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A Hilarious Parody Trailer For 'The Great Catsby'


Ever wondered what Baz Luhrmann's "The Great Gatsby" would be like if acted by animated cats instead of Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan?

Guyism has done a mash-up of the 2013 film and the animated Disney classic
"The Aristocats" — all set to the most recent "Gatsby" soundtrack, which is filled with hip hop.

The combination is somehow spot-on, and kind of hilarious. Watch below:

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Jimmy Kimmel's Audience Gave J.J. Abrams Advice For The Future Of 'Star Wars'


J.J. Abrams stopped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to discuss his new film, "Star Trek Into Darkness."

Of course, Abrams is also directing Disney's new "Star Wars" film, too. 

While we don't know much about the film set for a 2015 release, Abrams told Kimmel he's currently getting through a case of writer's block.

To help out, Kimmel offered up some audience suggestions for the future of the series.

Abrams didn't find them very helpful.

Note that if you've seen Kimmel's earlier interview with Harrison Ford on the same matter, it was more or less a followup.

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Conservative Writer Becomes A Hero After Swiping Woman's Cell Phone In Theater And Throwing It Across The Room


Kevin Williamson

National Review columnist Kevin Williamson is so fed up with people using their cell phones during the theater-going experience that he physically removed a woman's phone from her hands and threw it across a New York theater.

Here's how it all went down.

The play was high brow "Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812" but the audience apparently was not.

"The main offenders were two parties of women of a certain age, the sad sort with too much makeup and too-high heels, and insufficient attention span for following a two-hour musical," Williamson writes in his post "Theater Night: Vigilantes 1, Vulgarians 0."

When one particular woman "with too much makeup" refused to get off her phone after Williamson and his date had kindly asked her to turn it off, she suggested he mind his own business.

Here's what happened next, writes Williamson:

So I minded my own business by utilizing my famously feline agility to deftly snatch the phone out of her hand and toss it across the room, where it would do no more damage. She slapped me and stormed away to seek managerial succor. Eventually, I was visited by a black-suited agent of order, who asked whether he might have a word.

In a civilized world, I would have received a commendation of some sort. To the theater-going public of New York — nay, the the world – I say: “You’re welcome.”

Williamson ends his post with this funny bit: "There is talk of criminal charges. I will keep you updated."

After tweeting about the incident, Williamson has received tons of positive feedback:

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People Who Went To Early 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Screenings Went Home With An Awesome Poster


"Star Trek Into Darkness" hits theaters today, but some were able to see the movie a day early.

Paramount held early preview screenings of the film last night at select theaters around the country.

If you were at one of the IMAX 3D showings, you received one of the following posters while leaving the theater.

star trek into darkness poster

Here's a better look at how large the poster is below.

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Latest 'Pacific Rim' Shows An Epic Battle Between Aliens And Robots

Parents Hated That Disney Made A Sexy Redesign For Its 'Brave' Princess


brave In Disney and Pixar's "Brave" the main character Merida doesn't care that she's a princess. 

She hates wearing dresses and doing her hair. Instead, she much rather be scaling mountains, riding horses, and shooting bow and arrows. 

And unlike the ten princesses before her, Merida isn't interested in boys.

There's no mistaking her from classic Disney princesses Cinderella and Snow White who need saving from a Prince Charming.

Instead, Merida has been part of Disney's push in recent years to create more independent princesses beginning with Tiana in "The Princess and the Frog" and Rapunzel in "Tangled."

So more than a few eyebrows were raised when a more slender, sparkly, and overtly sexier version of the character hit the web on Disney's website.

This right image shows how Disney portrayed the princess on its site.

disney princess merida

The redesign was created for Merida's official introduction as the 11th Disney princess

In response to the 2D character rendering, a number of protests hit the web. 

