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The White House will reportedly screen Steven Spielberg's 'The Post,' even after star Tom Hanks said he'd refuse to attend if invited


meryl streep tom hanks the post

  • The White House has requested to screen "The Post" and has been granted permission by 20th Century Fox, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
  • This comes despite past comments by the movie's stars, Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep, that criticized Trump and his administration.
  • The movie will screen in the White House and Camp David.

Steven Spielberg's political drama "The Post," a movie that evokes the rocky relationship between today's media and White House, will reportedly be screened by the Trump administration.

Trump's team requested to screen the movie, and was granted permission to do so at the White House and Camp David, where the president will be hosting a summit this weekend with top GOP lawmakers, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

This latest development is a surprise following the remarks made by one of the movie's lead actors, Tom Hanks, who told The Hollywood Reporter that he wouldn't screen the movie at the White House if asked.

"Right now, without a doubt, there are people in power trying to — if not quash or stop the right to publication, [then at least] denigrate it to the point [where] they are saying there is no truth to it whatsoever," Hanks said.

meryl streep the post wide20th Century Fox's "The Post" stars Hanks as Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee and Meryl Streep as the paper's publisher, Kay Graham, who battle with Richard Nixon's administration to uncover and publish secret government records on the US effort in the Vietnam War. These would become known as the Pentagon Papers.

For decades, Hollywood studios have provided the White House with movies for the president and first family to view. That is no different with Trump's presidency as numerous new releases have been sent to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue when asked, according to THR. 

But the Trump administration asking to see "The Post" is interesting after what Hanks has said publicly, as well as Streep. At last year's Golden Globes ceremony the actress used her speech to fire off on Trump. Trump then fired back on Twitter calling the actress overrated. 

"The Post" is currently playing in select theaters and is nominated for six Golden Globes (which will take place on Sunday).

20th Century Fox and The White House did not respond to a request for comment.

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Disney has 10 movies coming out in 2018 — here they all are


tony stark avengers infinity war

There are a lot of movies coming out this year we can't wait to see, but Disney has one of the most envious lineups.

Not only is "Avengers: Infinity War" one of the most-anticipated movies of the year, but the Mouse House is also delivering two more Marvel movies and a sequel to "The Incredibles" 14 years later. 

INSIDER rounded up the 10 movies that will have you heading to theaters again and again throughout 2018.

1. "Black Panther"

Release date: February 16

What it's about: Before we get to the summer, Marvel's next movie will follow T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) after the events of "Captain America: Civil War." After the death of his father, he returns home to take his rightful place as king of Wakanda. That's not going to sit well with an old foe. 

Why you should see it: The star-studded cast includes Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassett, Andy Serkis, Lupita Nyong'o, Michael B. Jordan, and "The Walking Dead" actress Danai Gurira. Fans have been waiting since Black Panther's first comic-book appearance in 1966 for the character to get some recognition on the big screen. 

With Kendrick Lamar producing the movie's album, hopefully the movie will do the character justice.

Watch the trailer here.

2. "A Wrinkle in Time"

Release date: March 9

What it's about: Meg Murry (Storm Reid) goes on a search for her father (Chris Pine) with the help of three celestial guides played by Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, and Mindy Kaling.

Why you should consider seeing it: Four words. Oprah is in it. 

If that doesn't intrigue you, you're probably familiar with the bestselling book by Madeleine L'Engle. Still not convinced? Director Ava DuVernay has given us critically-acclaimed movies "13th" and "Selma." 

We'll be in our corner of the theater tuning in for Chris Pine. 

Watch the trailer here.

3. "Avengers: Infinity War"

Release date: May 4

What it's about: The third "Avengers" movie will unite the group with Spider-Man, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and more as they go up against Gamora's father Thanos (Josh Brolin). He's been slowly curating six powerful Infinity Stones that have appeared throughout Marvel's many movies. (You can read more on those here.)

Why to see it: This is one of the movie events of the year. "Infinity War" may be bigger than "Star Wars."

We'll get to see just about every single one of Disney's Marvel characters appear on the big screen together fighting alongside each other to take down a team of baddies. If you've been invested in any of Disney's Marvel movies for the last decade, this is the moment you've been waiting for.

Watch the first trailer here.

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'The Last Jedi' is struggling at the China box office — and an industry analyst says there's a big reason why (DIS)


dj the last jedi lucasfilm

  • "The Last Jedi" has met its match at the box office, and it's a comedy out of China.
  • The lastest "Star Wars" movie will not finish in first place for its opening weekend theatrical release in China.
  • There is a long history why the "Star Wars" franchise doesn't perform well in the country.

Though it only took three weeks for "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" to shoot to the top of the 2017 domestic box office, as well as dominate the attention of moviegoers in other countries, China has always proven to be the franchise's Achilles' heel. And while you might think China's strong domestic movie market explains it, there's more to the story of why "Star Wars" has struggled.

"The Last Jedi" kicked off preview showings Thursday night as it opens in China this weekend, and the result wasn't very impressive.

"The Last Jedi" earned $7 million (RMB50.1 million) by Friday 7 p.m. local time, according to Variety. Combine that with midnight screenings and Thursday night previews, the total is $8.28 million. However, the China-produced comedy “The Ex-File” took in $15.7 million (RMB102 million) by 7 p.m. It now has a total gross of $129 million (RMB838 million) over the eight days it's been in theaters, and is playing on fewer screens than "Jedi" ("Jedi" has approximately a 35.6% share of all Chinese screens compared to Ex-File's 32.3%).

"Jedi" will come in second to "Ex-File" with a three-day total between $25 million and $30 million, according to Deadline.

That's right, a "Star Wars" movie will be beat out in its opening weekend in China by a comedy that had already been in theaters for a week.

the last jedi lucasfilm finalThis isn't the first time "Star Wars" has struggled in China.

"The Force Awakens" earned $124 million ($52.3 million opening) in its 2016 release in China, putting it in 13th place for the year in the country (it's the all-time best earner in North America). "Rogue One" did even worse last year, despite having Chinese stars Donnie Yen and Jiang Wen. It just took in $69.5 million, with a $30.6 million opening weekend (35th place at the China box office).

One theory is that the China movie market is so strong — very close to surpassing the US as the largest theatrical market in the world — that "Star Wars" has a lot of homegrown content to compete with.

But there's a more realistic reason.

"The 'Star Wars' brand doesn’t resonate in China like it does in other parts of the world because there has not been a long-term relationship with the franchise," comScore box-office analyst Paul Dergarabedian told Business Insider. "The characters that have become iconic in other countries — in the United States Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo have been elevated to revered cult status — there is no such feeling in China and that has impacted the box office prospects there."

The reason for this is because China has only been familiar with the "Star Wars" saga since the late 1990s, when the prequels were the first-ever part of "Star Wars' shown in the country (outside of piracy). The original trilogy wasn't released in China until "A New Hope"opened in 2015.

The late start for China is due to the decades of the country blocking Western culture. Disney has since put a full-court marketing push to get the Chinese to go insane over "Star Wars" like the rest of the world has, but clearly the studio still has a lot of work ahead of it.

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4 women accuse Oscar-winning filmmaker Paul Haggis of sexual misconduct


Paul Haggis

  • Four women have accused filmmaker Paul Haggis of sexual misconduct.
  • Three of the women accused Haggis after the director was charged with a civil lawsuit for allegedly raping a publicist. 
  • Haggis' lawyer has denied the accusations.


