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Martin Scorsese Sued By Producers For Putting Off Making A Movie For Over 22 Years



Talk about procrastination.

Director Martin Scorsese and his production company Sikelia are being sued by Cecchi Gori Pictures for not making a movie he agreed to film 22 years ago.

The proposed film is an adaptation of the book "Silence," which Scorsese allegedly agreed to co-produce and direct in 1990, as soon as he finished working on "Kundun," which was released in 1997. 

The suit then alleges Scorsese arranged to postpone the project until after completing 2006's "The Departed," 2010's "Shutter Island," and 2011's "Hugo."

Upon news that the director planned to next shoot "The Wolf of Wall Street," Cecchi Gori, notified Scorsese of the alleged breach of contract.

Cecchi Gori, who have produced films such as "Seven" and "A Bronx Tale," is now suing for unpaid fees on "Hugo" and any other movies made before "Silence."

The producers want a flat fee of $1.5 million, as well as the value of Scorsese's producer title on "Hugo" and 20 percent of his back-end on Oscar-winning "Hugo," according to TMZ.

Looks like we're going to be waiting a long time for "Departed 2." 

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WATCH: This Regular Guy Convinced Times Square He Was A Celebrity



If you saw a guy being followed by cameras and security, would you follow him too? Would you take a picture with him? Would you say you loved his new hit single, or role in "Spider-Man?" 

That's the theory 21-year old New Yorker Brett Cohen put to the test in Times Square on July 27, and the results were pretty funny—and a little disturbing. 

"They'll have no idea who I am or where I'm from," said Cohen, "but they're all going to fall for it."

Celebrity culture at its finest, people!

Check out the video below:

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'Dark Knight Rises' Sold 12M Fewer Tickets Than Tim Burton's Original 'Batman'


batmanWe told you movie tickets were more expensive than ever!

$400 million and counting at the domestic box office may seem fantastic for "The Dark Knight Rises," but there's still 91 films that sold more tickets—including some unexpected movies like 1946's "Duel in the Sun," 1953's "The Robe," and 1965's "Doctor Zhivago."

A little time on Box Office Mojo shows that the finale to Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy is on pace to not only finish behind "The Dark Knight," but well behind Tim Burton's 1989 film as well, Movies.com noticed

Nolan's finale sold 12 million tickets less than Burton's original, which in turn sold 12 million less than "Dark Knight." To be fair, "Rises" will likely bring that figure down to 10 million by the time it finishes its run, but take a look at the three movies' ticket sales:

1. "The Dark Knight" (2008) — 74,282,100 (average ticket price: $7.18)

2. "Batman" (1989) — 62,954,600 (atp: $3.97)

3. "The Dark Knight Rises" (2012) — 50,635,700 (tap: $8.02)

How does that translate into box office? Check out their total domestic grosses (Note: "Rises" is still in theaters):

1. "The Dark Knight" — $533,345,358

2. "The Dark Knight Rises" — $412,665,020

3. "Batman" — $251,188,924

But when adjusted for ticket inflation, those numbers shift, moving "Batman" ahead of "Rises" and "Dark Knight" close to the final gross of this year's biggest hit, "The Avengers," ($618 million) which benefitted from 3D surcharges:

1. "The Dark Knight" — $595,742,300

2. "Batman" — $504,896,000

3. "The Dark Knight Rises" — $407,582,900

The record holder is 1939's "Gone with the Wind" with over 200 million tickets sold. That's a far more impressive looking number than its $198 million domestic gross, and puts it miles past "Titanic" (135 million), "Avatar" (97 million), and this year's biggest hit, "The Avengers" (76 million).

Don't feel too bad for Nolan's latest, though. Overseas, "Rises" has already surpassed "Dark Knight's" overseas grosses and is still going strong.  

Just know that while ticket prices continue to rise, box office records will continue to break, even though less people will have seen the movies. Ticket sales is a gauge that will withstand time and inflation, and it's unlikely any film will ever break the "Gone with the Wind's" record.  

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Reboots We Hope Never Make It To The Big Screen [Infographic]


With 2012 having remakes of "Spider-Man" and "Total Recall," along with next year's "Superman," reboots are among the biggest money makers right now in Hollywood.  

However, not all of them should be made, and not all of them do well in theaters. Ahem, "The Three Stooges."

The guys over at Jest get that, and put together a "scientific chart" called "The Reboot Grid" which tells us the likelihood of whether or not a future reboot may rock.  