Here's an excerpt of one on Change.org. that has received more than 214,000 supporters:

The redesign of Merida in advance of her official induction to the Disney Princess collection does a tremendous disservice to the millions of children for whom Merida is an empowering role model who speaks to girls' capacity to be change agents in the world rather than just trophies to be admired. Moreover, by making her skinnier, sexier and more mature in appearance, you are sending a message to girls that the original, realistic, teenage-appearing version of Merida is inferior; that for girls and women to have value -- to be recognized as true princesses -- they must conform to a narrow definition of beauty.

Commenters from around the world claimed the redesign lost the spunk of the fiery redhead from Pixar's film. 

Here are a few of them:

"Did you not watch your own movie Disney? She hated her fancy dress!"

"I do not want to see Brave turned into a "Babe". Leave something for a girl to aspire to besides being arm candy."

"There's no need to sexualize a strong, young, active role model. Instead of making Merida fit the princess model, maybe Disney should change the princess model to fit girls like Merida." 

The film's original director Brenda Chapman (she was later replaced by Mark Andrews) also found the changes to the princess "horrible." Here's what she told local paper the Marin Independent Journal:

"Disney marketing and the powers that be that allow them to do such things should be ashamed of themselves. When little girls say they like it because it's more sparkly, that's all fine and good but, subconsciously, they are soaking in the sexy 'come hither' look and the skinny aspect of the new version. It's horrible!"

Since the backlash, Disney reverted the image of Merida on the site to resemble her 3D likeness from the film.

A Disney rep told EW the intent was to phase out the new image after a few months. 

Though Merida's character has since been changed back to reflect her film version, many of the Disney princesses still have more highly sexualized pictures of themselves on the site.  

Here are a few of the other popular princesses who look remarkably different:

Belle has much longer, curlier brown locks.

belle beauty and the beast

Ariel has on blush and mascara.

the little mermaid

Even when she's dressed up in the film, Mulan looks ages younger than her regal counterpart.


See more of them here.

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18 Pictures Of Windblown Celebrities At The Cannes Film Festival


Cindy Crawford Windblown Cannes Gatsby red carpet The 2013 Cannes Film Festival opened this week with a star-studded "Great Gatsby" premiere.

But the red carpet was showered by rain and hit by windy weather.

Through it all, celebrities such as Cindy Crawford, Carey Mulligan, Nicole Kidman and Leonardo DiCaprio tried to maintain their glamorous red carpet looks.

But it wasn't always possible.

See what happened when a windy rainstorm hit the Cannes Film Festival's most glamorous night.

As it started to drizzle, dancers performed on the red carpet ahead of the opening ceremony and "Great Gatsby" screening.

The rain picked up, but the dancers kept on.

Finally, the stars of "The Great Gatsby" began to arrive.

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7 Celebrities Who Love 'Star Trek' More Than You


mila kunis

"Star Trek Into Darkness" opens in theaters this weekend and diehard Trekkies won't be the only ones heading out to see the new J.J. Abrams directed film.

A few of Hollywood's biggest names attend "Star Trek" conventions, have autographed memorabilia from Leonard Nimoy, and even speak Klingon.

If you think you're a huge fan, celebrities from Maria Menounos to Mila Kunis may have you beat.

Mila Kunis has been a Trekkie since her teens.

Kunis told GQ in 2011 she has vintage "Star Trek" figures and a signed photo from Leonard Nimoy. 

She's even attended a Trek conference. 

"I went to the Star Trek Experience in Vegas maybe five years ago. I hung out with a bunch of fake characters inside Quark's bar. [Ed note: Quark was the name of the Ferengi bartender on DS9.] There were all these actors there pretending to be the different characters from the different shows. Yes, I loved it." 

Her favorite series? "The Next Generation."

Ben Stiller sprinkles a lot of "Star Trek" references into his movies.

Not only is Stiller's production company, "Red Hour Films," a reference to an episode from the original series, but he has also thrown "Star Trek" references into his films ranging from "Tropic Thunder" to "Zoolander."