LOS ANGELES (AP) — A civil lawsuit charging Oscar-winning filmmaker Paul Haggis with raping a publicist has prompted three additional women to come forward with their own sexual misconduct accusations, including another publicist who says he forced her to perform oral sex, then raped her.

One of the other women speaking out told The Associated Press that Haggis tried to sexually assault her. “I need to be inside you,” she recalled him saying, before she managed to run away.

Another of the new accusers said Haggis held down her arms, forcibly kissed her on a street corner, then followed her into a taxi. She said she later escaped his clutches.

When asked about the new accusations, Christine Lepera, attorney for the 64-year-old screenwriter of “Million Dollar Baby” and “Crash,” said, “He didn’t rape anybody.”

Haggis has denied the original rape allegation in a counter-complaint to the lawsuit, and said the accuser and her lawyer had demanded a $9 million payment to avoid legal action, which he characterized as extortion.

The plaintiff in the lawsuit, filed Dec. 15 in Manhattan, is identified in court papers as Haleigh Breest. The other three women subsequently came forward to Breest’s New York attorneys. They spoke to the AP on the condition that they not be identified for fear of retribution. The AP generally does not identify people who say they were the victims of sexual assault.

In separate interviews with the AP, the three new accusers provided detailed accounts of encounters they say occurred between 1996 and 2015. The women were early in their careers in the entertainment business when, they say, the Hollywood heavyweight lured them to private or semi-private places under the guise of discussing productions or a subject of a professional nature.

They all said Haggis first tried to kiss them. In two of the cases, they said, when they fought back, Haggis escalated his aggression.

The new rape accuser said she was a 28-year-old publicist working on a television show being produced by Haggis in 1996 when he called to ask to review photos from the show that night in her office.

“I thought it was odd, but I agreed. He was the ultimate boss. I didn’t feel inclined to say no,” she said.

When Haggis arrived, she said, everyone else had left the office for the night and he insisted they speak in a back office. She said Haggis began kissing her as soon as they walked into the room.

“I just pulled away. He was just glaring at me and came at me again. I was really resisting. He said to me, ’Do you really want to continue working?’” the woman said. “And then he really forced himself on me. I was just numb. I didn’t know what to do.”

She said he made her perform oral sex, then pushed her to the floor and raped her.

When she returned to work the next day, she was so scared of Haggis that she asked a friend to come to work with her, she said.

Her account was corroborated by another friend, who said that in the weeks after the attack the woman lost weight and appeared to be depressed. When she asked what happened, the woman said Haggis had raped her a few weeks earlier, the friend said.

The friend spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because she still works in the entertainment industry and feared possible retaliation.

The accuser said she considered calling the police but feared that no one would believe her and worried that Haggis could end her career.

“The power, the anger, the financial resources, you feel like you are not really a match for that,” she said.

The woman said she felt inspired to come forward after seeing Haggis’ photo and a news story about Breest’s lawsuit, amid the growing #MeToo movement of women speaking out about sexual misconduct by powerful men in Hollywood, politics, the media and other industries.

Breest accuses Haggis of raping her after he lured her back to his apartment in Manhattan following a film premiere in 2013.

She had accepted his offer of a ride home. Instead, she said, he brought her to his apartment in SoHo and invited her inside for a drink. Fearing she would insult him if she declined the offer, Breest went into his apartment and had a glass of wine.

Quickly, Haggis became “sexually aggressive,” she said in her lawsuit, and began kissing her.

She was “petrified and felt paralyzed,” the suit said, when Haggis asked her, “You’re scared of me, aren’t you?”

Haggis then forced her into a bedroom and onto a bed and tried to tear off her tights, she said. She called out “no,” but he wouldn’t stop, she said.

He forced her to perform oral sex on him, he fondled her, asked if she liked anal sex, then raped her, according to the lawsuit.

When she woke up hours later, feeling sore, scared and humiliated, she saw Haggis sleeping in another bedroom, and left.

Breest said she went to a clinic to be checked for sexually transmitted diseases, then told several friends and a psychologist.

The third accuser was in her 30s when she met with Haggis at his Los Angeles office in the late 2000s to pitch him a potential television show. When she arrived for the meeting, set for 9 p.m., there were other employees around, but all quickly left. She said he had a bottle of wine open on his desk, too, and that when she sat down on a couch in his office, Haggis told her he had an arrangement with his wife to have extramarital relationships.

Panicked, she said, she looked for her car keys and an escape route, as Haggis came around a table and tried to kiss her.

She said the thought to herself, “How am I going to escape alive?”

“I felt like my life could have been over,” she said.

She ran to her car. Haggis followed her outside, but she managed to get in and drive off before calling her sister and several friends to tell them what happened, she said. A friend told the AP she remembered being told about the incident.

The new accuser who said Haggis forcibly kissed her, then followed her into her taxi, said the encounter occurred in 2015 in Canada. She said she was in her late 20s at the time and knew Haggis from film events.

She said that when the taxi arrived at her apartment, Haggis threw money at the driver, chased her and kissed her again before she was able to get into her residence and shut the door. She said Haggis waved his hands at her once she was inside and sent her harassing text messages for the next 24 hours, until she blocked him.

After years of working in television, Haggis broke out in the mid-2000s when he became the first screenwriter to write back-to-back best picture winners, “Million Dollar Baby” and “Crash,” which he also directed. He also gained attention for his defection from Scientology in 2009, and public criticism of the religion in a 2011 New Yorker article, a book and an HBO documentary. All the women interviewed denied any connection to Scientology.

Haggis has presented himself as an advocate of the underdog in his films, addressing racism, euthanasia and war. He also is known for his involvement with charities, including the Haiti-focused Artists for Peace and Justice, and his condemnation of Harvey Weinstein.

In an interview with The Guardian in October, Haggis said that while he didn’t think sexual harassment and abuse were endemic in Hollywood, it was a “fairly sexist” town. He also spoke further about Weinstein.

“A lot of people are compromised by Harvey’s alleged actions,” said Haggis. “Although everyone thinks it is vile behavior, you have got to focus on those who may have colluded and protected him. For me, they are as guilty as he is and in some cases more so, if I can say that. I mean, he was a predator and a predator is a predator. But what about those who would rather look the other way?”

In a statement Thursday, Breest’s lawyers responded to Haggis’ counter-complaint.

“We view Mr. Haggis’s claims against Haleigh Breest as ludicrous, and a further act of aggression. In our system of justice, those who have been wronged have the clear right to seek redress and hold those responsible accountable for their misconduct,” said Jonathan Abady of Emery Celli Brinckerhoff & Abady LLP. “In an act of remarkable hubris, Mr. Haggis has the temerity to claim that he, not her, was the victim. It is a preposterous and transparent PR stunt that will not succeed. Ms. Breest will not be intimidated or deterred from seeking justice.”

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'Jumanji' takes down 'The Last Jedi' to win the weekend box office (SNE)


jumanji welcome to the jungle sony

  • "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" won the weekend with an estimated $36 million.
  • It finally knocked "The Last Jedi" from its three-week perch on top of the domestic box office.
  • "Insidious: The Last Key" came in second place and earns twice as much as its production budget.

