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The 10 best horror movies of the year so far — and where you can watch them


annihilation movie natalie portman

We're officially one-quarter of the way into 2018, and while the real world remains more horrifying than anything we've seen onscreen there have already been more than a few stellar horror movies capable of raising our arm-hairs and chilling our blood.

Our best-of lists are typically saved for the end of the year, but I'm offering up a quarterly review of sorts in the hopes of pointing your eyeballs towards some great titles that are currently playing or will be very soon.

To that end, this list encompasses 2018's best horror films — so far — meaning it includes new movies that have been released this year in theaters (or straight to VOD/DVD) as well as titles that previously played festivals and now have an officially scheduled release date in the near future.

The only other requirement? They have to be movies I've actually seen. (Sorry John Krasinski's "A Quiet Place.")

10. "The Lodgers"

Gothic chillers used to be the norm with genre films, but they went out of favor decades ago. One comes along periodically, though, and this year we've already had two. (Another great one is right below.)

This Irish tale of dark family secrets and the supernatural tells a visually inventive, creepy, and sexy tale about guilt, ghosts, and a gross brother wanting to boink his admittedly hot sister. It’s the best movie that could have also been called "The Shape of Water."

Available to rent/buy now on VOD.

9. "Marrowbone"

The writer of "The Orphanage" and "The Impossible" delivers another tale of children in danger with four siblings pretending they're not orphans in order to avoid catching the eye of social services.

It's the least of their problems, though, as something in their house wants out. It's a smartly told chiller with a fantastic young cast including George MacKay, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, and Mia Goth.

Hits theaters/VOD starting April 13.

8. "The Ritual"

Director David Bruckner's solo feature debut may have premiered on the small screen (via Netflix), but it's plenty big when it comes to the horror. It sends four friends into the woods one year after a fifth friend's murder, but as devastating as that loss was they're in for far, far worse.

It's a creepy tale that takes full advantage of its cold landscape, and it features possibly the best creature design of the past few years. Seriously, the beast alone is reason enough to watch.

Currently streaming on Netflix.

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'Hereditary' is a terrifying new movie that critics are calling this generation's 'The Exorcist'



Film critics are lauding "Hereditary," a new horror film from A24 starring Toni Collette and Gabriel Byrne.

Collette and Byrne star as Annie and Steve Graham, the parents of a family that becomes haunted by sinister, supernatural forces and the dark secrets of their ancestry following the death of the family's matriarch, Annie's mother. 

Written and directed by Ari Aster, the film is even receiving Oscar buzz for Collette's performance, along with praise for Aster's inflicting of "psychic damage" through innovations on horror genre tropes.

"Hereditary" currently has a 93% "fresh" rating on the reviews aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. 

The film opens nationwide on Friday. 

Here are several reviews of "Hereditary," which one critic is calling "a new generation's 'The Exorcist'": 

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"In its sense of poisoned family bloodlines, of the everyday invaded by unspeakable evil, of bonechilling terror you won't be able to shake, 'Hereditary' is a new horror landmark. Toni Collette should have Oscar calling."

Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

"In the end, horror and supernatural fans will certainly get their thrills, but it's the psychic damage on the screen that will make the film hard to forget.

David Lewis, San Francisco Chronicle

"Hereditary is so refreshing in part because it invents its own scare vocabulary."

Inkoo Kang, Slate

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The shocking age differences between 30 fictional parents and their children


angelina jolie colin farrell alexander

More often than not, kids on TV and in movies are actually played by actors who have left childhood behind years before— and their real ages aren't taken into account when casting their parents. But this problem isn't limited to children. Tom Selleck and his TV dad Len Cariou on "Blue Bloods" are just six years apart in real life.

These 31 pairs of on-screen parents and their offspring are just too close in age to be realistic — in a few cases, the "kids" are even older than their "parents."

Keep scrolling to see how much older your favorite fictional parents are than their "kids."

The mother-daughter duo of Amy Poehler and Rachel McAdams is only seven years apart. McAdams was 26 when she starred as high school junior Regina George in "Mean Girls."

When "Mean Girls" was released in 2004, Poehler was 33 and McAdams was 26.

Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful women on Earth, a 29-year-old Angelina Jolie played 28-year-old Colin Farrell's mother in notorious flop "Alexander."

You'd be forgiven for forgetting about this movie — it was a critical and financial failure. Perhaps it had something to do with its ridiculous casting of Jolie and Farrell as mother and son, even though they're 11 months apart.

Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham are intentionally close in age — just 15 years apart. In "Gilmore Girls," Lorelai was a teen when she gave birth to Rory.

Lorelai and Rory Gilmore have one of the most iconic mother-daughter relationships on TV — they're more like best friends than family. According to the storyline, Lorelai got pregnant as a teenager, and ran away from home to raise Rory on her own.

So it was true-to-life that the people at The WB cast Bledel and Graham, who are only 15 years apart. But a more glaring age gap was between Lorelai and Lane, Rory's best friend, who was supposed to be the same age as Rory. However, the actress playing Lane, Keiko Agena, is only six years younger than Graham.

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REVIEW: 'Ocean's 8' is entertaining, but lacks the much-needed suspense of a great heist movie


oceans 8

Warning: Minor spoilers ahead for "Ocean's 8." 

For two years, fans have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of "Ocean's 8." And while some moviegoers may be disappointed by the film's lack of suspense, most will walk away completely satisfied with the female-led heist movie. 

"Ocean's 8," a sequel and spin-off of the "Ocean's" trilogy, follows Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock) — the estranged sister of Danny Ocean — as she tries to pull off a heist at the Met Gala. To do so, she enlists the help of seven (or six, depending on how you look at it) equally badass women with diverse skill sets ranging from computer hacking to jewelry making. 

As the heist plays out, so do Ocean's plans for revenge against the man who put her in jail. 

Why you should care: "Ocean's 8" aids in the cause to close the gender disparities in Hollywood. 

Sexism in Hollywood is nothing new. For years, female actors have been paid significantly less than their male co-stars simply because, as Bullock recently put it, they "have a vagina." 

But the conversation about these gender disparities and actions against them have been more rampant recently, due in large parts to the #TimesUp movement and the success of all-female movies, like "Bridesmaids" and "Girls Trip." 