"Citizen Kane" with Peter Dinklage? No thanks. "Death Wish" "with Jason Statham or something"? Now we're talking. 

Check it out below: 

reboot grid

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Judge Declares Director Barry Sonnenfeld Owes His Former Agency $325K For 'Men In Black 3"



Director Barry Sonnenfeld owes his former agency, United Talent Agency (UTA), $325,000—its cut of his fee on his last film "Men in Black 3," reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Despite the fact that he left the agency, arbitration earlier this year determined Sonnenfeld owed UTA its share of his compensation for the film.

UTA brokered the deal for Sonnenfeld to direct the original "Men in Black" back in 1995 for a fee of $3.25 million, with UTA receiving a 10 percent commission. Sonnenfeld left the agency for Creative Artists Agency (CAA) shortly after.

When Sonnenfeld agreed to direct "Men in Black 2," CAA brokered him a $20 million fee, but he still had to pay UTA the same 10 percent of the original deal, $325,000. 

With "Men in Black 3," U.S District Court Judge S. James Otero ordered Sonnenfeld again pay UTA 10 percent on $3.25 million of his $7 million directing fee.

Sonnenfeld argued that the deal brokered on "MiB3" was "from scratch" since Columbia Pictures looked into hiring other directors for the job, but back in March arbitrator Howard Weitzman determined Sonnenfeld still owed his former agency.

Despite Sonnenfeld's disagreement, Otero held up Weitzman's decision.

"Men in Black 3" stars Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, and Josh Brolin. The pic debuted over Memorial Day weekend and has since grossed over $621 million worldwide. 

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Martin Scorsese Calls Film Postponement Lawsuit 'Absurd'



Director Martin Scorsese has responded to the lawsuit filed against him regarding not making a film he supposedly promised to do, calling it "absurd," reports The Wrap.

On Wednesday, Cecchi Gori Pictures sued the director and his production company for not directing an adaptation of the novel "Silence," which he allegedly said he would do following the filming of 2011's "Hugo."

Scorsese released a statement on Friday:

It is shocking to us that the lawyers for Cecchi Gori Pictures would file a suit pursuing such absurd claims considering the amicable working relationship existing between Martin Scorsese and the principals of Cecchi Gori Pictures.The claims asserted are completely contradicted by, inconsistent with, and contrary to the express terms of an agreement entered into by the parties last year. 

The lawsuit was filed on the eve of Mr. Scorsese starting another picture [The Wolf of Wall Street] has all the earmarks of a media stunt.  

Mr. Scorsese is confident that he will prevail in court should Cecchi Gori Pictures actually pursue this meritless action.

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This Week In Movie Trailers: Rachel McAdams Shows Off 'Passion' For Brian De Palma And More


Rachel-McAdams, Noomie-Rapace

In this week's trailers, Rachel McAdams and Noomie Rapace play two competing corporate women doing anything to get ahead, while Nicolas Cage adds two new action pics to his resumé.

Plus, Jennifer Garner and Olivia Wilde play with butter, and a baseball documentary for die hard fans.  

Also, a powerful trailer for a possible Oscar contender about one family's struggle for survival during the 2004 tsunami. 

"Lawless" — August 29 (Red Band)

Sometimes a movie needs a red band trailer to show audiences how gritty it really is. This is one of those times. 

The "Lawless" red band trailer provides the striking visuals and gritty violence that one would expect from the film, but have been unable to see in past advertising.  If you were hesitant about the Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy Prohibition pic, it may change your mind. 

"Butter" — September 4

This movie is guaranteed to be the best butter-related low budget ensemble comedy with political undertones of the fall.

With a cast including Jennifer Garner, Ty Burrell, Olivia Wilde, Rob Cordry, and Hugh Jackman, this comedy is definitely worth checking out. 

"Stolen" — September 14

The first Nicolas Cage film on this week's list co-stars Malin Akerman and a grunged-down Josh Lucas. With a $35 million budget, the film will have to rely on overseas grosses for any hope of breaking even.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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Theaters Saw The Lowest-Grossing Weekend Of The Year—Here's Your Box-Office Roundup


the expendables chuck norris

With summer nearly over, there wasn't anticipation for much—save one shocker—at the box office this weekend. And, the numbers prove it.  

The top ten this weekend amounted to $76 million at theaters. The box office hasn't had a weekend this low since early February when the top ten grossed $88 million.  