He also revealed at the 82nd Academy Awards he owns two pairs of Spock's ears signed by Leonard Nimoy.

Olivia Wilde says she's a Trekkie.

Wilde told i09 she's been a fan since young.

"I grew up as a Trekkie, which is really funny,"said Wilde. "I think 'Star Trek,' they were always great female roles, but there's no reason the captain shouldn't be a woman."

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19 Obvious Reasons Why 'Star Wars' Is Better Than 'Star Trek'


Star Wars

I'm fully aware that writing an article about how "Star Wars" is better than "Star Trek" is flame bait. Especially with "Star Trek Into Darkness" hitting theaters this week. You understand this as well as I do. 

But damn it, it's true. Last night, I caught a 9:45 p.m. IMAX 3D showing of "Star Trek Into Darkness" and it just reminded me how much more I enjoy watching the "Star Wars" movies. It kills me that I have to include Episodes I through III. Those aren't "Star Wars" movies, they're abominations. But in the spirit of fairness, I'll count them. 

Even counting the newer "Star Wars" installments, the franchise is still better than the "Star Trek" universe. Fightin' words. 

The irony here is that new Trek-helmer J.J. Abrams will be taking the reins for the new "Star Wars," so this fight might dwindle in the next few years as "Star Wars" gets Abramified and lens-flared into the next decade. 

So let's just enjoy the discussion for now because really, I know you get as much of a kick out of this "debate" as I do.

Here are 19 reasons why "Star Wars" is better than "Star Trek." There are more, but I have some actual work to attend to, so please feel free to sound off in the comments below. 

19. Carrie Fisher in a gold bikini chained to a fat alien.

This could conceivably be higher up on the list, but the choice is obviously driven by my male brain, and the fact that my male brain was influenced by this scene when I was but a wee lad of 6 years old. 

18. "Star Wars" video games put "Star Trek" games to shame.

While we may not be getting "Star Wars 1313" (RIP LucasArts), "Star Wars" has given us one of the best role-playing games ever in "Knights of the Old Republic" and more than double the game titles of any "Star Trek" adaptations.

We have no idea what EA has in store for Disney's next lineup of "Star Wars" games, but it can't be any worse than the latest attempt at a video game tie-in for "Star Trek":  

"Playing Star Trek: The Game felt like playing an unfinished version of a game that, even when finished, still wouldn't be very good."

17. A star ship captain of the Enterprise doesn't know how to put sentences together or run a crew.

Who doesn't love the way William Shatner talks? "Bones ... Spock! BonesSpock! I ... can't ... believe we just got shot. I ... hope ... that this is ... over." But come on, seriously? This guy is trusted to command a star ship?

Sure, Han Solo takes some serious risks with his crew and Millenium Falcon, but Kirk is kind of a moron, new Kirk included. Leading away-crews himself with his most important staffers? Right, this is dramatic. They are the main characters, understood. But for a series that gets touted for it's realism based on science, this just takes me way out of it.  

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Will Ferrell Wants You To Stay Classy In A New 'Anchorman 2' Teaser Trailer


It's been exactly a year since we've seen the first teaser for "Anchorman 2."

Paramount released the second teaser for the anticipated sequel to the 2004 film, and they're really not giving anything away.

The trailer is premiering ahead of "Star Trek Into Darkness."

"Anchorman: The Legend Continues" hits theaters December 20.

Here's how the official Ron Burgundy Twitter account revealed the trailer online:

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'Star Trek Into Darkness' Had A Pretty Disappointing Opening


"Star Trek Into Darkness" was expected to be the second $100 million box-office opening this year. Instead, J.J. Abrams' sequel to his 2009 film earned $70.6 million. 

While that may sound great, it's not that impressive. 

Let's break it down.

"Star Trek Into Darkness" has earned less at the box office than 2009 predecessor "Star Trek."