While "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" has been dominating the domestic box office since opening in mid December, another title has been hot on its heels and this weekend it finally knocked down the Disney cash cow.

Sony's "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" won the weekend box office, taking in an estimated $36 million, according to boxofficepro.com. The sequel to the 1995 hit starring Robin Williams took the number one spot after "The Last Jedi" was king of the mountain for three consecutive weeks, and earned over $550 million domestically (over $1 billion worldwide). 

But "Welcome to the Jungle"— fueled by the star power of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black — has been building its own strong gross both domestically and abroad thanks to the good word of mouth (it has a 77% critic score/90% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes).

It's a credit to Sony understanding it had a title audiences would go to once they got "Star Wars" out of their system (or those who just aren't fans of the saga), that since opening on December 20 it has kept "Jumanji" on as many screens as it possibly could ("The Last Jedi" has been playing on over 4,200).

Insidious Last Key UniversalShowing on over 3,700 screens its first two weekends, "Welcome to the Jungle" accomplished the rare feat by a Hollywood blockbuster of gaining audiences. This weekend it jumped up to 3,800 screens and saw a minuscule drop from last weekend (-28%). The accomplishment is even more impressive after taking into account the awful deep freeze the Northeast is suffering through.

With a domestic total now of $244 million, "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" marks the highest-grossing live-action movie for Kevin Hart and the third-best for The Rock (behind "Furious 7," $353 million and "Moana," $248.7 million).

The only new release this weekend was the lastest Universal/Blumhouse collaboration, "Insidious: The Last Key," which came in second place with $29.2 million. "The Last Jedi" finished in third with $23.5 million.

It's another success for Blumhouse, the company behind last year's 1st quarter sensations, "Split" and "Get Out." Budgeted at $10 million, the fourth "Insidious" movie is already making a profit and had a bigger opening than 2015's "Insidious: Chapter 3" ($22.6 million). But it's not topping the best opening of the franchise, 2013's "Insidious: Chapter 2" ($40.2 million).

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17 picks for Golden Globe hosts who would be way more fun than Seth Meyers


tiffany haddish dwayne the rock johnson julia louis dreyfus

Seth Meyers will be hosting the 2018 Golden Globes, to be held Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

He'll probably do a great job. But there are other options.

For the most part, the hosts for major awards shows are the same people who host late night comedy talk shows. Meyers is handling the Globes, Jimmy Kimmel will emcee next year's Oscars, as he did this year, and James Corden will host the Grammys again in January. Next year's Emmys host hasn't been announced yet, but this year Stephen Colbert took the duty.

It makes sense. Hosting a major awards show is a tough job. They seem perpetually at risk of becoming stale, solemn affairs. It's up to the host to keep it energetic, manage egos of big stars, and honor the TV shows, movies, or songs at the same time. This is pretty much what late-night talk show hosts do on a smaller scale every night.

But in a balkanized media landscape, where there are so many different kinds of shows, movies, and types of music on so many different kinds of platforms, there's also something to be said for ejecting the standard trope of having a white male late-night funnyman host the show.

There's plenty of talent in all corners of the industry. Take Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, two "Saturday Night Live" alumni who made the Golden Globes ceremonies a blast when they hosted. And while Anne Hathaway and James Franco flopped the year they hosted the Oscars, it doesn't mean the show should do away with having a pair of actors try it again.

Here are 17 different ideas for Golden Globes hosts. Heck, come to think of it, they could work for the Oscars, Grammys, or Emmys as well.

Issa Rae

The showrunner, actress, and writer is best known for HBO's "Insecure," but she's ready for a bigger spotlight. Rae is charming and hilarious in every interview she gives, and she has the chops to put on a good show and give every star their due.

Samantha Bee

Give a female late-night talk show host a chance! The Jimmys are fine, but Bee's TBS show "Full Frontal" is just as funny and much, much sharper — particularly when it comes to the position of women in society, which is currently plaguing Hollywood. She could do a lot with a stage like the Golden Globes or Oscars.

Ellen DeGeneres and Jon Stewart

Ellen did a great job at the Oscars in 2014. Give her another go! In the past few years, her star has only risen as she's figured out how to grab viral moments from the web and translate them to everyone, or cause viral moments herself.

Jon Stewart is a little musty, but he's due for a return. His dry, cutting humor is a perfect compliment to Ellen's shrewd, bubbly approach. Pairing them together would be perfect.

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Seth Meyers didn't hold back on Hollywood sexual misconduct in his hilarious opening to the Golden Globes


seth meyers getty

  • The Golden Globes host Seth Meyers didn't hold back when he addressed the sexual misconduct in Hollywood during his opening remarks Sunday night.
  • Celebrities on Twitter praised how Meyers handled the moment.

Seth Meyers came out guns blazing to open the 2018 Golden Globes.

With sexual-misconduct allegations hovering over Hollywood for months, and almost everyone dressed in black to support the Time's Up initiative opposing sexual harassment, the late-night host addressed the elephant in the room right when he came onstage Sunday night.

"Good evening ladies and remaining gentleman," Meyers said to open the show. And he just went on from there.

"It's 2018, marijuana is finally allowed and sexual harassment finally isn't," he said, adding that 2017 was the "year of big little lies and get out — and the television series 'Big Little Lies' and the movie 'Get Out.'"

Here are a few more jokes that broke up the audience at The Beverly Hilton:

  • "It's been years since a white man has been this nervous in Hollywood."
  • "For men, tonight is the first time in three months it won't be terrifying to hear your name announced."

Meyers also said the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which puts on the Golden Globes, did try to get a woman to host this year's Globes, but then "they heard it would be held in a hotel," a reference to the many accounts of sexual misconduct taking place in hotel rooms.

President Donald Trump wasn't safe in Meyers' opening, either. When mentioning how Seth Rogen was a more important "Seth" in the room, the host added: "Remember when he was the guy making trouble with North Korea? Simpler times."

Meyers' friend Amy Poehler even got in on the mix, taking over a bit in which he would say the setup of a joke and a woman in the audience would do the punch line.

One of the most pronounced reactions, though, came when Meyers did a joke about Harvey Weinstein, the longtime film producer who sparked the reckoning over sexual harassment after The New York Times and The New Yorker revealed three decades of allegations against him.

Meyers said Weinstein would have his comeback to Hollywood "in 20 years when he's the first person ever booed during the In Memoriam."

And then Meyers ended his opening by getting serious and recognizing women in the business, who he said "had to work even harder" to build a career in the world of entertainment.

"I look forward to you leading us to whatever comes next," Meyers said.

Celebrities on Twitter praised Meyers' opening:

Watch Meyers' entire opening below:

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Why the Golden Globes win for 'Three Billboards' won't make it an Oscar frontrunner


three billboards outside ebbing missouri 20th century fox final

  • "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" won the big prize at Sunday's Golden Globes.
  • If that was a shock to you, the Globes has a history of surprising wins.
  • But having a Golden Globe doesn't mean you are a lock to win best picture on Oscar night.

If you stayed up to watch who won the big prize at the Golden Globes Sunday night, you might have done a quick Google search of the winner: "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri."

The surprise best drama in a motion picture win for director Martin McDonagh's darkly comedic tale about a mother (Frances McDormand) who buys three giant billboards to voice her frustration toward the local police seeming to do little to solve her daughter's murder, beat out favorites like "The Shape of Water" (which had the most nominations of the night), the epic "Dunkirk," and Steven Spielberg's "The Post."

