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WATCH: It's A Vampire Showdown In The First 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn—Part 2' Trailer


twilight breaking dawn 2

Vampires, wolves and an overly protective Kristen Stewart go to war in a just-released first trailer for the final "Twilight" film.

So what's all of this fighting over?

The Volturi (the all-powerful vampire authority) believe the Cullen clan (Edward, Bella and the lot) have turned a child into a vampire. This is against vampire law, so naturally, the vamps are coming down to reign all sorts of terror.

In actuality, Bella and Edward's newborn daughter Renesmee is half-human, half-vampire, and growing at a ridiculously rapid pace (creating other problems). 

The first trailer offers up a lot more action than the previous films that have relied mostly on the series' romance. 

Best part of this trailer? Getting to see little Dakota Fanning back as part of the Volturi. 

You got us "Twilight," we'll bite. 

"Breaking Dawn — Part 2" opens in theaters November 16.

Watch the trailer below:


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