If "Ocean's 8" succeeds, it will be another piece of evidence in the case that women can carry movies as well as — if not better than — men and should therefore be paid equally. 

oceans 8

What's hot: The camaraderie and badassery of the women is inspiring. 

Watching a group of women work together is inspiring. Watching a group of women work together to rob the Met is just badass. 

Each woman has a specific skill that makes her invaluable to the group. And, in some cases, these skills break down stereotypes. Take Nine Ball (Rihanna), the group's hacker. It's rare to see a woman take the tech role, let alone a woman of color. Probably because, according to Wired, only 20% of computer science majors are women, 5% of whom are women of color. But that doesn't prevent Nine Ball from overriding the computer of a security firm's high-level tech coordinator, who just so happens to be a white man. 

Of course, that's not saying we should glorify crimes. But seeing these women outwit and outsmart those who have been given advantages based on their sex or race is worthy of applause. 

What's not: The lack of missteps leaves little room for suspense and shock. 

No one wants to see a perfectly executed robbery (well, except for the criminals themselves). You want your mind to race as characters are thrown into chaos and forced to think on their feet. You want to hold your breath as a character comes too close to getting caught — and let out an audible sigh of relief when they're in the clear. 

Unfortunately, you rarely feel that rush in "Ocean's 8." Yes, there are a few moments of worry. A security guard almost walks in on jeweler Amita (Mindy Kaling) breaking apart the coveted diamond necklace. Debbie is almost recognized by her ex at the Met Gala. But those moments are few and far between. 

One could make the case that the lack of slip ups is a testament to the intelligence of women and their perfect execution is a result of society looking down on women (as Debbie so eloquently put it, "A him gets noticed. A her gets ignored. For once, we want to be ignored.") And while the feminist in me applauds that, the moviegoer in me is a bit bummed out. 

The bottom line: "Ocean's 8" is an entertaining movie, but lacks some of the much-needed suspense to make it a great heist movie. 

"Ocean's 8" is a good heist movie. It features intelligent characters who are motivated by money and revenge. It contains moments that will have you shouting "yes!" and others that have you laughing out loud. It has a satisfying ending that will leave a smirk on your face. 

But a great heist movie keeps viewers on the edge of their seats — something director Gary Ross failed to do with "Ocean's 8." Though there were a few moments where the women almost-but-not-really got caught, their plan went off without a hitch. Had Warner Bros. not revealed Anne Hathaway's plot twist in the trailers, there would have been more room for shock and awe. But, alas, the company showed its hand. 

oceans 8 review   anne hathaway   helena bonham carter

Fans looking for an exact replica of the "Ocean's" trilogy may find this sequel lacking at points, but moviegoers as a whole will likely enjoy watching women pull off the perfect crime. 

Grade: B

"Ocean's 8" hits theaters on Friday. 

Watch the official trailer for "Ocean's 8" below:

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'Baby Driver' star Ansel Elgort says celebrities know who their super fans are: 'The people who stalk me, I sort of know'


ansel elgort fans

  • Speaking at a nonprofit event, "Baby Driver" star Ansel Elgort said he recognizes his biggest fans, even if he doesn't know them personally.
  • "You start to recognize the people who stalk you and who start waiting outside your shows for hours and hours," said Elgort as he recounted a man named Brian who follows a few celebrities around.
  • The actor added that, at the end of the day, most of the fans are really nice people. He even tried to help one get an internship.

If you're a diehard fan of a celebrity, like a really, really big fan, there may be a chance the star knows who you are, or at least is aware you exist. 

"When they know where you live, they also know you and you sort of know them,""Baby Driver" star Ansel Elgort said Tuesday night of a fan he has recognized at a table read held by nonprofit Ghetto Film School in New York City. 

Elgort was giving feedback on a student script inspired by the #MeToo movement which involved an older actress, Diane, and a longtime, adoring fan, Neil. INSIDER was in attendance at the intimate event which also included stars Sebastian Stan, Tatiana Maslany, director David O. Russell, and Tony Danza. 

"This guy Brian, he follows a few people around. That's what he does. He loves it. And you all know him," Elgort said of the kind of textbook fan many in the room may have encountered at some point in their careers. "If I say, 'Oh, you mean Brian?' Everyone knows who Brian is."

In the 12-page script read aloud to a small group of press and friends and members of the Ghetto Film School, Diane comes face-to-face with Neil for the first time, but Elgort offered it may be more realistic if the actress already had an idea of her fan's identity. 

His suggestion gave the room a bit of pause. 

"I'm just wondering if that moment in the room where she [Diana] says, 'Oh you're a fan,' ... I think it would actually be more realistic if she knew exactly who he was because you start to recognize the people who stalk you and who start waiting outside your shows for hours and hours," said Elgort.

ansel elgort june 5

"You don't have to do this," Elgort told the screenwriter quickly to laughter in the room, but added that this is a reality. 

"In my reality or whatever as a famous person, the people who stalk me, I sort of know, and it'd be interesting maybe just to explore having her know him a little bit," he said. 

Elgort said just because fans may follow him, doesn't mean they're not nice people. 

"I tried to get one of my superfans an internship," he recalled of one fan in particular. "They're nice kids at the end of the day. They're nice kids and they're like in their '20s and they're obsessed with, I don't know, Shawn Mendes, and I said, 'Oh, maybe I can help you get an internship at Island Records.'"

"I don't think she got the internship," he added to laughter. 

Founded in 2000, the Ghetto Film School helps find and educate aspiring filmmakers each year. The program started in New York's South Bronx and has expanded to Los Angeles, California. A new initiative has recently launched in London. 

"The mission is to educate, develop, and celebrate the next generation of storytellers," Stosh Mintek executive director of Ghetto Film School Los Angeles told INSIDER at the event. "We work with about 3,000 young people each year aged 14 to 29. The premise is that we know there's extraordinary young talent in local communities that could be and should be leading the way as the next generation coming up as creative leaders in film and television and in other areas, tech and advertising."

ghetto film school

"In order to help show them this is a path they can viably take you have to do three things: You have to identify them early at a young age, you have to set a very high bar of expectations for them — a rigorous program that's taught at a college or MFA level — even while they're still in high school, and then you have to support them over the long haul," Mintek added.