But what does this mean for its chances Oscar night?

Though the Golden Globes is one of the major nights of awards season, as it's aired on NBC and all the big buzzed-about movies are in the running (in both the drama and musical/comedy categories), if you dig a bit deeper you'll find that the Globes don't often mesh with the Academy Awards.

The night is held by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), journalists affiliated with publications outside of the US but who cover the movie and TV industry in Hollywood. It's an organization that only has around 90 members, and that's the first big red flag. The decisions are from a small collection of people, compared to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences — which vote for the Oscars — that has over 6,000 members. 

Then there's the HFPA's history of winners. 

The Golden Globes has become known for two things: watching your favorite stars drink too much and then have to get up on stage to accept an award (it's one of the few events during awards season where the audience is given food and drinks), and the surprise winners. 

three billboards golden globes Kevin Winter Getty finalIn fact, "Three Billboards" won a bunch of surprising awards on Sunday. Before the big prize, Frances McDormand won the best actress prize and Sam Rockwell won best supporting actor.

But the "Three Billboards" dominance is simply the latest surprise in Globes history.

Just last year, Aaron Taylor-Johnson ("Nocturnal Animals") beat out eventual Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali ("Moonlight") for best supporting actor. Going further back, in 1997 "Evita," the musical starring Madonna as Eva Perón, beat out popular titles "Jerry Maguire,""The Birdcage," and "Fargo." And then there's 1989 when three actresses tied to win the best actress in a drama prize — Jodie Foster ("The Accused"), Shirley MacLaine ("Madame Sousatzka"), and Sigourney Weaver ("Gorillas in the Mist"). A three-way tie! Only at the Golden Globes.

In the last 10 years, the Globes and Oscars have only chosen the same winner in its best drama/best picture category four times. Compare that to the Screen Actors Guild Awards (which has around 130,000 active members). Its outstanding cast in a motion picture award has meshed with the Oscar's best picture six times in the last decade.

This isn't to diminish the achievement by "Three Billboards" and Fox Searchlight, which released it. The movie, along with McDormand and Rockwell, will be in the running when Oscar nominations are announced January 23. And fans of the movie will be happy to know the Globes and the Oscars both chose the big winner last year: "Moonlight."

But if the win came as a shock to you last night, trust us, that's a common occurrence on Globes night and historically it's not a major factor when the Oscars come around.  

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Diane Kruger's new movie won the Golden Globe for best foreign film — and it was so emotionally devastating she couldn't work for 6 months


Diane Kruger Anaele Pelisson Getty2

  • Diane Kruger talked about her career-defining performance in "In the Fade," which won the Golden Globe for best foreign language film.
  • She could earn an Oscar nomination for the role.
  • The actress prepared for the role for six months leading up to filming.
  • She made the movie during the "darkest time" in her life as her stepfather had recently died.

German actress Diane Kruger has built an impressive career, but after working steadily for 16 years, her new movie is getting her recognition she never thought she'd ever receive.

On Sunday, "In the Fade" (now playing in theaters) won the Golden Globe for best foreign language film. From German filmmaker Fatih Akin, it's highlighted by Kruger's tour-de-force performance. Playing Katja Sekerci, whose life collapses when her husband and son are victims of a terrorist bombing, we follow Katja as she takes illegal drugs to numb the pain, and then sitting in court to watch the two suspects, who turn out to be neo-Nazis, go through the trial for the bombing. That's when things get even more intense for Katja.

When Business Insider sat down with Kruger at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, she didn't hold back when talking about the pain she dealt with to pull off this gut-wrenching performance, which won her the best actress prize at this year's Cannes Film Festival and garnered instant Oscar buzz.

Jason Guerrasio: How did you connect with Fatih Akin? Did you know him?

Diane Kruger: No, I was just a fan. He's a big director in Germany — I grew up with his films. So when I became an actress and I left Germany 25 years ago, I always waited for this part to come out of Germany. I mean, I don't have an agent there, so I never get any offers from there. Five years ago, I was a jury member at Cannes, and he had a documentary playing there, so I went to his party to meet him. I told him I loved his work and if he ever wanted to make a movie with me, that would be amazing. So years later, he remembered and called me.

Guerrasio: Did he talk to you over the phone about the part, or did he ask if he could send the script over?

Kruger: He kind of told me what it was about, and then he said he didn't want to send me the script — he wanted to come and meet me. So he came to Paris to meet me. And I was really nervous because I didn't think, upon meeting me, that he would think that I'm right for this part. This isn't typically the part I get offered. [Laughs.] And just judging from his voice over the phone, I don't think he was 100% sure I could do it either. So he came to my house, and I wore no makeup, and I really tried to dress down and be as raw as possible, and we just had this amazing talk. And I told him I was really, really scared of this part. I told him I wasn't sure I could do it.

Guerrasio: But at the same time, was this a role you had been wishing for? Something to show your range?

Kruger: I just knew something felt right. I was really scared. Fatih told me I couldn't take another role until we shot this because he wanted me to prep for it. I mean, he is known for casting unknowns in his movies, so I think he got a lot of backlash at first for casting me. But I jumped off that cliff with him. It was a lonely time prepping for the movie. I didn't do anything else. I was living in Germany, meeting with victims of families that weren't necessarily suffering from terrorist attacks but murder and other brutal things, and I just allowed myself to be overcome by the grief that I felt.

In The Fade Magnolia

Guerrasio: And this is the first German-produced movie you've ever starred in?

Kruger: That's right.

Guerrasio: That's surprising. Was that because you got into modeling so early in your life?

Kruger: I left when I was 16, and I wasn't an actress then.

Guerrasio: So was there a feeling with this movie that you wanted to be a part of something to show your talents to your home country?

Kruger: Yes and no. I wanted to do a German film that felt really German but also had an international presence. And Fatih, who is German but of Turkish descent, he himself has an international flavor. And this movie has such a universal feel. The focus is neo-Nazis, but it could have been jihadis, just some crazy person, whatever.

Guerrasio: I think Americans will certainly relate to this movie. The grieving mother is universal.

Kruger: Exactly.

Guerrasio: What did you want to get out of meeting victims? Did you take notes? Did you just want to interact with them?

Kruger: I guess the one thing I will never forget is that energy. More than individual stories, there was this energy that mothers especially having lost children had that I wasn't quite prepared to really take on. It was a wall of blackness. And that's regardless of how long ago it happened or how much or how little they talked to me about it — that energy was there. And it got more intense as time went on and the more people I met.

Guerrasio: How long were you talking to victims?

Kruger: I started six months before shooting started.

Guerrasio: Wow. Did it get to a point where you felt you had enough and just wanted to get started with shooting?

Kruger: Yeah. There definitely came a point where I was like, I can't take it anymore. And, unfortunately, when we started to film, my stepdad passed away. So honestly, it was probably the darkest time in my life, having to play that much grief and then coming home and feeling that on a personal level. It's a personal film because of that. We also shot in order, so you can imagine the first three weeks were just awful. There were scenes when I didn't even feel like I was acting. There were moments when I felt this movie is going to break me. I couldn't work for six months afterwards. I can still feel it.

Guerrasio: So you haven't been able to kick this character yet?

