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Disney's Going After A UK Company For These Knockoff Films


brave braver

"Braver." "Tangled Up." "The Frog Princess." 

Sound familiar? 

They're not Disney films if that's what you're thinking.  

Rather, the titles are a few of the low-budget films from Indie production company Brightspark that bear a striking resemblance in name and story to Disney favorites.  

Brightspark's been around since 2006 in the UK, selling numerous Disney knockoffs for an average of $12.85 online and overseas.  

Disney has finally taken notice with the company's recent release of "Braver," similar in name and packaging to it summer blockbuster "Brave," and has threatened the British company with legal action for its animated shorts if not taken off the market, according to The Guardian.   

In a statement from Disney:

"People place great trust in the quality and creativity of Disney, and when it appears that another company is causing confusion among Disney consumers we will act to protect ourselves and the consumer. Disney believes Brightspark has demonstrated a pattern of misleading consumers with numerous releases that confuse and undermine the trust those consumers have in Disney." 

And, its not just this one Disney's taking issue with. Other Brightspark titles include "The Frog Princess," Tangled Up," and a "Little Cars" series. 

You can check out a full list of Brightspark's titles (not just animated) here

Currently, Brightspark tells the Guardian it's working on finding a "mutually acceptable" resolution to Disney. 

We've reached out to the managing editor at Brightspark for comment. 

Take a look at the Disney films and its "inspired" Brightspark duplicate side by side below: 

"Brave" vs. "Braver":

brave braver

We don't think the packaging looks similar other than the obvious similar font used; however, anyone who's seen Disney and Pixar's summer blockbuster knows Brightspark's cover depiction looks like an image taken straight from the film when title character Merida stumbles upon huge standing stones in the middle of the forest. 

Compare the two shots below from "Brave" with the box cover for "Braver":

brave merida disney

brave merida disney

"Cars" vs. "The Little Cars 3" (We love the nod to "Fast and the Furious"):

cars the little cars

"Tangled" vs. "Tangled Up":

tangled tangled up

Here's a look at the tower from the Disney film:

tangled disney

"The Princess and the Frog" vs. "The Frog Princess":

the princess and the frog the frog princess

"Ratatouille" vs. "Ratatoing":

ratatouille ratatoing

Brightsparks isn't taking creative liberties solely with Disney films. They've also produced versions of other popular animated movies:

"Happy Feet" vs. "Tappy Feet":

happy feet tappy feet

"Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted" vs."Life's a Jungle: Africa's Most Wanted":

madagascar 3 life's a jungle

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