunch of new photos and info on the cast. The summer movie is a reboot, not a sequel, and stars a new squad of Ghostbusters making their debut.

Director Paul Feig recently talked to Empire about the connection between the reboot and original films, saying, "We're not recreating the old movie but we want to do just enough fun nods that the fans will go, 'Oh, okay, they're acknowledging that the other movie existed.'"

Feig teased that a trailer will be coming later this month. Until then, we've got the info on the new team, plus a surprising addition to the cast.

Check it out below:

Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy) is described as a paranormal researcher, supernatural scientist, and entity trapper.

Abby Yates co-authored a book with Erin Gilbert (Kristen Wiig) about ghosts being real. While Erin left to pursue academia, Abby continued to research ghosts with her new partner. When ghosts invade and threaten New York, however, the two reunite to fight them.

Jillian Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon) is a "nuclear engineer, munitions expert, and proton wrangler."

Jillian Holtzmann is Abby Yates' (Melissa McCarthy) new partner. When her original partner, Erin Gilbert (Kristin Wiig), left supernatural research to pursue traditional academia, Holtzmann joined with Abby. The three women team up to fight crime as ghosts cross over into our world and try to take over.

Patty Tolan (Leslie Jones) is listed as a ghost tracker, municipal historian, and metaphysical commando.

Patty Tolan is the rookie member of the team. She doesn't have a background in the supernatural, but her character has experience as a subway worker. Since she's listed as a 
"municipal historian," it's possible her knowledge of New York City and its history will play an important role in the film.

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Every Coen brothers movie ranked from best to worst


the big lebowski

As directors, brothers Joel and Ethan Coen are so inseparable they are sometimes referred to as the "Two-Headed Director."

In their early days, only Joel was listed as a director, but that was because of guild rules that didn't allow multiple directors to take credit for one movie. But both of them were doing the work.

Since making their feature directorial debut in 1984 with "Blood Simple," the Coen brothers have proved themselves to be among the greatest filmmakers Hollywood has seen.

Their diverse films show that few others can pivot so seamlessly between dark drama and screwball comedy. They take weird, niche ideas and find ways to bring them to a mainstream audience.

Their latest film, "Hail, Caesar!," out this weekend, boasts an all-star cast that includes George Clooney, Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum, and Jonah Hill. There's a reason that so many great actors always want to collaborate with them.

In honor of "Hail, Caesar!" we ranked all 17 of their films so far:

17. "Intolerable Cruelty" (2003)

"Intolerable Cruelty" feels like half a Coen brothers movie. It makes sense: The concept was passed around to many different writers before they polished and directed it. The half-baked caper feels like an imitation of a better Coen brothers film. But the Simon & Garfunkel-filled soundtrack is something to stick around for.

16. "The Ladykillers" (2004)

By far the best part of "The Ladykillers" is Tom Hanks' brilliantly hammy performance as a criminal mastermind masked as a Southern gentleman. It's a hilarious deconstruction of the ages-old trope. The biggest problem with "The Ladykillers" is it doesn't get to the most interesting and entertaining part of its story until the film's final stretch. Yet some of the performances (let's not forget J.K. Simmons) almost make you want to slap an "underrated" label on it.

15. "Miller's Crossing" (1990)

This gangster film set during the Great Depression is a fine period piece, for sure. But this is the rare Coen brothers film in which the intricacies and plot complexities might get in the way of your enjoyment.

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There's only one sequel the Coen brothers want to make, but it's not 'The Big Lebowski 2'


barton fink 2 20th Century Fox

The Coen brothers have such a distinct style with interesting characters that any one of their movies could be made into a viable sequel. But in a recent interview with Variety, Ethan and Joel Coen admitted that there's only one sequel they want to make.

"We're going to do a 'Barton Fink' sequel at some point," said Ethan, referring to their their 1991 film.

It starred John Turturro as a New York playwright who goes out West to write Hollywood screenplays and has a slew of bizarre encounters.

"That's the one movie that we thought deserved a sequel, called 'Old Fink,'" Joel said. "But we don't want to do it until Turturro is quite old. He's getting there."

