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This Hypnotic 100-Second Film About Guacamole Will Blow Your Mind


guacamole shortest oscar nominated film

Ahead of the Oscars this Sunday, here's some fun Academy Award trivia for you that's being shared across Reddit.

Can you name the shortest Oscar nominee? While "Gravity" may be one of the shortest nominations for Best Picture, that title goes to 2013 Academy Award nominee "Fresh Guacamole" at just 100 seconds long.

The short film, by director PES, didn’t win the Oscar — that honor went to Disney’s “Paperman"— but if you've never seen it, it's fantastic.

The film uses stop motion to show how a bowl of guacamole is made. The kicker is that different objects are used in place of ingredients which transform into other items when they are sliced and diced.

Here are some of the transformations that take place.

This baseball gets diced into actual dice.baseball avocadodice baseball avocado

... before becoming even smaller dice.dice avocado

This fake tomato also gets diced:avocado dice tomato

And these chess pieces are used in place of salt and pepper shakers:salt and pepper shakers chess pieces

According to the BBC, the short took four months to put together.

In case you’re wondering, the longest movie to ever be nominated for — and win — an Academy Award is "Gone with the Wind" at 238 minutes.

The shortest film to ever win the Oscar Best Picture is 1955 film "Marty" at 90 minutes.

So even if "Gravity" does pull out a win Sunday night, at 91 mins., it will not take that record.

Watch the amazing "Guacamole" below:

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