Despite Joseph Gordon-Levitt's star power this summer in "The Dark Knight Rises," new film "Premium Rush,"  which mixes the concepts of "Crank" and "Speed" on a bike, more than underperformed.  

Instead, Disney's "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" earned more than every new film this weekend.  

Despite all the red, not all was bad news. The anti-Obama film "2016 Obama's America" earned the title of highest-grossing conservative documentary. 

Out of the top ten this week include Whitney Houston's "Sparkle," "Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days," and Colin Farrell's "Total Recall" remake.  

And, horror flick "Apparition" about a supernatural presence didn't make it into the top ten in its first week. 

Here are this week's winners and losers at the box office:  

10. Kristen Bell's "Hit and Run" about a young couple was a miss at theaters with $4.6 million. The film earned more than its measly budget of $2 million.  

9. "Hope Springs" pitting Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones as a struggling couple trying to make things work dropped one spot this weekend with $6 million. With a 34.1 percent dip, the film dropped the least of any other movie from last week. 

8. "2016 Obama's America" was up more than 400 percent during its wide release weekend. The documentary brought in $6.2 million.  

7. "Premium Rush" starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt barely made it past the Obama flick with $6.3 million. The film cost an estimated $35 million to produce. 

6. "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" earned $7.1 million in week two, earning more than every new film out this week. In two weeks, the Disney film about a little boy from a garden made $27 million. 

5. "The Dark Knight Rises" barely beat out Disney's green thumb grossing $7.15 million. To date, the Caped Crusader has earned $941.1 million worldwide.  

4. Will Ferrell's "The Campaign" holds steady in the number four spot earning $7.4 million. In three weeks, the comedy's $64.5 million in domestic earnings are less than Ferrell's last big funny flick "The Other Guys" which earned $88.2 million at the end of the same week.  

3. "ParaNorman" stays near the top in week two with $8.5 million. The stop-motion animation has now grossed $28.2 million domestic, slightly behind 2009's similar film "Coraline" which earned $35 million in two weeks. 

2. "The Bourne Legacy" dropped a big 46 percent to end the weekend with $9.3 million. The film's current $85 million gross will come no where near the other "Bourne" films in the franchise. "The Bourne Identity" earned $121.7 million at the box office. 

1. "The Expendables 2" lead the pack again with $13.5 million; however, it's a bittersweet win. At this point, the film is behind its predecessor's ten-day domestic mark of $65.4 million with $52.3 m. The film's estimated budget was $100 million.  

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Here's What 'Obama's America'—The Doc That Has Conservative America Abuzz—Is All About


Barack Obama

Conservative filmmakers Dinesh D’Souza and John Sullivan's anti-President Obama documentary "2016: Obama's America" has grossed over $9 million at the box office since its limited release last month—making it the most lucrative documentary of 2012 and the sixth most successful political doc of all time, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

After being heavily promoted on talk radio and distributed by Rocky Mountain Pictures, the nationwide expansion of "Obama's America" from 169 to 1,091 screens, was craftily timed to coincide with the Republican National Convention—which was set to commence today before tropical storm Isaac made an unexpected appearance.

But the storm isn't slowing down the doc's surprising success at the box office, with it just beating Weinstein's "Bully," which has earned $3.5 million thus far, to become the top-grossing documentary of the year.

So what's all the fuss about?

"Obama's America," which is based on conservative author Dinesch D'Souza's book "The Roots of Obama's Rage" and challenges the president's record, explores what D'Souza claims the nation will be like should President Obama get re-elected.

The film even includes an interview with the president's half brother, George Obama.

Produced for a reported $2.1 million, "Obama's America" "earned $6.2 million over the past three days for a per-screen average of $5,940—the best of any film in wide release, including the No. 1 film, 'Expendables 2,'" according to The Wrap.

It is also now the top conservative documentary of all time, beating out 2008's education/intelligent design doc "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed," which took in $7.7 million.

The tagline for "Obama's America" is "Love Him. Hate Him. You Don't Know Him." Decide how you feel about him and the film below.

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Fandango Sees A Rise in Mobile Ticket Sales: Fandango announced nearly 30% of all ticket sales for summer 2012 ...

Shia LeBeouf Admits To Dropping Acid For New Role


Shia LabeoufTalk about method acting, Shia LeBeouf's devotion to his craft has reached a whole new level.