Turturro, 58, has tried for years to get the Coens to allow him to make a spin-off of "The Big Lebowski" that focuses on his character in the movie, Jesus. But it sounds like that isn't going to happen. When Variety asked about the idea, Ethan answered, "No."

Most fans of the Coen brothers would love to have a straight-up "Lebowski" sequel, but it sounds like Joel and Ethan aren't into that idea, either.

"I don't think we'll oblige," Joel said.

The Coens didn't specify how old Turturro has to be for the "Old Fink" movie to get off the ground, but it would be exciting to go back into that world — especially if John Goodman, who played Fink's neighbor, Charlie Meadows, aka serial killer Karl "Madman" Mundt, would be in it.

barton fink 3

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Sylvester Stallone shows off incredible behind-the-scenes photos from 'Rocky'


balboa creed

Sylvester Stallone is waiting to see if his name will be called in the best supporting actor category on Oscar night this year for reprising his role of Rocky Balboa in the hit "Creed" (he's currently a favorite).

In the meantime, he went on Instagram and posted some rare stills from the movie that launched him into a superstar, the original “Rocky.” Many of them feature him working with costar Carl Weathers as Apollo Creed.

Here are the shots with some of the comments from Stallone:

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Stallone: "Flashback! One of my favorite photos."

Instagram Embed:
Width: 658px


"I really like looking back at this moment in time…"

Instagram Embed:
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"Rocky vs Apollo. 1976"

Instagram Embed:
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How the 'Deadpool' R-rating will make it totally different from other superhero movies



Deadpool is a reckless and possibly insane super-assassin with an evolved form of Wolverine's healing ability. Is that enough to set him apart from the multiple Marvel and DC superhero movies taking over theaters? 

Director Tim Miller, producer Simon Kinberg and character writer Rob Liefeld held a Q&A with Collider after a private screening in L.A. on February 3 where the trio went into detail about how the movie's R-rating will set it apart from other Marvel adaptations. ("Deadpool" is a Marvel comic, but the movie rights to the character are held by Fox. As a result, the upcoming film will be part of Fox's "X-Men" cinematic universe.)

"[Marvel Studios are] owned by Disney and they can't do this [but] Fox could," Miller explained. "[Fox] said, 'Hey listen, there's a market for this and fans want to see it.' These are stories that are worth telling, so let's tell them regardless of rating."

Liefeld said he's a long-time fan of genre films like "Alien,""Terminator,""Lethal Weapon," and "Die Hard" and thinks audiences will appreciate moving away from PG-13 movies.

"I grew up on R-rated action films and you didn't blink...[and now] we've gotten into this family friend space and 'Deadpool' trashes it," Liefeld told the audience.  

Every superhero film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been rated PG-13, beginning with 2008's "Iron Man." And while the Marvel superhero movies are known for their tightly-choreographed action sequences, "Deadpool" will have a much harder edge because Fox wanted the team to be true to the explicit nature of the character. 

"All these great Marvel films that have been coming are armored dudes battling armored dudes," Liefeld told the audience. "I dare you to close your eyes [when watching a Marvel film] and you're going to hear 'clank clank clank' and this movie...he cuts a dude's head off and kicks it into another dude! You haven't seen that." 

Miller revealed a very early version of the film had a PG-13 draft of the script. He said working under the pressure to keep the film PG-13 would've made the shoot much more difficult. "When we were on set, [we would] have to worry about that all the time [and] it would really inhibit us in a lot of ways," he said.

Miller hinted that there were a few moments that didn't make the film, an extended fight sequence and a few of Reynolds and Miller's adlibs. "For the Blu-Ray, it's going to be great," he teased.

"Deadpool" will be one of only a small handful of recent R-rated superhero movies, including "Watchman" (2009), "Kick-Ass" (2010), "Kick-Ass 2" (2013), and the "Blade" trilogy (1998-2004), which also featured Reynolds. Kinberg teased there could be more.

 "I think there's some stories that could be R-rated, [but] I don't know what they are," he said towards the end of the Q&A. "X-Force I could see being R-rated." 

"Deadpool" is in theaters Febrary 12. 

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