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This Weekend In Theaters – Shia LaBeouf And Obama Battle At The Box Office


jennifer biel

The long Labor Day box-office weekend is finally upon us.

Though there are no big releases, two films we'll be keeping our eyes on are gangster film "Lawless" and the anti-Obama documentary "2016: Obama's America."

In each of the two days of its release, "Lawless" has pulled in more than $1 million.

"2016: Obama" has managed to bring in $13 million since its wide release last weekend. Since it's wide debut last weekend, it has become the highest-earning doc of the year.

Horror films "Possession" and "The Tall Man" featuring Jessica Biel are also hoping to lead the pack.

However, they'll see some competition with Disney's "The Avengers" and "Brave" back in 1,700 theaters.

Highlights in new trailers out this week include, James Franco surrounded by Disney darlings Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens and Kristen Stewart's Francis Ford Coppola flick.

Out this week: "The Possession"

Estimated budget: $14 million 

Lionsgate hopes to see green releasing a low-budget horror film during a low-key weekend to dominate at theaters. It's worked for the studio in the past with low-budget film "The Last Exorcism." 

"Possession" following a demon possessed girl places its bet on Jeffrey Dean Morgan who hasn't had a big hit since "Watchmen" in 2009. The majority of his films haven't earned more than $10 million opening weekend.

Out this week: "The Tall Man"

Estimated budget: $18.2 million

Jessica Biel plays a mother looking for her missing daughter in a ghost town. Biel's horror flick has an unlikely chance of beating out her recent box-office flop "Total Recall" and is a long shot to gross more than its estimated budget. 

Out this week: "The Good Doctor"

Estimated budget: $6m

Orlando Bloom makes his first big return to theaters since "Pirates of the Caribbean: " in 2007. 

Bloom plays a young doctor who continues to keep at the heels of his female patient played by Elvis' granddaughter Riley Keough

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