To prep for his new film "The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman," LeBeouf admits he actually took acid for a scene in which his character does the same.

“There’s a way to do an acid trip like 'Harold & Kumar,' and there’s a way to be on acid,” LaBeouf tells USA Today. “What I know of acting, Sean Penn actually strapped up to that (electric) chair in 'Dead Man Walking.' These are the guys that I look up to.”

But, the actor warns, “Sometimes, it does get real ... Too real for a (director) who’s trying to keep a diplomatic set.”

In the upcoming Lars Von Trier film "Nymphomaniac," LaBeaouf has also said he will have actual sex for a scene, and in this month's "Lawless," he gets drunk off of moonshine. 

The actor recently left the "Transformers" franchise to focus on independent films. But he says the pay cut from his past blockbuster paychecks doesn't bother him.

"If I could give the money back and get all the credibility in the world that I'm seeking, I would do it tomorrow," LaBeouf told the paper. "In a heartbeat."

Hopefully his real-life depictions of acid trips, drunkenness, and sex will help the former Disney channel child star reach his goal of legitimacy.

“There are rules,” admits LaBeouf. “I have ethics, I’m not completely out of my mind.”

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'Dark Knight' Can't Rise Above 'Spider-Man' In China Theaters


the dark knight batman

Batman's no match for Spider-Man at the box office ... in China.

According to Variety, "The Amazing Spider-Man" out earned "The Dark Knight Rises" by more than a million dollars on the film's opening day Monday. 

Sony's "Amazing Spider-Man" reboot grossed $5.4 million compared to Warner Bros. $4.5 million total for the final film in its Batman franchise. 

Spider-man has an additional 415 theaters, 3-D screenings and a shorter viewing time (Spidey is nearly a half hour shorter than "TDKR" allowing for more screenings) to thank for its win over The Dark Knight. 

Despite not beating out Spidey, "TDKR" does take the title of highest 2D opening for a Warner Bros. film in China, knocking out all of the films from the Harry Potter franchise.

Both movies premiered the same day in an effort by China Film Group, who oversees distribution of imported films, to limit the effect of U.S. films on the country's box office.

In the United States, "The Dark Knight Rises" opened to a weekend estimate of $160 million, nearly $100 million more than "The Amazing Spider-Man" earned domestically its first weekend.

However, the Caped Crusader is still beating the web slinger in total gross revenue overseas, and is inching closer and closer to hitting the billion dollar mark.

Let's look at a head-to-head of the figures side-by-side: 

"The Dark Knight Rises"                 "The Amazing Spider-Man"

Opening Weekend (US):                  $161 million                                       $62 million

Domestic Gross:                              $422 million                                        $258 million

Foreign:                                             $519 million                                        $446.5 million

Worldwide:                                        $941 million                                        $704.8 million

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Watch A Deleted Opening Scene From 'The Avengers'


the avengers deleted scene

Just when you thought "The Avengers," which has now earned more than $1.4 billion worldwide, left no stone unturned, we get a look at a deleted scene from this summer's biggest blockbuster. 

Yesterday, Yahoo! released an exclusive opening scene left out of the final film that will be available on the Blu-ray when it's released September 25th. 

After taking a watch, we can see why the scene was scrapped from the final cut. 

Taking place 48 hours after the film's final scene, Cobie Smulder's character, Agent Maria Hill, gives an account of the firestorm on NYC making it appear as if the gathering of the superheroes was a mistake, when, in the end, the group's convergence was just the opposite.  

The scene gives a disjointed feeling to the outcome of the rest of the film which would have played out as a giant flashback.  

Watch the alternate opening below:

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Here's What 'The Expendables 2' Would Look Like If Made By Pixar


Forget Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.  

Before the two geared up for "The Expendables," there was the incredible duo of Buzz and Woody.  

IGN posted a fake trailer mashing together the "Toy Story" franchise with the summer action thriller.  

The nearly two-and a half minute trailer compiles every action and dramatic scene from the Pixar series combining it with the voice over from the "Expendables 2" trailer. 

Watch the mashup below: 

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Will Anyone Watch A 'Beverly Hills Cop' TV Show?


beverly hills cop II eddie murphy

We will finally see the return of Eddie Murphy as Detective Axel Foley … on television.  

A "Beverly Hills Cop" series sequel is in the works with Murphy and "The Shield" creator Shawn Ryan in the driver's seats.  