Paramount thought it would be good to release the film a day earlier, not only to get a lead on the two blockbusters already out, "Iron Man 3" and "The Great Gatsby," but also the jam-packed week ahead with both "The Hangover III" and "Fast and Furious 6." 

Unfortunately, that didn't help as the film's 4-day total sits at $84 million, $2 million short of 2009 film "Star Trek."star trek vs star trek into darkness

"Star Trek Into Darkness" isn't even the second-largest box-office opening of the year. 

That title belongs to "Oz the Great and Powerful," during a time while the box office was pretty slow.

highest box office openings 2013

Compared to other wide releases, the per theater earnings of "Star Trek Into Darkness" doesn't hold up.

MovieTheater Release Count      Per Theater Earnings Opening Weekend
"Iron Man 3" 4,253 $40,946
"Star Trek Into Darkness" 3,868 $18,241
"Oz the Great and Powerful"    3,912      $20,223

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First Look At Jennifer Lawrence In Blue Makeup For The Next 'X-Men' Movie


"X-Men Days of Future Past" director Bryan Singer has been tweeting out plenty of behind-the-scenes photos of the mutant picture out next year. 

The latest picture he shared was of Jennifer Lawrence reprising her role on set as blue, "vengeful" Mystique.

Though it looks like she's in complete body paint, Lawrence told E! Online after the Oscar's she would be wearing a suit this time around.

Last time, the body paint left her skin irritated. 

"It will be from neck down so it will cut out time and the blisters," said Lawrence.

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'The Wolverine' Loses His Powers In The Latest Trailer


Hugh Jackman returns in a new trailer for "The Wolverine."  

This time around, his character will head to Japan where he undergoes a treatment to make him mortal.  

Svetlana Khodchenkova and Rila Fukushima join the cast as Viper and Yukio, respectively.  

If you're familiar with the comics, the second full trailer gives us our first look at the Silver Samurai, played by Will Yun Lee. 

The trailer will play ahead of "Fast & Furious 6" at theaters. 

"The Wolverine" opens in theaters July 26. 

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Hugh Jackman is back as The Wolverine.

The film will be set sometime after "X-Men: The Last Stand" ...

... and will see Logan (Jackman) travel to Japan.

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The New 'Man Of Steel' Trailer Is A Creepy Warning Message About Superman


Warner Bros. is getting creative with its "Man of Steel" ad campaign.

Remember the creepy ad for "Man of Steel" back in April 

Warner Bros. just released an extended version of that promo as a new trailer for the Superman film.  

Check out the voice-over from villain General Zod (Michael Shannon) telling the Man of Steel (Henry Cavill) to surrender. 

"Man of Steel" opens June 14 in theaters and stars Cavill, Shannon, Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe, and Diane Lane.

There were a lot of great moments you probably missed watching the first time through.

Did you catch the following?

Superman's laser vision.

henry cavill man of steel superman laser vision

General Zod taking Superman out with a beam.

general zod

Superman's epic scream.

superman epic scream

And Superman buried in a pile of skulls.

Superman buried in skulls man of steel

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Andrew Garfield Plays Basketball With Kids In His Spider-Man Costume


"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" has been filming in New York

While shooting in the city last week, star Andrew Garfield took time off set to hit the basketball court and play with some kids — in full costume.

According to the video, this occurred May 18. 

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" hits theaters next year.

Check it out below.

Earlier this month, director Marc Webb tweeted out a photo of Garfield with a mini-Spiderman. 

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Julian Assange Didn't Want Benedict Cumberbatch To Play Him In The Wikileaks Movie


benedict cumberbatch julian assange

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange did not want "Star Trek Into Darkness" actor Benedict Cumberbatch to play him in upcoming film adaptation "The Fifth Estate."

Cumberbatch told New York Magazine Assange asked him to pass on the role. Back in January, Assange called the upcoming DreamWorks' film a "massive propaganda attack." 

"He hates the idea of the film and asked me not to do it," Cumberbatch told NYMag.