Two scripts, which were read at Tuesday's table reading, will be made into films later this year.

You can read more about the Ghetto Film School here

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12 classic movies that were Broadway shows first


grease frenchie

Movies, musicals, plays, books, poems, and more all take inspiration from many different places. Sometimes they’re inspired by someone’s life, sometimes they’re inspired by history, sometimes they even inspire each other. And if you’re not a big musical theater fan and Broadway isn’t on your New York City to-do list, you may not even realize that some of your favorite movies were Broadway shows first. From “Sweeney Todd” to “Funny Girl” and “Grease,” here are a few films that graced a Broadway stage before gracing your TV screen.

1. "Chicago"

Before it was an Academy Award-winning movie, “Chicago” was a Broadway show, co-written by Broadway legends, Bob Fosse and Fred Ebb, with music by John Kander. The show hit Broadway in 1975 and the star-studded film didn’t premiere in theaters until 2002.

2. "Mamma Mia!"

It’s easy to be entertained by the film version of “Mamma Mia!,” starring Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgård, and more, but the popular 2008 movie was based on the mega-popular Broadway show that premiered in 2001.

Both the movie and show are based on the music of Swedish group, ABBA, and tell the story directly leading up to Sophie’s wedding to Sky, in which she hopes that her dad will walk her down the aisle. The problem? She’s not sure which of her mother’s three suitors is actually her father.

3. "Grease"

Whether you’re a Broadway fan or not, you’re likely familiar with the film version of this story, starring Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta. The movie opened in theaters in 1978, but is based on the Broadway show that premiered in 1972.

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4 movies that should never have been made into musicals — sorry



In recent years, theater fans got to see a wide variety of new shows based on hit movies head to Broadway. Some of these shows — like "The Lion King,""Legally Blonde,""Waitress," and the newly-opened "Mean Girls"— result in critical raves and packed houses. But many don’t quite live up to expectations, and a few manage to crash and burn in spectacular fashion.

These five shows are prime examples of movie-to-musical adaptations that shouldn’t have made it to the stage in the first place.

"Spider-Man" was an infamous flop.

More of an "inspired by" situation than a straight-up adaptation of an existing movie, "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark" started its Broadway journey with some very high expectations attached. After all, it boasted a score by Bono and The Edge, direction by "The Lion King's" Julie Taymor, and a record-breaking budget of $75 million.

However, "Spider-Man" also dealt with problem after problem right from the get-go. From Julie Taymor's decision to leave the show before opening to the terrible reviews to the multiple cast-member injuries, the musical's name quickly became showbiz shorthand for "a ridiculous and expensive disaster" (even resulting in an "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" parody).

"Amélie" missed some of the film's magic.

If you're a millennial who once dreamed of a Parisian lifestyle complete with a chic bob haircut, cobblestone streets, and a whimsical (and only slightly creepy) garden gnome, you probably spent your teenage years watching Audrey Tautou as the ultimate French manic pixie dream girl in "Amélie." When a Broadway-musical adaptation featuring "Hamilton" star Phillipa Soo in the title role opened in 2015, Francophiles and early-aughts aspiring hipsters rejoiced …

… until the reviews came out. While Soo's voice soared in ballads like "Halfway," the show generally suffered from unfavorable comparisons to the cult-classic film, closing after just two months. Watching Amélie traipse across a midtown stage just didn't match the site-specific filming locations in the bohemian Paris arrondissement of Montmartre. Some things can't be replicated, even with a Broadway budget.

"Carrie" is another infamous musical flop.

Good movies don't necessarily make good musicals, a lesson very publically learned by the team behind 1988's Broadway version of Brian DePalma's 1976 horror film "Carrie."

Based on the hit novel by Stephen King, "Carrie" made stars out of Sissy Spacek and John Travolta, and Piper Laurie's chilling performance as Carrie's overbearing mother became the stuff of legends. In the late '80s, Broadway producers decided to turn it into a stage production, complete with musical numbers and an epic "bucket of pig's blood" climax. They even recruited musical-theater dynamo Betty Buckley (the original Grizabella in "Cats") to step into Laurie's shoes as Carrie's mom.

In spite of Buckley's onstage star power and the popularity of the original film, "Carrie: The Musical" flopped almost immediately. Critics gave dismal reviews, investors quickly pulled their funds, and the show closed after only five performances. However, "Carrie: The Musical" got a second shot at the big time, as it was featured this year on the hit CW show "Riverdale."


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Here are all the major celebrity cameos in 'Ocean's 8,' including some you may have missed


sandra bullock oceans 8

Warning: Minor spoilers ahead for "Ocean's 8."

Calling "Ocean's 8" a star-studded film would be an understatement — and that's only partially due to the cast that includes A-listers like Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, and Rihanna, to name a few.

The movie follows Debbie Ocean (Bullock) as she tries to pull off a heist at the Met Gala. And what's a Met Gala without the biggest names in Hollywood? In order to make the movie as realistic as possible, director Gary Ross employed musicians, actors, and athletes to play, well, themselves. 

Although there are probably around 50 cameos, here are the most notable celebrities who appeared in "Ocean's 8." 

1. Common

The rapper is one of the first celebrities spotted in the Met Gala scene. 

2. Jaime King

The actress is seen walking up the steps of the Met. 

3. Heidi Klum

Klum exchanges some German with Debbie Ocean in the movie and compliments her gown. Ocean tells her it's a recycled look, but to keep that secret.

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'Ocean's 8' has 2 surprising cameos for fans of the franchise, but it's not who we expected


oceans 11 sandra bullock cate blanchett

Warning: There are major spoilers ahead for "Ocean's 8."

There are a lot of unexpected celebrity cameos in "Ocean's 8." Two of the film's largest surprises came from the original "Ocean's 11" team.

You didn't think an "Ocean's" spin-off was going to arrive without at least one person from the original cast, right?

They weren't the cameos we were expecting. There was at least one star reported to appear in the film that wasn't in the final movie. But the one cameo was well worth the surprise.

Don't read on if you haven't seen "Ocean's 8." This is your last chance to head back before spoilers.

debbie ocean oceans 8

Early in the movie, Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock) visits her brother's grave. We quickly learn he supposedly died at the age of 55.