Murphy previously quashed ongoing rumors of a fourth "Beverly Hills Cop" film last year in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine when he said movie plans were off the table.  

Despite his previous statements, the actor did hint that a television series was in the works. 

Currently, both Murphy and Ryan are pitching their hour-long "Beverly Hills" spinoff to networks including ABC, Fox, NBC, and CBS, according to Deadline, seeing Murphy returning as Foley. 

However, do people have any interest in another tired television adaptation, and one with Murphy in a lead role? 

ABC's attempt at rebooting late '70s classic, "Charlie's Angels" last year was met with sour reception after taking cues from the successful film franchise starring Drew Barrymore.  

The show, which Barrymore co-produced, was cancelled after the airing of four episodes.  

NBC's "Bionic Woman" reboot met a similar fate back in 2007.  

"Beverly Hills" faces two factors: whether interest for an '80s film franchise is still there nearly ten years after the last sequel and the sustainability of the lead actor's mainstream popularity.

Movie-goer interest in the film franchise has waned with each new sequel.  

Compare the box office earnings of the three films:

                                                      Worldwide Gross                      Opening Weekend

"Beverly Hills Cop" (1984):                   $316.3 million                             $15.2 million

"Beverly Hills Cop II" (1987):                $299.9 million                             $26.3 million

"Beverly Hills Cop III" (1994):               $119.2 million                             $12.4 million

In addition, a look at ill-fated hour-long "Charlie's Angels" may suggest the potential action comedy may lend itself better in a half-hour slot.  

As for Murphy, the actor hasn't been a Hollywood favorite at the box office in the past few years.  

His latest film, "A Thousand Words," in which Murphy can only say that number of words before his death, was the latest film to receive a score of zero on film ranking site Rotten Tomatoes.  

Taking "Shrek" films out of the formula, Murphy's films have seen a decline in success at theaters since 2003's "Daddy Day Care" and "The Haunted Mansion."  

Here's a look at the worldwide grosses of his past six films: 

"Norbit" (2007): $159.3 million 

"Meet Dave" (2008): $50.6 million ($11.8 million domestic) 

"Imagine That" (2009): $22.9 million 

"Tower Heist" (2011): $152.9 million ($78 million domestic) 

Granted, Murphy's 2006 "Dreamgirls" grossed more than $103 million domestically; however, audiences flocked to theaters to see Beyoncé and Jennifer Hudson's debut film instead of the comedian in a serious role. 

When the show inevitably takes off, what will it be about?  

Murphy originally told Rolling Stone a TV show would focus on Foley's son with Axel as the chief of police. 

"I'd do the pilot, show up here and there. None of the movie scripts were right; it was trying to force this premise," said Murphy. "If you have to force something, you shouldn't be doing it. It was always a rehash of the old thing. It was always wrong." 

Hopefully, this time, Murphy got it right.

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Ryan Gosling To Make Directorial Debut With 'How To Catch A Monster'


ryan gosling toronto film festivalActor, screenwriter, director—is there anything Ryan Gosling can't do?

Gosling begins directing his first feature film, "How To Catch A Monster"—which he also wrote!—in the spring of 2013, according to a new press release on Deadline.

The film will reunite Gosling with his "Drive" co-star and "Mad Men" actress, Christina Hendricks, who will play the leading role of Billy, a single mother of two.

The modern day sci-fi fairytale involves elements of both the underworld and underwater world.

"We responded immediately to Ryan's script, and look forward to nurturing the next phase of his career," said Michel Litvak, who is helping to finance the project through Bold Films.

christina hendricksGosling is also working alongside his "Drive" producer Marc Platt, who released a statement saying:

He [Gosling] has composed a beautifully haunting script and has a very clear vision of how he will bring it to life. His ability to draw audiences into his world as an actor will serve him well as a filmmaker.

Gosling can next be seen in "The Place Beyond The Pines," starring alongside Bradley Cooper and his real-life girlfriend, Eva Mendes.

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Watch A Deleted Captain America Scene From 'The Avengers'


stan lee the avengers

Earlier this week, we received a look at a deleted opening sequence from "The Avengers."  

Now, we're getting a look at another scene featuring Captain America's alter ego, Steve Rogers where our superhero reflects over a second lease on life. 

We get why the somber clip was removed from the film – too much attention on Roger's missed years bogs down an otherwise upbeat film. (It's as if we're watching a singular "Captain America" sequel rather than an "Avengers" movie.) 