The British actor found the request odd since he hold Assange in high esteem. 

"No matter how you cut it, he's done us a massive service, to wake us up to the zombielike way we absorb our news."

Instead, Cumberbatch — who has never formally met Assange — pointed out that had he not taken the role, someone else would have swooped it up.

"Wouldn't you rather it's someone who has your ear, who could steer the film to a place that's more accurate or balanced?"

"The Fifth Estate" is directed by Bill Condon and will follow the early days of the news-leaking site.

The DreamWorks' film was just pushed up to an October 11 release date.

"The Fifth Estate" was originally slated for a November release.

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The 15 Most Ridiculous Things 'The Hangover' Crew Has Done


hangover stuThe Wolfpack returns to theaters Friday in "The Hangover III."

They'll have a lot to live up to after the last film was highly criticized as a carbon copy of the first.

If you're not up to speed with the films, the franchise follows the hijinks of "The Wolfpack" made up of Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), Alan (Zach Galifianakis) and Doug (Justin Bartha).

The first film follows the crew as they head to Vegas to celebrate Doug's bachelor party while the second takes the Wolfpack to Bangkok before Stu's wedding.

Though the latest film will be a departure from the last two, it's receiving a beating in reviews.

Added with tough competition from Paramount's "Fast & Furious 6" this weekend on top of a jam-packed May box-office schedule, it won't be easy for the third film in the franchise to stand out and pull in large numbers opening weekend.

This time the Wolfpack will reunite complete with giraffe, a trip to Tijuana, and cockfighting.

However, their third adventure may not best some of the hijinks from the first two films. To get prepared, we've ranked the most outrageous stunts the crew has pulled off over the years.

15. Get a face tattoo to match Mike Tyson's.

Stu got a matching tattoo to Tyson's. ("The Hangover 2")

14. Elope with a stripper named Jade.

Stu married Jade (Heather Graham) the night before his wedding. ("The Hangover")

13. Pull out a tooth.

Stu wakes up to find he pulled out his tooth the night before. ("The Hangover")

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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'The Hangover III' Reviews: The Unfunniest Of The Trilogy


the hangover 3

"The Hangover III" is out this weekend, and if you're hoping for a raucous return to the series, the third installment isn't receiving rave reviews

Currently, the sequel is getting poor reception as a heavily darker, less funny end to the series. 

After getting a lot of flak for "The Hangover II," director Todd Phillips made a complete departure in the latest followup.

Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Justin Bartha, and Zach Galifianakis team up for one more adventure as the Wolfpack.

While there's no wedding this time around — and no hangover — the third film will follow Alan (Galifianakis) and his quirky, odd character that brought the gang together.

Here's what to know before deciding to see the film:

It's very different from the past two films in the series.  There isn't even a "hangover"— the entire basis for the film. This is both a good and bad thing. 


"It dares to alienate the very audience that made ‘‘The Hangover’’ the highest-grossing R-rated comedy of all time because, well, it isn’t exactly a comedy."


"That the plot is convoluted and ridiculous isn’t really a problem, but by playing things completely chronologically — and worse, soberly — this film’s shenanigans feel witlessly arbitrary in a way that the previous installments avoided."

The Hollywood Reporter (THR)"Sequels are rarely rewarding, but this sorry retread of a once inspired comedy only confirms the bankruptcy of sequel mania." 


"Phillips veers off into some action-movie and thriller tropes that help to keep this Hangover from redundancy ... The film isn't always successful in balancing the various tones it's going for, but it at least feels like it's trying something new."

the hangover part IIIThat said, It's not that funny. 


"At times it’s debatable whether “The Hangover Part III” should even be considered a comedy at all, as it more often plays like a loopily plotted, exposition-heavy actioner." 

Time Out:

"‘Part III’ has curiously little interest in being even remotely funny. Instead, director Todd Phillips inexplicably aims at making a standard action movie, complete with car chases and break-ins that compound the sense of creative bankruptcy." 