"You better be in there," Debbie warns. (We doubt he is.)

As Ocean's paying her respects, Reuben Tishkoff (Elliott Gould) strolls in to the mausoleum to greet Debbie and share a short exchange before parting ways. It's been over 10 years since "Ocean's 13," that last entry in the franchise, and Tishkoff is noticably older, but still the fashionable former hotel/casino manager fans came to know over the course of the original trilogy.

reuben oceans 11

Gould told The Hollywood Reporter he hopes to see more movies in the new franchise. Maybe we'll see more of Gould, too.

The second surprise appearance comes from The Amazing Yen (Shaobo Qin) late in the movie. He's the one who made that seemingly impossible backflip in the "Ocean's 11" vault and climbed through the elevator shaft in "Ocean's 13."

yen oceans 11

In "Ocean's 8," he's an old friend of Lou (Cate Blanchett) and teams up with her to sneak inside the Met Gala and steal jewelry off of mannequins. Once again, Yen shows off his acrobat skills as he slips past lasers and meticulously takes and replace the jewels with fakes. 

It's one of the film's standout scenes. 

Many were expecting a third cameo from Matt Damon's Linus Caldwell, but he's nowhere to be found in "Ocean's 8."

Damon told several outlets he would appear briefly in the movie.

"I only worked for a day," Damon told the Toronto Sun. "They asked me to do it and I really wanted to support the project and support these awesome actresses. This is a movie about the women."

oceans 11 matt damon

It seems his appearance was one of several scenes cut from the movie.

You can follow along with our "Ocean's 8" coverage here.

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The trailer for the new 'Halloween' movie has impressive scares while also paying homage to the original


Halloween 2 Universal final

  • The trailer for the new "Halloween" movie does not disappoint.
  • It has some great scares, and with the return of the franchise's star, Jamie Lee Curtis, as well as its creator, John Carpenter, this one has some added anticipation.

The highly anticipated trailer for the latest "Halloween" movie is online, and it doesn't disappoint.

The Universal/Blumhouse Pictures production directed by David Gordon Green ("Stronger"), who wrote the script with Danny McBride, has been on the minds of horror fans since the news hit in 2016 that the creator of the horror classic, John Carpenter, agreed to come back and watch over the making of the new movie.

Carpenter hasn't put his name on a "Halloween" movie since having a producer credit on 1982's "Halloween III: Season of the Witch."

But with Blumhouse ("Get Out,""Split") involved and a script that won over Carpenter (who is an executive producer on the movie), the maestro of the franchise is back, which has given this "Halloween" a real sense of excitement. And this trailer will just amp things up even more.

Business Insider saw the trailer at this year's CinemaCon, the yearly convention of movie-theater owners, and it was one of the event's highlights. The combination of frights it teases along with Green's use of the legend of Michael Myers really got everyone pumped.

In "Halloween," opening October 19, a filmmaking team seeks to learn more about Myers, even tracking down where he's been held since the gruesome events from the first movie (that's right, forget everything that happened following 1978's "Halloween").

But, of course, something goes wrong that leads Michael to escape from prison, and he heads right back to his hometown, where Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is awaiting her rematch with the classic villain.

Curtis' performance looks really good, giving off a Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) vibe from the first movie.

Watch the trailer below:

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The 21 best heist movies of all time, ranked


oceans 8

There's something about a good heist movie that makes going to the multiplex worthwhile.

With the high stakes, and the top-shelf actors and directors who seem to gravitate to the genre, when it's done right, it can be a thrilling cinematic experience.

With "Ocean's 8" hitting theaters Friday — where the likes of Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Sarah Paulson, and Rihanna make up a group of thieves who pull a heist at the Met Gala — we thought it was a good time to look back on the classics of the genre.

Here are the 21 best heist movies of all time, ranked:

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21. "A Fish Called Wanda"

John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline, and Michael Palin play a bumbling group who commit a robbery of very pricey diamonds and then try to con one another out of the loot. Cleese and Palin are at top form, and Kline's portrayal of a cocky American earned him an Oscar win for best supporting actor.  

20. “Mission: Impossible”

Though Tom Cruise's first time playing Ethan Hunt showed off all of the fun spy aspects of the franchise, it also had a very elaborate heist element. Hunt breaking into CIA headquarters to steal the "NOC" list is a highlight of the film.

19. “Bottle Rocket”

For Wes Anderson's directorial debut, he cast then-unknown brothers Luke and Owen Wilson as friends who plan the heist of a factory only for things to go horribly wrong.

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All the details of Quentin Tarantino's new movie, which stars Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Margot Robbie


tarantino dicaprio

Quentin Tarantino announced earlier this year that Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio would be starring in his upcoming ninth film, "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood," which partly involves the Manson Family murders.

Last month, Tarantino and DiCaprio teased a few details about the film at the Las Vegas industry event CinemaCon, and Margot Robbie confirmed to IndieWire that she was playing the role of actor Sharon Tate in the film.

Since then, a strong supporting cast has steadily filled in. A source close to the production told IndieWire this week that Damian Lewis, Dakota Fanning, and Emile Hirsch will appear in the film. On Thursday, Deadline reported that Al Pacino has also joined the cast.

Pitt worked with Tarantino on 2009's "Inglorious Basterds," and DiCaprio appeared in 2013's "Django Unchained." Longtime Tarantino collaborators Tim Roth and Michael Madsen are also appearing in the film. 

"Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" is set for release August 9, 2019.

Here's everything we know about Tarantino's upcoming ninth film:

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The film takes place in "Los Angeles in 1969, at the height of hippy Hollywood."

Tarantino described "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" in a statement last month, calling it, "a story that takes place in Los Angeles in 1969, at the height of hippy Hollywood. The two lead characters are Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio), former star of a Western TV series, and his longtime stunt double Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt). Both are struggling to make it in a Hollywood they don't recognize anymore. But Rick has a very famous next-door neighbor ... Sharon Tate."

In July 2017, early reports of the film described its script as focused on the murder of actress Sharon Tate by Charles Manson's followers.

While Tarantino's most recent statement mentions Sharon Tate as a player in the movie, Tarantino previously said that the film would not center on Manson but on the year 1969.

