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The 10 Best Scripts In Hollywood That Didn’t Get Made Into Movies This Year


space astronaut

Every year, hundreds of movies deserving of time on the big screen don't make it into production.

The Black List revealed their list of top screenplays that haven't been made into movies this week.

If you're not familiar, The Black List was made to help bring attention to great screenplays that haven’t been made into films and to connect filmmakers with those scripts.

Some of the best movies ever made have come from The Black List — "Slumdog Millionaire" and "The King's Speech" are among Oscar winners to come from the compilations. Even last year’s “Argo” came from the list.

This year, submissions were received from more than 250 film executives who sent in names of up to 10 favorite scripts. To make it onto the list, a script must be mentioned by execs at least six times.

In 2013, 72 scripts made the cut.

The black list likes to emphasize it’s not a “best” list, rather a list of the “most liked” unproduced screenplays Hollywood has to offer.

We've compiled the ten most-liked scripts from this year:

[TIE] 9. "Reminiscence" (Votes: 20)

Synopsis: "An 'archaeologist' whose technology allows you to relive your past finds himself abusing his own science to find the missing love of his life."

9. "Pox Americana" (Votes: 20)

Synopsis: "In the Old West, a group of soldiers go on a mission to slaughter a peaceful tribe in retaliation for another tribe's attack on a white settlement, only to suffer at the hands of a devastating disease."

8. "Shovel Buddies" (Votes: 22)

hiking backpack through grass friendsSynopsis: "Over 24 hours, four teenage friends try to complete the 'Shovel List' (a will/bucket list) left for them by their best friend before he died of Leukemia." 

[TIE] 7. “Sovereign” (Votes: 24)

Synopsis:“A man goes to space to destroy the ship that, upon going sentient, killed his wife.” 

[TIE] 7. “Hot Summer Nights” (Votes: 24) 

Synopsis:“A teenager’s life spirals out of control when he befriends the town’s rebel, falls in love, and gets entangled in selling drugs over one summer in Cape Cod.”

5. “The Special Program” (Votes: 25) 

dick cheney 1990Synopsis: “The true story of Jack Goldsmith, a young attorney who took charge of the White House’s Office of Legal Counsel, then courageously took on Vice President Cheney and his powerful inner circle when he discovered they were running a number of illegal activities through their so-called ‘Special Program.’” 

4. “A Monster Calls” (Votes: 27) 

Synopsis: “An adolescent boy with a terminally ill single mother begins having visions of a tree monster, who tells him truths about life in the form of three stories, helping him to eventually cope with his emotions over his dying mom.” 

3. "Frisco" (Votes: 39)  

Synopsis: “A forty-something pediatric allergist, who specializes in hazelnut and is facing a divorce learns lessons in living from a wise-beyond-her-years terminally ill fifteen-year-old patient when she crashes his weekend trip to a conference in San Francisco.” 

2. "Section 6" (Votes: 44) 

press preview of paintings from secret intelligence service mI6Synopsis: "An exploration of the formation of Great Britain's secret intelligence agency, Military Intelligence, Section 6, known more commonly as MI6." 

1. "Holland, Michigan" (46 votes) 

Synopsis: When a traditional Midwestern woman suspects her husband of infidelity, an amateur investigation unravels.

Worth mentioning:

"1969: A Space Odyssey or How Kubrick Learned to Stop Worrying and Land on the Moon" (Votes: 13)

lunar landing moon american flag windSynopsis:"With NASA's Apollo program in trouble and the Soviets threatening nuclear war, a female PR operative conspires with NASA's Public Affairs Office to stage a fake moon landing in case Armstrong and Aldren fail, the goal being to generate public excitement that will aid in the U.S. in winning the Cold War. But the op is faced with the biggest challenge of all: Filming the fake lunar landing with temperamental Stanley Kubrick."

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