Kruger: I still dream about it. I feel like a little bit is always going to be with me. What I take away most of it is this connection with people talking about loss. The empathy I felt — and maybe because we live in a time where these stories have become so common, but I'm reminded of how many Katjas every week are being created. I sometimes just sit in front of the TV, and I just sob uncontrollably.

Diane Kruger Pascal Le Segretain Getty

Guerrasio: Has doing a role like this changed the parts you want to take on going forward in your career?

Kruger: To be honest, the two films I'm working on right now I signed on before "In the Fade" came out, and I haven't taken anything since. I'm sort of debating what I want to do next.

Guerrasio: Is it hard to promote this film, seeing as you have to continue talking about the process of creating this character, which obviously wasn't pleasant?

Kruger: No, I want to. I think it's a very important film in my life. I feel it's my baby. I've never been invested in anything like this. I think it's an inspiring movie. In Cannes, which was the first time I saw it with an audience, I was so taken aback by the reaction. There must be pictures of me just looking shocked. It's weird because, in the past, people have come up to me and said they love my work, like for "Inglourious Basterds," but I feel this is my first big starring role.

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There are 10 comic-book movies coming out this year — here they all are


guardians of the galaxy avengers infinity war

We're still expecting over 20 superhero movies to come to the big screen between now and 2020. But which ones are coming in 2018?

Most people are hyped for the next "Avengers" movie, but there's much more than Marvel's "Infinity War" to get excited over if you love superheroes.

From R-rated laugh-fests to another DC Comics installment, keep reading to see which heroes — and villains — we'll see on the big screen this year.

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Chadwick Boseman will start the year out with his own "Black Panther" solo movie.

Release date: February 16

What it's about: Before we get to the summer, Disney's next Marvel movie will follow T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) after the events of "Captain America: Civil War." After the death of his father, he returns home to take his rightful place as king of Wakanda. That's not going to sit well with an old foe (Michael B. Jordan).

Why you should see it: The star-studded cast includes Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassett, Andy Serkis, Lupita Nyong'o, Michael B. Jordan, and "The Walking Dead" actress Danai Gurira. Fans have been waiting since Black Panther's first comic-book appearance in 1966 for the character to get some recognition on the big screen.

Watch the trailer here.

"Game of Thrones" star Maisie Williams will join the "X-Men" universe in "The New Mutants."

Release date: April 13

What it's about: Sophie Turner isn't the only "Game of Thrones" star to head to Fox's "X-Men" franchise. The spin-off looks like a horror movie following five mutants who are trying to escape a hospital-like facility.

Why to see it: The first trailer for the film looks unlike any "X-Men" movie we've seen and that's a good thing. Since the success of "Deadpool" and "Logan," Fox has really started leaning into R-rated superhero movies.

Plus, Charlie Heaton from "Stranger Things" and "Game of Thrones" star Maisie Williams are in it.

Watch the movie's first creepy trailer here.

All of Disney's Marvel characters will come together in "Avengers: Infinity War."

Release date: May 4

What it's about: The third "Avengers" movie will unite the group with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and more as they go up against Gamora's father Thanos (Josh Brolin). He's been slowly curating six powerful Infinity Stones that have appeared throughout Marvel's many movies. (You can read more on those here.)

Why to see it: We'll get to see just about every single one of Disney's Marvel characters appear on the big screen together fighting alongside each other to take down a team of baddies. If you've been invested in any of Disney's Marvel movies for the last decade, this is the moment you've been waiting for.

Watch the first trailer here.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

A new action-packed trailer for 'Black Panther' shows off the movie's villains


black panther trailer

  • Disney and Marvel released a new look at "Black Panther" Monday night during the College Football National Championship.
  • It's the next Marvel movie to be released "Thor: Ragnarok."
  • "Black Panther" follows T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) after the events of "Captain America: Civil War" as he returns home to take his place as the King of Wakanda.
  • We finally have a better look at the film's villains in the new trailer. Michael B. Jordan's Erik Killmonger will team up with Klaw (Andy Serkis) to go up against the Black Panther. He has a panther suit of his own!
  • The film has an all-star cast of Lupita Nyong'o, Danai Gurira ("The Walking Dead"), Martin Freeman, Forest Whitaker, and Angela Bassett.
  • The soundtrack is produced by Kendrick Lamar.
  • "Black Panther" will be in theaters February 16. Watch the trailer below. 


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The 7 best movies newly available on Netflix this month



Does a new year mean a new Netflix? Probably not, as their slate for the first month of 2018 is still troublingly light on movies that would be old enough to have their own Netflix accounts.

Nevertheless, the streaming giant has plugged a few of the biggest gaps in their library of classic films, adding “The Godfather” trilogy, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” and the entire “Bring it On” series in one fell swoop.

Here are the seven best films to stream on Netflix in January 2018 (and click here for a list of everything that’s been added to the service this month).

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SEE ALSO: Here are all the confirmed original shows coming to Netflix in 2018

7. “Definitely, Maybe” (2008)

Youtube Embed:
Width: 800px
Height: 410px

Remember romantic comedies? They were nice. Sure, many of them were patently insane, and almost all of them reinforced some pernicious gender norms, but they could also be sweet and sincere reminders that we’re all just out there looking for love. “Definitely, Maybe” is one of the genre’s better examples, and also one of its last (at least of the glossy major studio variety). The semi-demented saga of a divorced father who recasts his sex life as a bedtime story for his 10-year-old daughter, the movie hinges on a convoluted premise that requires you to turn off your brain and let the cuteness work its magic.

But the film’s meandering flashback structure allows it to squeeze in three rom-coms for the price of one, and Ryan Reynolds has some pretty electric chemistry with all three of his exquisitely cast love interests (Rachel Weisz, Isla Fisher, and Elizabeth Banks). Mix in a Bill Clinton subplot, a genuine measure of suspense, and a pinch of fatalistic anxiety and you’ve got yourself a delightful bit of escapism.

6. “Bring it On” (2000)

Youtube Embed:
Width: 800px
Height: 410px

At the risk of understating the film’s importance, “Bring it On” essentially closed the book on one century of cinema while authoring the first chapter of another. Arriving at the tail end of the ’90s teen movie boom (right before “Not Another Teen Movie” would brilliantly steer the genre towards self-parody), but also anticipating the irony and intersectionality at the heart of today’s youth culture, Peyton Reed’s spirited cheerleading saga holds up and then some.

Reed knows how to mock something with loving moxie (see “Down with Love”), Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union were peaking into perfect foils for each other, and Jessica Bendinger’s script finds a million different ways to add new flair to old routines. It’s part “Clueless,” part “Pitch Perfect,” and all gold. Also, “Torrance Shipman” is one of the great movie names of all time, and there will be no debate on that subject.

5. “The Force” (2017)

Youtube Embed:
Width: 800px
Height: 410px

Here’s Anthony Kaufman, eloquently speaking to one of 2017’s most vital documentaries: “Peter Nicks’s outstanding direct-cinema portrait of the troubled Oakland Police ‘The Force’ is another urgent chronicle that captures the deep ruptures in our communities: On one side, the much-maligned police of the California city; on the other, the community who feels trampled over by the authorities.

That ‘The Force’ suggests—at first, at least—that we should sympathize with the police during Trumpian times may be a tough pill for some viewers to swallow, but what makes the movie such a riveting and resonant story is the unexpected places it goes. Despite how it first seems, ‘The Force’ paints a far more complicated and troubled picture of enforcement and accountability, which is sure to only become more distressing in the years to come.”