At CinemaCon on Monday, Tarantino did not add much to the description of the plot, calling the project "very hush-hush and top secret."

It has been five years in the making.

Tarantino said last month that he had been working on the script for the film for half a decade.

"I've been working on this script for five years, as well as living in Los Angeles County most of my life, including in 1969, when I was 7 years old," he said. "I'm very excited to tell this story of an LA and a Hollywood that don't exist anymore. And I couldn't be happier about the dynamic teaming of DiCaprio and Pitt as Rick and Cliff."

It's a "'Pulp Fiction'-esque movie."

Deadline reported in January that DiCaprio would play an "aging actor" in a "'Pulp Fiction'-esque movie.""Pulp Fiction," Tarantino's 1994 classic, told a collection of interconnected stories.

On Monday, Tarantino confirmed this sentiment by saying that "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" is "probably the closest to 'Pulp Fiction' that I have done."

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16 best-selling books to read this summer before they become movies


The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Crazy Rich Asians Movie 2

If you are anything like me, you always NEED (yes, need) to read a book before it becomes a movie or a television show.

Sure, there are a few outliers like "The Devil Wears Prada" and "The Graduate" that make much more of an impression as a movie than a book but more often than not, the book is the story of record.

With plenty of summer weekends ahead filled with warm sandy beaches or shady park benches, it’s the perfect time to indulge in some titles that are soon to become highly anticipated movies.

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"Crazy Rich Asians" by Kevin Kwan

If you’re looking for a light and easy read perfect for a day at the beach, pick up “Crazy Rich Asians.” Follow Rachel Chu as she spends the summer in Singapore with her boyfriend and what she envisions as his humble family. Instead she’s in for private planes, nosy relatives, and navigating both old and new money.

Movie cast: Constance Wu, Henry Goldin, Michelle Yeoh and Awkwafina

Release date: August 15, 2018

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“To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” by Jenny Han

Sixteen-year-old Lara Jean Song keeps letters to all five boys she’s ever been in love with safely tucked away in a hat box. She pours her heart and soul into each letter because she knows no one will ever see them. That is until they’re all mailed out, causing chaos for Lara Jean. “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” is made for anyone who remembers being hopelessly awkward and hopelessly in love with someone who didn’t even know you existed. And trust me, we’ve all been there.

Cast: Lana Condor, John Corbett, Noah Centineo and Janel Parrish

Release date: August 17, 2018

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“Three Seconds” by Anders Roslund and Börge Hellström

If “The Departed” is a movie you’d watch again and again, pick up “Three Seconds.” Based in Sweden, Piet Hoffman has spent years undercover in the Polish mafia. Now, he’s being reassigned to Ewert Grens whose will to crack a case could threaten to expose Hoffman’s identity and put them both in mortal danger, revealing even deeper issues in the Swedish justice system.

Cast: Joel Kinnaman, Ana de Armas, Clive Owen, Rosamund Pike and Common

Release date: August 17, 2018

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'Ocean's 8' blew its biggest reveal in the trailers and posters — and it would have been better if the twist were a surprise


oceans 8 women

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for "Ocean's 8."

"Ocean's 8" is now in theaters and it's a fun time.

But one of the most frustrating and disappointing aspects of the movie is that the trailers and marketing for the movie gave away its twist long before the film's release.

When the first trailer for female heist movie "Ocean's 8" dropped last December, my colleague Leah Rocketto pointed out a head-scratching detail — Sandra Bullock's Debbie Ocean only appears to enlist a total of seven people for her Met Gala heist

oceans 8 trailer head count

The group included Nine Ball (Rihanna), Lou (Cate Blanchett), Tammy (Sarah Paulson), Rose (Helena Bonham Carter), Amita (Mindy Kaling), Constance (Awkwafina), and, of course, ringleader Debbie.

Of course, there was no need for the trailer to give everyone away. Perhaps the eighth member of the Met Gala heist crew was going to be a surprise. 

Still, many thought Anne Hathaway's character, actress Diane Kluger, may be the secret eighth member. It was clear the team would be using her character to steal a $150 million necklace in a heist. But was Kluger also in on the con? 

Personally, I thought Hathaway’s character was a huge red herring, and that we’d get to see Julia Roberts reprise her role as Danny Ocean’s wife, Tess.

tess oceans 11

Alas, that was not the case. 

We got the former. 

After the heist is successfully pulled off, Debbie reveals that she had to rope Kluger into the con. Kluger started to catch on to what they were doing when Rose started snapping photos of the one-of-a-kind Cartier necklace. Debbie also said she could sense Rose was poorly acting when she had to convince her to wear the necklace to the Gala. 

oceans 8 diane kluger anne hathaway

It's a huge bummer Hathaway wound up being the eighth member of the heist. Not only did it ruin a potential surprise, but Warner Bros. seemed to actively go out of its way in marketing to make sure the twist was spoiled before the film's release.

As another trailer and more posters started rolling out for the summer movie, it became more and more obvious that Hathaway's Diane Kluger would be the eighth member of the con.

Take a look:

Kluger appeared alongside the other women looking very much like a member of the team in posters. 

oceans 8 poster anne hathaway

In the most recent trailer, Kluger appeared to be in on the heist while she was seen interrogated by James Corden. She's also seen hanging on the subway at the end of the teaser with the rest of the women. 

It's actually silly that the below image was ever released since it's from one of the final scenes of "Ocean's 8."

oceans 8

Then there are the theater pop ups which also show Kluger as one of the women in on the con.

oceans 8 poster

But the poster that really shocked me was when Warner Bros. put eight giant posters up in Times Square, New York City assigning each member of the team a number. 

oceans posters

There was Hathaway's Kluger labeled with the number three. Not even the number eight as the eighth member of the con! 

anne hathaway oceans 8

The secret was out. 

Knowing that Kluger was in on the con before going into the movie took any added mystery out of the movie. Kluger's reveal isn't until very late in the film. So unless you've avoided all posters and trailers for this movie, you're most likely sitting through "Ocean's 8" waiting for Daphne to either reveal she was in on the heist the entire time or for her to be clued in on the robbery plot.

