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There Are A Ridiculous Amount Of Similarities Between ‘Frozen’ And ‘The Lion King’


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“Frozen” is now the highest-grossing animated movie ever.  

The Disney picture has made more than $1.1 billion worldwide. If you’ve seen the movie, you may have thought it felt a bit like another huge Disney hit, 1994’s “The Lion King.” 

Tumblr user marauders4ever pointed out a number of similarities between the two box-office hits which has since gone viral.

Here are a few:

Both open with catchy, alluring tunes in different languages. The start of "Frozen" immediately makes you recall another time Disney opened with a huge number.

Both films have royal families ...frozen lion king families

... and experience a tragic death.Frozen boat scene 
the lion king

The hero runs away ...frozen the lion king run away

... and sings a song about being free ...

... without realizing their home is in peril.

frozen kingdomlion king homeYou can see the rest of the comparison here

While both films do share a few things in common, they're far from the same story. 

Here's what the movies are actually based off of:

"The Lion King"

the lion king scar simbaOn the two-disc platinum edition of "The Lion King" the filmmakers have said the movie has been inspired by both "Hamlet" and the stories of Joseph and Moses from the bible.

The Shakespearean play is the most obvious source of inspiration as it shows Claudius kill his brother King Hamlet. Similarly, the prince, also named Hamlet, is told by the ghost of his father to avenge his death after being sent away. (In “The Lion King” Simba’s father Mufasa tells him to take back his rightful place as King.)

Many have also compared "The Lion King" to Japanese series “Kimba the White Lion” from the ‘60s. Disney has cited similarities are coincidental


frozen poster"Frozen" is loosely based off of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen."

Disney has been trying to adapt the story for years, putting the project on hold numerous times. "The Snow Queen" centers around two children — a boy and a girl, Kai and Gerda. One day the boy’s demeanor changes after splinters from a magical troll mirror gets lodged in both his heart and his eye. Kai is kidnapped and stowed away by the evil Snow Queen until rescued by Gerda. 

A few of the main character's names also appear to be nods to "The Snow Queen" creator.

Hans is the name of film's antagonist while Kristoff (Christian), Anna, and Sven (Andersen) are among the movie's protagonists.

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