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MoviePass has had 'staggering' growth to 1.5 million subscribers — and an analyst says other online ticket sites must be 'shaking in their boots' (HMNY)



  • Movie theater subscription service MoviePass announced it now has 1.5 million paid subscribers.
  • It hit the number less than a month after hitting 1 million subscribers.
  • An industry analyst believes the company is a "game changer" for the movie theater business and that online ticket sites must be "shaking in their boots."

It only took 20 days for MoviePass to go from 1 million paid subscribers to 1.5 million. And folks in the industry are starting to pay attention.

The movie theater subscription service is having a great new year. In a time on the calendar when there’s a spike in moviegoing — with blockbusters from the end of last year like “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” and “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” still making impressive coin, plus the titles vying for Oscar consideration beginning to crop up in more theaters across the country — MoviePass is flexing its muscles.

The growth in the company since it changed to a $9.95 per month pricing model is astounding. MoviePass, now backed by Helios and Matheson Analytics, Inc., had around 20,000 paid subscribers when the price change happened on August 15, 2017. It then rose to 150,000 eight days later. Almost a month later, it had hit 600,000 and on December 20, MoviePass announced that it hit 1 million paid-subscribers. That was a milestone that the company boasted was accomplished faster than Netflix or Hulu.

But the growth has just kept ramping up, as the company announced it had hit 1.5 million paid subscribers on Tuesday — 20 days after hitting 1 million.

Here's a chart showing that growth:

MoviePass graphic Samantha Lee

But even with this growth, there are still questions looming over MoviePass. The main one on everyone’s mind in the industry is whether MoviePass can be financially successful in the long run.

Currently, MoviePass pays most theaters full price for the tickets bought through its app. Since the average movie ticket price in 2017 was $8.93, that means MoviePass stands to lose money if its customers actually go to more than one movie per month. The company hopes to mitigate this by making more deals in the future with exhibitors to get discounted tickets in exchange for promotion, and using its data to help market movies.

There is a risk to that plan, however.

"Major studios won't like tickets on their movies getting discounted and [will] change their distribution agreements to prohibit that from happening," Wade Holden, research analyst for S&P Global Market Intelligence, told Business Insider. "MoviePass is going to have to illustrate to the studios that the increase in admissions they are bringing to the table will actually boost box office revenue."

But that might be starting to happen already. MoviePass has begun to find a lot of success with the art-house titles vying for award season consideration. Though numbers are still coming in on how MoviePass is affecting ticket sales, Indiewire reported that 6%-13% of opening week ticket sales for movies like “Lady Bird,” “The Disaster Artist,” and “The Shape of Water,” came from MoviePass.

“As long as MoviePass can sustain its business model in terms of turning a profit, it is on its way to being the next Redbox or Netflix in terms of shaking up the industry,” Jeff Bock, senior analyst for Exhibitor Relations, told Business Insider. “All other online ticket sales entities must be shaking in their boots. Based on these staggering numbers, MoviePass is the real deal game changer. This is the one theatrical exhibition entity that is actively growing attendance, something the industry desperately needs as evident by 2017 being the lowest attendance in the last 25 years.”

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This studio uses everyday objects to make movie sound effects

Pixar's most and least successful movies at the box office, ranked


pixar logo

With the release of its 19th film, "Coco," in November, Pixar continued a streak of box-office domination that began with the release of its first film, "Toy Story," in 1995.

Though each Pixar film released has made the studio a substantial net profit, not every movie has lived up to the immense success of some of the company's true blockbusters.

Using Box Office Mojo's and The Numbers' sales and production statistics for each film, Business Insider has ranked all 19 Pixar movies so far by their inflation-adjusted net profit.

Adjusting all global box-office receipts and budgets for inflation using the US inflation calculator, we subtracted budgets from worldwide box-office grosses to determine which Pixar film has been the most financially successful over time. (This doesn't take into account marketing and other costs, however, so true net profits are actually smaller.)

Read on to see which Pixar film came out on top:

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19. "The Good Dinosaur" (2015) - Adjusted net profit: $150.6 million

Adjusted gross: $345.7 million

Unadjusted gross: $332.2 million

Adjusted budget: $195.1 million

Unadjusted budget: $187.5 million

18. "Cars 3" (2017) - Adjusted net profit: $208.7 million

Adjusted gross: $383.7 million

Unadjusted gross: $383.7 million

Adjusted budget: $175 million

Unadjusted budget: $175 million

17. "A Bug's Life" (1998) - Adjusted net profit: $368.1 million

Adjusted gross: $549.7 million

Unadjusted gross: $363.2 million

Adjusted budget: $181.5 million

Unadjusted budget: $120 million

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

James Franco tells Colbert that the sexual misconduct allegations against him are 'not accurate,' as criticism lights up Twitter


james franco

  • James Franco denied a series of sexual misconduct allegations in an interview with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday, calling the claims made on social media "not accurate."
  • On Sunday, while Franco appeared on stage at the Golden Globes wearing a "Time's Up" pin in solidarity with victims of sexual misconduct, actress Violet Paley tweeted out an accusation that Franco pushed her head toward him while he was exposed.
  • Paley later tweeted that Franco had called her and "a few other girls" weeks earlier to apologize.
  • The New York Times on Wednesday canceled a planned TimesTalk conversation with Franco, citing "recent allegations."


James Franco denied a series of sexual misconduct allegations made against him in an interview with Stephen Colbert on "The Late Show" Tuesday night, calling the claims made on social media "not accurate."

"The things that I heard that were on Twitter are not accurate, but I completely support people coming out and being able to have a voice because they didn’t have a voice for so long. So, I don't want to shut them down in any way. It's a good thing and I support it," Franco said. 

After Franco won a Golden Globe award for his performance in "The Disaster Artist" on Sunday, the actor was criticized on social media for showing solidarity with victims of sexual misconduct by wearing a Time's Up pin. He was also accused of sexual misconduct himself by an actress on Twitter. 

Actress Violet Paley tweeted on Sunday that Franco once "pushed" her head down in a car toward his "exposed penis," and that she knew"other girls with similar stories." (Paley also tweeted that Franco apologized to her and "a few other girls" over the phone weeks earlier, and noted that she had a "consensual relationship" with Franco as well).

Another actress, Sarah Tither-Kaplan, recalled in a tweet her "exploitative" experience with signing a contract to do nude scenes in two of Franco's films. The contract only paid $100 per day, she said.

In a series of since-deleted tweets, "Breakfast Club" actress Ally Sheedy wrote during the Golden Globes ceremony, "Why is James Franco allowed in? Said too much." She later tweeted, "James Franco just won. Please never ever ask me why I left the film/tv business," after Franco won the Golden Globe for best actor in a comedy for "The Disaster Artist."

In reference to Sheedy's tweets, Franco told Colbert, "I have no idea what I did to Ally Sheedy. I directed her in a play Off Broadway. I had nothing but a great time with her, total respect for her. I have no idea why she was so upset. She took the tweet down. I don't know. I can't speak for her."

Colbert went on to ask Franco if there was "some way to have this conversation that piggybacks on what's happening in social media" so that "there can be some sort of reconciliation between people who clearly have different views of things."

