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Reviews For Arnold Schwarzenegger's New Movie 'Sabotage' Are Terrible


arnold schwarzenegger sabotage

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a new movie out this weekend called "Sabotage" where he leads a DEA task force to take down a drug cartel.

According to reviews, the movie isn't sounding like a must-see.

The Open Road Films' release is currently sitting at 21% on film review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.  


Predictions have "Sabotage" bombing with $7-8 million this weekend. The budget is estimated at $35 million.

Here are a few samples of what critics are saying: 


“The film’s script is so bankrupt of ideas and lacking in common sense that I couldn’t even tell you if the movie wants us to hate them or not.” 


"A story that focuses on DEA agents who are on the edge and which is so preposterous that no sane person could possibly celebrate it as anything other than inadvertent comedy. This could well be the single most implausible film playing at your multiplex this weekend and bear in mind, 'Mr. Peabody & Sherman' is still in release."

USA Today:

"Bloody, banal and boasting a surprisingly able clutch of stars who will soon be deleting this from their résumés, Sabotage is a 109-minute cadaver count. It's torture porn for the action set with no discernible message other than, perhaps, that friends who want to hack you and stuff your corpse in a fridge really aren't your friends."


“Sabotage” isn’t any good, even if its jagged, jolting visual excesses and frenzied energy keep you awake, gasping and guffawing by turns. It does have one genuine surprise: the dependably watchable Olivia Williams, who shows up as Caroline, a detective who wears suits and no visible makeup and holds her ground amid the carnage and chaos as the movie’s only believably human being." 

From the minority of good reviews: 

NY Daily News

“With its overreliance on mood and underdeveloped plot, “Sabotage” is far too muddled to hold up to those films [“Hostel,” “Training Day,” and “End of Watch”]. But it does have a weird, boldly ugly edge that makes for unexpectedly compelling viewing.” 

Film School Rejects:

“If your sole requirement for a “good” Schwarzenegger film is bullets, blood, and cigar smoke then head out to the theater now as this is the movie for you. If you require even a little bit more than that though I suggest waiting three months for the home video.”


“It’s not exactly an original idea, but for part of its running time, Sabotage distinguishes itself by staying focused on the DEA team’s banter and chemistry rather than the action.”

If you’re heading to theaters this weekend, we’d stick with “Noah” or the wide release of Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel.”

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