However, what makes this worthwhile is a hilarious cameo by Stan Lee.  

Spot him at the 2:30 mark below.  

The DVD goes on sale September 25. 

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Wait…Did You Know Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom Was A Prequel?



Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomOne of your favorite movies from childhood is a lie!

OK, not a lie. 

But you're remembering it wrong!

Over on ESPN's Grantland.com, they're hosting a contest called Sequeltology. It's a tournament to decide the best sequel of all time.

Grantland does a podcast, and during this week's episode they talked about the contest.

Eventually the conversation turned to one of the bigger sequels from the 1980s – "Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom."

You will remember it as the one where the guy rips out someone's heart and eats it.


I learned something "shocking" listening to this podcast.

I learned that "Temple of Doom" is not a sequel at all. It's a prequel!

It takes place before "Raiders of Lost Ark," which came out three years earlier, in 1981.

I found confirmation of this fact on the Internet, of course.

Apparently "Temple of Doom" took place in 1935, and in the "Indiana Jones" mythology is considered Volume 23 to "Raiders"' volume 24.


This has shattered my entire understanding of the "Indiana Jones" trilogy!  

(No, I do not include the fourth "Indiana Jones" film, "Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull," to be part of the canon. Too much CGI. Too many nukes. Just bad.)

One immediate problem is this: Indiana spends most of "Raiders" professing not to believe in religion and magic, until he sees the [SPOILER] Ark opened and a guy's face gets melted off. (Still awesome).

But in "Temple of Doom," there is plenty of magic that Indiana witnesses. Did he just forget all that? (Or was this just the first sign that George Lucas is a terrible writer who punched WAY above his weight making Star Wars IV, V, and VI. Ding ding ding!)

Anyway, I can't be the only one blown away by this.

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This Weekend In Theaters – Shia LaBeouf And Obama Battle At The Box Office


jennifer biel

The long Labor Day box-office weekend is finally upon us.

Though there are no big releases, two films we'll be keeping our eyes on are gangster film "Lawless" and the anti-Obama documentary "2016: Obama's America."

In each of the two days of its release, "Lawless" has pulled in more than $1 million.

"2016: Obama" has managed to bring in $13 million since its wide release last weekend. Since it's wide debut last weekend, it has become the highest-earning doc of the year.

Horror films "Possession" and "The Tall Man" featuring Jessica Biel are also hoping to lead the pack.

However, they'll see some competition with Disney's "The Avengers" and "Brave" back in 1,700 theaters.

Highlights in new trailers out this week include, James Franco surrounded by Disney darlings Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens and Kristen Stewart's Francis Ford Coppola flick.

Out this week: "The Possession"

Estimated budget: $14 million 

Lionsgate hopes to see green releasing a low-budget horror film during a low-key weekend to dominate at theaters. It's worked for the studio in the past with low-budget film "The Last Exorcism." 

"Possession" following a demon possessed girl places its bet on Jeffrey Dean Morgan who hasn't had a big hit since "Watchmen" in 2009. The majority of his films haven't earned more than $10 million opening weekend.

Out this week: "The Tall Man"

Estimated budget: $18.2 million

Jessica Biel plays a mother looking for her missing daughter in a ghost town. Biel's horror flick has an unlikely chance of beating out her recent box-office flop "Total Recall" and is a long shot to gross more than its estimated budget. 

Out this week: "The Good Doctor"

Estimated budget: $6m

Orlando Bloom makes his first big return to theaters since "Pirates of the Caribbean: " in 2007. 

Bloom plays a young doctor who continues to keep at the heels of his female patient played by Elvis' granddaughter Riley Keough

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There's Been A Dramatic Drop In Theater To DVD Wait Time


Do you feel like DVDs of theatrical releases are coming out earlier and earlier? You're not crazy. Wait time has decreased by nearly half, according to this chart by Reddit user steve599


Using numbers from VideoETA and The-Numbers, steve599 charted the average wait time between a theatrical releases and DVD releases, with 2012 numbers going through August. He limited choices to movies that made at least $100 million in worldwide box office.

"It's really no secret that the time from theatrical release to DVD release is much shorter than it used to be," he wrote. "But I wanted to know how much shorter."

Different factors could have contributed to the shortened time, from worries of piracy to more poor-performing movies that end up on DVD much faster. Whatever the reason, it's clear there's been a change in the way theaters and studios are handling releases. 

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