While frustrating, it shouldn't hurt the movie's haul. Analysts are expecting the movie to bring $35-$40 million at the box office this weekend — a number that's in line with previous "Ocean's" movies. And it should. It's an entertaining movie like "Ocean's 11" and "Ocean's 13." 

There are a few cameos throughout the film which will delight and surprise, but I think the film could have an even bigger debut if WB marketed the movie with a mystery around the eighth member of the heist instead of selling it purely as an all-female spin on a movie we've seen three times before. 

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'Ocean's 8' leaves a big mystery about Danny Ocean up in the air — here are 4 theories on what happened to him


oceans 12 george clooney

Warning: There are major spoilers ahead about "Ocean's 8."

"Ocean's 8" wants you to think Danny Ocean is dead, but we're not convinced. 

The prequel spin-off of the "Ocean's 11" franchise starts and ends with Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock) acknowledging her brother's supposed death. 

At a parole hearing she appears to sarcastically say, "May he rest in peace," before visiting his grave and warning him, "You better be in there."

debbie ocean oceans 8

At the movie's end, she seems slightly more convinced. She pours herself a martini while telling her bro he'd be proud of the heist they pulled off. 

But we're not believing the con man went out at the age of 55 — at least not without a good story.

Trailers ahead of the film's release teased Danny's death by showing Debbie drinking at his tomb. After two hours in theaters, "Ocean's 8" never tells us more than we knew going in to the movie.  

What exactly were the circumstances of Danny's mysterious death? No idea.

oceans 11 danny rusty

The movie teases viewers with that dangling carrot the entire movie. Several times Ocean is brought up throughout the film and each time it's either because one of the "Ocean's 8" members are giving condolences to Debbie or because someone is skeptical that he's really gone. (As they should be!)

I sat through the credits along with other audience members at a press screening in the event Danny made an unexpected cameo, but came up empty handed. 

But before we get to why Danny probably isn't dead, let's entertain the possibility that he's actually in that New Jersey tomb. In the event Danny really did bite the bullet, here are the two, maybe three, logical explanations we can think of for his demise. He had some enemies after all. 

Likely: Willy Bank had him killed.

willy bank oceans 13

This is the most logical explanation. Bank warned Danny not to mess with him in "Ocean's 13." Then, he ruined the opening night of his new casino and stole over $250 million in diamond necklaces from him anyway. 

Bank certainly has enough reasons to want Danny dead. It wouldn't be the first time someone came after Danny. Terry Benedict came after him and his pals in "Ocean's 12" after they robbed his casino in "Ocean's 11." Wouldn't it only be fitting that Banks tried to get revenge as well?

Possible, but unlikely: Terry Benedict had him killed.

terry benedict

Benedict already went after Ocean and his crew once in "Ocean's 12," but they all called a momentary truce to work together against a common enemy, Willy Bank, in the following movie. 

The two aren't best friends or anything. (Benedict tried to cross Danny in the end.) But, the two didn't seem to harbor ill feelings toward each other the last time we saw them, even though Danny gave away his share of the heist to charity. 

Most unlikely: François Toulour killed him.

francois toulour

François Toulour (Vincent Cassel) is another thief introduced in "Ocean's 12" who goes by the name Night Fox. 

He ended up getting duped by the team. While that may give him reason to get revenge, he was trying to outfox and hijack their original heist. Plus, he just doesn't strike us as a killer. 

What's more likely: Danny is alive and faked his death.

danny ocean oceans 11

We bet Al Pacino's Willy Bank really does seek revenge on Danny Ocean after robbing him. Danny and the crew probably had to go underground. We wouldn't be surprised if Danny had to go to such extremes as faking his own death to get off of Bank's grid. 

While "Ocean's 8" doesn't reveal anything about the circumstances of Danny's supposed death, pay close attention to Reuben's conversation with Debbie near the film's start. 

Reuben tells Debbie the group thought it would be best that he was the one who spoke with her. Maybe it would look least suspicious?

Debbie then asks what "he" thought of the Met Gala heist plan without mentioning any names.

"He said it was brilliant," says Reuben. "And you would probably end up in prison." 

Though they don't reveal any names, it's pretty clear they're both speaking about Debbie's brother Danny. At the film's end, she returns to Danny's tomb to tell him he would have been proud of how the heist went down.

The only problem is that we're not certain when Reuben was told the plan was brilliant.

Debbie said she's been working on this plan for the five years in prison and Danny supposedly died in 2018. If he knew about the plan before Debbie got out of prison, then that would've been before he died. But if she had sent the plan to him as she was getting out of prison, then it would mean he's still alive.

Either way, it's tough to imagine Danny Ocean is actually dead. You just don't get rid of Clooney offscreen. 

tess danny ocean

That's the cheap and easy way to retcon a multi-million dollar franchise. 

We're sure Danny Ocean is off on some island sipping drinks alongside his wife Tess. And the studio is waiting to see what the box-office haul of "Ocean's 8" is to see if the two should appear in any potential sequels.

You can follow along with our "Ocean's 8" coverage here.

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The co-founder of Pixar is leaving Disney, months after allegations of inappropriate behavior (DIS)


john lasseter pixar disney

  • Pixar cofounder John Lasseter is not returning to Disney following the six-month leave of absence he started in November, the company says. 
  • Lasseter's sabbatical was announced shortly before The Hollywood Reporter reported on employee allegations of inappropriate workplace behavior from the exec. In a memo to employees at the time, Lasseter referred to his behavior as "missteps."
  • Lasseter's alleged behavior came into the public eye right in the middle of the #MeToo movement.  

Disney announced on Friday that Pixar cofounder John Lasseter will not be returning to the company at the conclusion of his six-month sabbatical — a sabbatical he began in late 2017, right before employee allegations of misconduct from Lasseter were reported in the press. 

Originally reported by The New York Times, Lasseter will take on a consulting role at Disney for the rest of the year, after which, he will depart completely. The Times reports that he will not have an office at Disney in the interim. 

In a statement to Business Insider provided by Disney, Lasseter says that the sabbatical gave a chance to "reflect on my life, career and personal priorities," and that "I have decided the end of this year is the right time to begin focusing on new creative challenges."

Disney CEO Bob Iger also issued a statement, praising Lasseter for his "remarkable tenure at Pixar and Disney Animation," and said that the company is "profoundly grateful for his contributions."