"The way I live my life, I can't live if there's restitution to be made, I will make it," Franco said. "So if I've done something wrong, I will fix it. I have to. I mean, I think that's how that works. I don't know what else, I don't know what else to do. I mean, as far as the bigger issues, you know, how we do it. I, look, I really don't have the answers, and I think the point of this whole thing is that we listen. You know, there were incredible people talking that night. They had a lot to say, and I'm here to listen and learn and change my perspective where it's off, and I'm completely willing and want to."

Citing the "recent allegations" against Franco, The New York Times on Wednesday canceled a planned TimesTalk conversation with Franco to discuss "The Disaster Artist." 

Franco ran into a previous controversy in 2014, when leaked Instagram messages showed the actor trying to arrange a hotel visit with a 17-year-old girl visiting New York City from Scotland. He later spoke about the incident on ABC's "Live with Kelly and Michael," stating that he was embarrassed and had "used bad judgment."

Watch Franco's interview with Colbert below:

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Video shows a man slapping embattled Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein in the face at a restaurant


harvey weinstein

  • Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was out to dinner in Arizona Tuesday night when he was allegedly assaulted by a man in the restaurant.
  • Video obtained by TMZ shows a man slapping Weinstein twice in the face while shouting profanities at the Weinstein Company co-founder.
  • Weinstein has been accused of sexual assault and misconduct by numerous women since early October.
  • Police are aware of the video footage, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Harvey Weinstein was allegedly attacked Tuesday night while out at a restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

TMZ reports the former Hollywood mogul was leaving Elements restaurant at the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort when he was approached by a man who slapped him twice in the face with the back of his hand.

harvey weinstein slap

Video of the incident shows the man telling Weinstein to "get the f--- out of here" and calling him "a piece of s---, f---ing with those women."

Since the publication of a bombshell report in The New York Times in early October, the Weinstein Company co-founder has been accused of sexual assault and intimidation by more than 50 women including Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o, Salma Hayek, Minka Kelly, and Rose McGowan.

He has denied any allegations of non-consensual sex. 

Since October, the 65-year-old has been receiving treatment at a luxury resort in Arizona called The Meadows.

TMZ reports that the man who's seen slapping Weinstein in the video asked for a photo with a producer earlier in the night. He was turned down.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, police are aware of the video footage and will investigate the incident as a misdemeanor assault if Weinstein files a report.

Weinstein is currently under investigation by Los AngelesLondon, and New York City police for sexual assault allegations.

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Inside the 14 long years it took for the director of Amazon's Grateful Dead documentary to finally get his dream project made


Long Strange Trip Grateful Dead Peter Simon

  • It took 14 years for Amir Bar-Lev to make the Grateful Dead documentary, "Long Strange Trip," 10 of which was spent just trying to convince the band to let him make it.
  • What was intended to be a 90-minute doc that would be released for the band's 50th anniversary in 2015 led to a 4-hour, 6-part doc that's now available on Amazon Prime.

Documentary filmmaker Amir Bar-Lev is no stranger to ambitious projects.

He's given us a look inside the complexities behind a 4-year-old painting savant (“My Kid Could Paint That”), explored the hero complex bestowed on an NFL star who went to fight for his country after 9/11 (“The Tillman Story"), and was front-and-center while the legacy of Joe Paterno and his beloved Penn State football program crumbled before our eyes (“Happy Valley”).

However, none of those compare to taking on the Grateful Dead, and its lead guitarist and figurehead Jerry Garcia, in his latest movie, "Long Strange Trip."

Amir Bar Lev Tibrina Hobson Getty final“This is the film I’m most proud of,” Bar-Lev told Business Insider. “On some level, this is my life’s work.”

For over a decade, Bar-Lev, an admitted “Dead Head,” tried to convince the band that he was the director worthy of making the definitive film on the legendary band. It finally happened, but there were many twists in the tale of how “Long Strange Trip” was made, including how Bar-Lev landed the job at long last.

Other directors failed

The Grateful Dead's original plan was to have a 90-minute documentary to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the band (which would have been released in 2015). But like the unconventional way the Grateful Dead operates, “Long Strange Trip” became a daunting task to accomplish from its inception.

Before Bar-Lev came on, other directors tried to tell the story and had to back out, in some cases because of all the moving parts that surround the band. At one point, acclaimed director Gus Van Sant (“Good Will Hunting,” “Milk”) had beat out Bar-Lev to make the movie. However, Bar-Lev said he later learned Van Sant bowed out. That left Bar-Lev as the only willing director to take it on.

Bar-Lev didn’t just roll with the band’s quirks, but also convinced his investors to go beyond the 50th anniversary plans, and make a movie that was hours longer.

After four years making the movie (three of them just editing), he premiered “Long Strange Trip” at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival in its final 4-hour form. Amazon Studios acquired it and has made it into a six-part documentary (currently available on Prime) that masterfully traces the life of this complex band that was birthed during the LSD craze of the mid 1960s, and by the 1980s was worshiped by millions.

Pulling the rug from under the audience

A highlight of this deep dive into the Dead is the treasure trove of things Bar-Lev and his team kept coming across while making it.

“We found never-before-seen footage and photos and audio recordings in people's attics and storage lockers,” he said. “We had a vast network of people looking for this stuff.”

long strange trip Sundance Institute finalOver the years, as Bar-Lev kept convincing the producers that the movie could be longer, it gave him the ability to delve into aspects of the Dead that wouldn’t have worked in a 90-minute documentary. One example is looking at the loyal roadies tasked to build and break down the “Wall of Sound” every show during the band’s 1974 tour. The footage and interviews of the massive construction, which at the time was the largest concert sound system ever built, is a remarkable sight for newbies to the band — and a wicked acid flashback for the Dead Heads who were there.

The length of time it took to complete the movie also gave Bar-Lev the ability to convince notoriously camera shy Grateful Dead songwriter Robert Hunter to go on camera. But instead of attempting to give Grateful Dead fans a glimpse inside the man responsible for the lyrics to some of the band's most famous songs, Bar-Lev used the opportunity to show the audience that this is a different kind of rock band movie. 

“I realized there wasn't much I really wanted him to answer,” Bar-Lev said of talking to Hunter. “So I asked him a question I knew he hates to answer which was what's the song 'Dark Star' mean? And he did exactly what I hoped he would do, it provoked his ire and he answered in a very funny way and then basically kicked me out of his dressing room.”

The method to Bar-Lev's madness here was that he thought there were some things about the Dead that should never be explored, because if they were a part of the beloved mystique of the band would be lost forever.

“The question at the heart of the Grateful Dead is what does it all mean? That should never be answered, because once it's gone the magic is gone,” Bar-Lev said. “So we tried to make a point of that when interviewing Hunter. By exactly putting the wrong question to the wrong person.”

It’s alive!

What sets the movie apart from most documentaries about rock bands is that “Long Strange Trip” is as unconventional as its subject. Though Bar-Lev tracked down the existing band members for interviews, along with a slew of others who were in their orbit through the decades, the movie is filled with Easter Eggs for the most obsessed Dead Head, jump cuts in the story’s timeline, and appearances by the Frankenstein monster.

This last one is probably Bar-Lev’s most radical storytelling device. Using masterful editing, the iconic horror figure that Jerry Garcia loved as a child is highlighted throughout the movie for major moments in the band's existence.

abbott and costello meets frankenstein universal pictures“The appearance of the Frankenstein monster changes over the period of the film,” Bar-Lev explained.