"Tonally a complete departure from the rest of the series, which is at once laudably brave and disappointingly unfunny."

After Bradley Cooper's performance in last year's "Silver Linings Playbook," a return to "The Hangover" franchise feels ill-suited.  


"Cooper seems the most disengaged among the cast, and several of his disdainfully delivered lines can’t help but feel like meta-commentary on the whole affair — “who gives a f---?” and “what the f--- are we watching?” in particular." 


"After his Oscar-nominated turn in Silver Linings Playbook and his even deeper performance in The Place Beyond the Pines, Cooper doesn’t have to do much heavy lifting here."

the hangover part 3Actually, much of the talent  just seems to be phoning it in. 


"Helms is surprisingly lackluster on this outing, and Jeong was more startlingly funny in the earlier installments."  


"Helms and Cooper don't have all that much to do this time around. The latter, in particular, seems to be going through the motions, just whipping out his patented eye-rolling and flabbergasted sighs."

Instead, it's funny woman Melissa McCarthy to the rescue in a small role who is the best part of the sequel: 


"Newcomer Melissa McCarthy, playing a deliciously vile Vegas pawn-shop owner, steals the one scene here that could be spliced into the original film without a loss in quality." 


"Alan meets his soulmate, played by Melissa McCarthy in a cameo that is one of the movie’s only bright spots."

chow hangoverIf you're not a fan of Ken Jeong's Mr. Chow character, you probably won't enjoy the film.  


"Jeong gets a bit more room to explore the role and finds a bit more shading, but if you hate this character, you might just hate this entire movie, as well."

The best part of the film isn't even in the movie.

Time Out

"It’s only in an end-credits coda that the envelope-pushing of the series is displayed."

Overall consensus:Pass.

If you're looking for the drunken debauchery exhibited in the first two films, you won't find much of it here. While you want "The Hangover III" to be good because it departs from the setup of the first two films, the third installment appears darker with less comedic chops. Also, there technically isn't much of a "hangover." At this point, it looks like "Fast & Furious 6" may be the weekend film to see.

Check out the trailer below:

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Directorial Debut Is About A Porn-Loving Playboy


Scarlett Johansson Joseph Gordon Levitt DOn Jon's Addicition

Joseph Gordon-Levitt premiered the trailer for his directorial debut, "Don Jon" and it looks amazing.  

This movie has it all: There's a juiced-up Gordon-Levitt singing Marky Mark's "Good Vibrations," porn, and Scarlett Johansson. 

There's even a fake romance movie in the movie with cameos from Anne Hathaway and Channing Tatum. 

The film follows Gordon-Levitt as a stereotypical Jersey jock Jon Martello who only cares about his body, his car, his boys, his girls, his porn—and his family.

Gordon-Levitt and Johansson star in the film along with Tony Danza and Julianne Moore.

Audiences went crazy for the film — and Gordon-Levitt (and we're sure Johansson) — when it debuted earlier this year at Sundance. 

"Don Jon" hits US theaters October 18.

By the way, in case you didn't know, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tony Danza are basically best friends.

joseph gordon levitt tony danza

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Watch A Deleted Shower Scene J.J. Abrams Cut From 'Star Trek Into Darkness'


benedict cumberbatch star trek into darkness

If you've seen "Star Trek Into Darkness," you know about the gratuitous lingerie shot of actress Alice Eve in the film.  

Even if you haven't seen the sequel yet, you've seen the brief moment highlighted in trailers and viral marketing 

While on "Conan," Abrams admitted he probably didn't edit the scene in the right way, but said the moment was meant to highlight Captain Kirk's (Chris Pine) womanizing character. 

To appease fans, he showed part of a deleted scene from the film showcasing villain Benedict Cumberbatch. 

"We had a scene with him where we saw him actually taking a shower." Abrams told Conan O'Brien. "It's one of those things we ended up cutting."

Check out the scene below:

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