Lasseter confirmed in an internal memo last November that he was taking a six-month leave in November. His memo came shortly before the Hollywood Reporter published an investigative story about employee allegations of inappropriate behavior on the part of Lasseter, including "grabbing, kissing, making comments about physical attributes."

"I've been giving a lot of thought to the leader I am today compared to the mentor, advocate and champion I want to be," Lasseter wrote in the memo. "It's been brought to my attention that I have made some of you feel disrespected or uncomfortable. That was never my intent. Collectively, you mean the world to me, and I deeply apologize if I have let you down."

Lasseter is the latest entertainment executive to step down from a high-profile position following allegations of sexual misconduct, as the #MeToo movement sweeps Hollywood. 

Lasseter is best known for directing the first two installments of the "Toy Story" movies, as well as "Cars" and "A Bug's Life." In recent years, he also oversaw Walt Disney Animation Studios, and holds an executive producer credit for the smash-hit "Frozen." Pixar's "Coco" was released last Thanksgiving, shortly after Lasseter took his leave of absence, and went on to win the Oscar for best animated feature.

The full statement from John Lasseter, provided by Disney:

"The last six months have provided an opportunity to reflect on my life, career and personal priorities. While I remain dedicated to the art of animation and inspired by the creative talent at Pixar and Disney, I have decided the end of this year is the right time to begin focusing on new creative challenges. I am extremely proud of what two of the most important and prolific animation studios have achieved under my leadership and I’m grateful for all of the opportunities to follow my creative passion at Disney.”

A statement from Disney CEO Bob Iger:

“John had a remarkable tenure at Pixar and Disney Animation, reinventing the animation business, taking breathtaking risks, and telling original, high quality stories that will last forever. We are profoundly grateful for his contributions, which included a masterful and remarkable turnaround of The Walt Disney Animation Studios. One of John’s greatest achievements is assembling a team of great storytellers and innovators with the vision and talent to set the standard in animation for generations to come.”



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'Ocean's 8' scores a franchise best to win the weekend box office (TWX)


oceans 8 warner bros 2

  • "Ocean's 8" wins the weekend box office, taking in an estimated $41.5 million.
  • That's the best opening ever for the "Ocean's Eleven" franchise.

This weekend Warner Bros./Village Roadshow dusted off the "Ocean's Eleven" franchise — which worked so well for them in the early 2000s with the help of stars George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon — and set a new high for the movies thanks to an all-female cast.

Starring Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Sarah Paulson, Mindy Kaling, and Rihanna, "Ocean's 8" took in an estimated $41.5 million to win the weekend domestic box office.

That's a record high for the franchise, passing 2004's $39.1 million opening. That movie went on to earn $362.7 million worldwide. If the studio can take in that kind of coin for "Ocean's 8" it will be very pleased. A lot has changed since 2004, specifically the kinds of movies studios will get behind.

In the current superhero binge by the studios, the majors are ignoring most genres, making the "Ocean's 8" opening a refreshing sight.

The last major opening by an all-female reboot of a franchise was Sony's "Ghostbusters" in 2016. Completely banished by the core fans of the franchise who didn't see a reason for the beloved movies from the 1980s starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis to be given the all-female cast relaunch, the movie only took in $229.1 million worldwide for its lifetime box office. It was a disappointing return for a movie that had a production budget of $144 million.

So what did "Ocean's 8" do right? Well, the movie's extremely modest $70 million budget is one thing. The pressure to be a major hit wasn't on its shoulders like it was for "Ghostbusters." And it wasn't trying to relaunch a franchise that has such a traditionalist fan base.

It will be interesting to see how "Ocean's" performs going forward with titles like "Incredibles 2" and "Jurassic Wold: Fallen Kingdom" coming to theaters in the coming weeks.

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10 movies released this year that critics loved but audiences didn't, including the unsettling horror film 'Hereditary'


oceans 8 Sandra bullock

There's a huge disconnect between critics and audiences in the entertainment world.

Many times, audiences love something that critics hate. But every now and then, critics love a movie a lot more than the audiences do. This includes A24's most recent release "Hereditary," a horror film so terrifying that it scared some prominent directors including Barry Jenkins ("Moonlight") and Edgar Wright ("Baby Driver").

Critics are gushing over "Hereditary" for its unsettling horror and Toni Collette's career-best performance. It has a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But audiences aren't as into it given its 53% audience score on the site.

Although the difference is not quite as stark, critics also liked another release from this past weekend more than audiences did: "Ocean's 8."

We collected 10 movies from 2018 that have a much higher Rotten Tomatoes score from critics than audiences. While some of the audience scores are quite positive, there's a difference from the critics score of over 15 percent, which is substantial. We ranked them from the biggest score difference to the smallest.

Here are 10 movies from 2018 that critics loved a lot more than audiences did, from "Hereditary" to "Blockers":

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"A Fantastic Woman"

Description: Marina, a transgender woman who works as a waitress and moonlights as a nightclub singer, is bowled over by the death of her older boyfriend.

Released: February 2

Critic score: 94%

Audience Score: 78%

Difference: 16%

"You Were Never Really Here"

Description: A traumatized veteran, unafraid of violence, tracks down missing girls for a living. When a job spins out of control, Joe's nightmares overtake him as a conspiracy is uncovered leading to what may be his death trip or his awakening.

Released: April 6

Critic score: 86%

Audience Score: 69%

Difference: 17%


Description: A young woman is involuntarily committed to a mental institution, where she is confronted by her greatest fear — but is it real or a product of her delusion?

Released: March 23

Critic score: 79%

Audience Score: 61%

Difference: 18%

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28 stars you didn't know were in the 'Star Wars' movies


Kiera Knightley Phantom Menace

The galaxy far, far away is huge. It's full of many planets, many people, many ships, many Ewoks, and other species, which means a lot of actors.

Over the past 40 years, famous actors of all generations have appeared in "Star Wars" movies, and some of their roles were so quick that you probably missed them. And some performers made their "Star Wars" appearances years before they got famous, so even if you saw them, you probably didn't know who they were at the time. 

Here are the 28 people you probably didn't know were in "Star Wars" movies, from "The Phantom Menace" to "Solo: A Star Wars Story."