“The first time he shows up Jerry is terrified of the monster,” Bar-Lev said (and as we learn in a Garcia interview Bar-Lev’s team uncovered that was done before his death in 1995). In the interview, Garcia said one of his all-time favorite movies as a kid was the classic comedy/horror “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.” At that point he was scared of the monster.

“The second time he shows up Jerry identifies with the monster,” Bar-Lev said. In the doc, Bar-Lev uses footage from 1931’s “Frankenstein” — of the monster smoking and playing a violin — to mirror Garcia forming the band.

“The third time he shows up it’s when Jerry’s daughter says that the fandom around the Grateful Dead has become too much for Jerry, and now he identifies with Doctor Frankenstein.” We then see “Frankenstein” footage of the doctor looking exhausted as the monster can no longer be controlled.

“The audience might not know it, but ‘Frankenstein’ is charting our progress,” Bar-Lev said. “Every time the monster shows up the audience achieves another milestone in the greater understanding of the movie.”

That’s what Bar-Lev hopes audiences get from watching “Long Strange Trip.”

“If I’ve succeeded then you get to the end of the movie and you don’t just have any more questions about why people love the Grateful Dead, you’re not even interested in the question anymore, “ Bar-Lev said. “My greatest hope is for the time you’re watching it you’re participating in a Grateful Dead story.”

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14 celebrities who have controversially starred in a Woody Allen movie — and what they've said about it


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Woody Allen is a Hollywood legend, well-known for his movies. But Allen's offscreen behavior may actually rival his acclaim or professional accomplishments, even despite his big paychecks and his status.

Allen has directed, written, and starred in a huge number of roles. Along the way, the alleged misconduct of his personal life has seeped to the surface, as he has faced allegations of sexual abuse and backlash from his decision to marry Soon-Yi Previn, the adopted daughter of his ex-partner, Mia Farrow.

Amidst allegations of abuse and decades of denials, Allen still continues to work in film, tapping big names for starring roles in his movies and still garnering support for fans and audiences. As men like Harvey Weinstein continue to face accountability and justice (or what Allen has called a "witch hunt"), where does Woody Allen fall in Hollywood's historic reckoning?

Many actors and actresses have been accused of not only remaining complacent, but actively encouraging Allen's behavior with their continued participation in his productions.

These celebrities have taken on roles in different Woody Allen movies and this is what they've had to say about it.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez faced tough criticism after signing on to star in a new Woody Allen film in 2017 reportedly about "a middle-aged man who is sleeping with a much younger woman, among other actresses."

Gomez responded to the backlash and explained her thought process to Billboard, who named her its "Woman of the Year."

"To be honest, I'm not sure how to answer — not because I'm trying to back away from it," Gomez said. "[The Harvey Weinstein allegations] actually happened right after I had started [on the movie]. They popped up in the midst of it. And that's something, yes, I had to face and discuss. I stepped back and thought, 'Wow, the universe works in interesting ways.'"

She also followed up by mentioning her solidarity with women who'd experienced sexual assault or harassment.

"I feel all those things. I've cried," Gomez said. "But I definitely feel hopeful. As people speak out, I hope that feels powerful to them, because they deserve to feel that. I'm fortunate enough not to have experienced some of the traumatic things that other women have had to go through. I've known people in my family who've gone through those things. I try to let people come to me and open up, to make a safe environment for them to do so."

Justin Timberlake

Singer and actor Justin Timberlake took on a role in Allen's 2017 film "Wonder Wheel," starring alongside Kate Winslet. Social media users joined Dylan Farrow, Allen's adopted daughter whom he allegedly abused, in admonishing Timberlake for what they called hypocrisy as he supported the Time's Up initiative while also working with an alleged predator.

For his part, Timberlake has remained mostly quiet in his responses, but did follow up questions about Allen with his take on the Weinstein scandal during an interview with Inquirer.net.

"I'm an only child raised by his mother. So, I am extremely sensitive to women because I love my mom so much," Timberlake said while promoting "Wonder Wheel.""Everything you've heard about in the last few weeks, it's sad. I hope that it gives a lot of women the courage to step up … I don't feel that I've ever had anyone of the opposite sex or the same sex try to take advantage of me. But, I know how I would feel. I think about my mother and my wife, and if I were to have a daughter one day, how I would feel about that."

He continued by saying, "This is a serious matter and I don't want to make a joke of it. I hope that it does inspire a lot of people, any minority who's been preyed upon in this way to speak up and feel confident that they can speak up."

Elle Fanning

19-year-old Elle Fanning will star with Selena Gomez in the aforementioned upcoming Woody Allen film, which a report said will feature a sexual relationship between an older man and a 21-year-old girl.

Fanning did not confront the Woody Allen controversy but did say that she was "nervous" to get started with the film.

"For [Woody Allen] films, it's such a whole new experience," Fanning told Vanity Fair. "His crew picks up the cast in these giant vans that come up to your apartment in New York. Sometimes you're the only person getting in the van. The first time Timothée was in the van, we spent the first 25 minutes talking to each other."

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Audiences have been begging for fewer uninspired movie sequels, and they are going to get it in 2018


Mary Poppins Returns Disney final

  • There will be fewer movie sequels coming out in theaters in 2018, something audiences have been asking for.
  • But one analyst says it will end up being a flat year at the box office.

If there was one thing Hollywood took from 2017, which had the worst movie attendance in 25 years, it's that audiences were through with the constant sequels. So 2018 will have fewer.

But will it lead to better box-office results?

Along with low attendance, last year saw the movie business suffer a drop in domestic box office, as the year-end figure just got past $11 billion (almost 3% lower than 2016). Much of the blame goes to uninspired sequels that no one went to see. This will, at least in part, lead to studios releasing a higher number of untested titles in 2018. But it might not be the remedy movie theaters are hoping for. 

Wall Street is forecasting a flat year at the box office for 2018. 

"The studios are relying less on sequels, which adds to forecasting volatility," Leo Kulp, an analyst for RBC Capital Markets, wrote in a Wednesday note. "While this could be good if the new content re-engages audiences, it could be a negative if they miss."

Black Panther Marvel Disney finalWhere Kulp sees the biggest growth for the year is in the second quarter of 2018 where — you guessed it — the slate is heavy with sequels: "Avengers: Infinity War" (May 4), "Deadpool 2" (June 1), "Incredibles 2" (June 15), and "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" (June 22).

And 2018 will also mark the first time a "Star Wars" movie has been released outside of December since 2005's "Revenge of the Sith.""Solo: A Star Wars Movie" opens May 25, which is also a reason Kulp is bullish on the second quarter.

That big second quarter will, however, lessen the end-of-year kick the box office has gotten in previous years thanks to "The Force Awakens,""Rogue One," and "The Last Jedi."

Kulp is forecasting that the fourth quarter will have a 5% decline from last year, as it will be fueled by mostly newbies "Venom" (October 5), "Aquaman" (December 21), and "Mary Poppins Returns" (December 25).

Sequels will never go away, but if audiences will come out to see non-sequels this year, you can expect studios to get more confident in greenlighting them.

The first major test will come with the release of the anticipated Marvel release "Black Panther," which opens February 16.

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