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Keira Knightley

Years before gaining fame for her major role in "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl," Knightley appeared in "The Phantom Menace" as Sabé, a handmaiden to Queen Padmé Amidala. For most of the movie, Sabé poses as the Queen of Naboo. 

Sofia Coppola

The director had a small role as Saché, another handmaiden to Queen Padmé Amidala in "Phantom Menace." The same year, her feature-length directorial debut, "The Virgin Suicides," came out to acclaim.

Rose Byrne

The star of "Neighbors" and "X-Men: First Class" was in "Attack of the Clones" as Dormé, a handmaiden to Senator Padmé Amidala. 

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The 'Incredibles 2' is just as good as the original, 14 years later


incredibles family

Warning: There are mild spoilers ahead for "Incredibles 2."

The wait is almost over. 

"Incredibles 2" is in theaters Friday and it's well worth the 14-year wait since the original film's 2004 release.

The sequel starts right where the last film left off, with the Incredible family going after the Underminer who appeared at the end of the original movie. 

Though superheroes are banned, Helen Parr/Mrs. Incredible (Holly Hunter) is recruited for a job to help bring heroes back into the limelight. So this time, roles are reversed in the sequel. Mrs. Incredible is out fighting crime while Mr. Incredible stays at their nice new home to watch over the kids and see if he can tackle Helen's job as a homemaker. (Spoiler: As he learns, it's tougher than it looks.)

Amid balancing family and work, the Incredibles' soon discover there's a sinister force working to keep superheroes underground, and it's a problem they can only solve together as a team.

Why to see it: All of your favorites are back. 

frozone incredibles 2

If you were a fan of the original, just about everyone is back from the original movie. Director Brad Bird returned to write the new script and direct so the sequel is in safe hands. And the entire cast from Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter to Samuel L. Jackson has returned. The one exception is Dash. (He's now played by Huck Milner.)

Unless you know that detail you can barely tell the difference.

Plus, there are a few new faces. If you're a "Breaking Bad"— or "Better Call Saul"— fan, both Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Bank join the cast in new roles.

What's hot: The animation and baby Jack-Jack steals the show.

incredibles 2

From the moment the Parr family suits up to fight the Underminer, one thing's clear. The animation is leagues ahead of the first movie. Pixar takes the opening minutes of the movie to show off the scope of how far we've come since the original 2004 film as a giant drill goes underneath the city to rob a bank and Frozone uses his ice powers to try and stop it in its tracks.

mr incredible

But the true scene-stealer of this movie is Jack-Jack. Mr. Incredible has a tough time taking care of the youngest Parr because the moment his mom goes off to her fancy new job, he shows off several super abilities of his own. At first, Mr. Incredible is an ecstatic proud papa, but he soon grows tired and worrisome as he loses the baby in another dimension and tries to soothe the baby with cookies so he doesn't become a small demon. If you've seen any of the trailers, you've probably already been won over by the toddler. One of his best scenes involves getting mixed up with a raccoon.

The Pixar team did a really great job of not giving away too much of the movie in the trailers. Even if you've watched everything, you've probably been focused on the return of the Incredibles or the adorable cuteness of Jack-Jack's many powers to think about much else. 

I don't want to give a lot away about the movie. Part of what made it so enjoyable was going in to this sequel with little knowledge, but the film has a few good messages for kids. And there are a few jokes parents will chuckle over which may go over the little one's heads. A favorite comes early in the film when the Incredibles are berated for trying to save the city from the Underminer. All the city is worried about is the damage they inflicted, which could have been covered by insurance if they did nothing. The audience is told, "the government doesn't understand people who do good because it's right," a message which seems to apply to more than just the movie.

Young girls will be inspired by seeing so much focus on a female superhero with Mrs. Incredible in the spotlight. I think this is one of the few superhero movies where you see female heroes have more screen time than their male counterparts and boy is it refreshing. 

incredibles elastigirl

There's also an incredibly tender moment between Mr. Incredible and his daughter, Violet, which may bring a tear to your eye, or at least be felt by any father who has tried to go to extreme lengths for his little girl.

What's not: The movie could be a little shorter.

incredibles 2

At an hour and 58 minutes, "Incredibles 2" feels a bit long and maybe that's because it's Pixar's longest movie to date. Granted, it's only two minutes longer than the original "Incredibles," but that's still a long movie to get through if you're bringing kids to the theaters. Most animated movies are around 90 minutes. Make any bathroom stops before heading into the theater.

A lot of the movie is setup, taking a long time to get to the movie's villain. And that's not a terrible thing. You may sit there wondering when the big threat is coming. But once you get a whiff of it, you'll probably be able to predict who the villain is pretty easily. 

Despite the sequel's length, there weren't any moments where I felt bored sitting through the sequel. The tradeoff is getting to see Mrs. Incredible in all her superhero glory. We know she has the ability to stretch, but the movie tests the limits of her abilities. The upgrades in technology over the years really let the Pixar team flex their muscles and show that she never needed Mr. Incredible to stop the bad guys. She has some moves of her own.

mrs incredible incredibles 2

If you're a Marvel fan, you may feel like you're experiencing some déjà vu watching the film. There's talk of an international superhero accord to bring back superheroes after they were banned. It feels like a giant callback to "Captain America: Civil War." (There they sign a superhero registration act called the Slokovia Accords.)

The movie also could have used a bit more of Edna Moda (who is voiced by director Brad Bird), the world-renowned fashion designer who whips together the family's super suits. She steals a few short scenes of this movie, but feels underutilized. A lot of early marketing surrounding the movie was focused on Moda, so we thought we would be seeing more of her.

Overall: This is a sequel worth the wait and a perfect outing for Father's Day.

incredibles 2 family

Fourteen years is a long time to wait for an animated sequel. Most fans have probably been waiting at least half their lives (let that sink in) for this movie to come out. 

If you're not tired of superheroes just yet, the Incredibles will please working parents who work hard to maintain a balance of family and work, the teenager who complains their parents are ruining their lives, and the kid who yearns to be noticed by their hero. The result is a solid superhero movie with a sweet message about family.

Head out with the family next weekend for this one.

Grade: B+

Watch a trailer for "Incredibles 2" below.

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