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'Almost Famous' Was Almost Named After One Of These 44 Songs


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It's been nearly 14 years since the release of Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous — the story of an aspiring music journalist who tours with the fictitious band Stillwater and gets a firsthand taste of the 1970s rock 'n roll lifestyle. Years later, we're still getting fascinating new details about the beloved film. 

In celebration of Empire's 300th issue, the famed director released several handwritten lists of titles he considered for Almost Famous, most of which lack the elegance of the original title (i.e. In Thru the Outdoor). The list was created after DreamWorks vetoed his other working title Untitled, and forced him to come up with something new.  

Check out the complete list of titles Crowe considered: 

“Dancing on the Page”
"My Back Pages"
"A Thousand Words"
"Songs for Beginners"
“Rewind Forward”
"Rewind to the End"
“Mixes to Myself”
“Rock Mix”
"My Opening Farewell"
"Original Cover"
"Rock School"
"1000 Words"
"On the Way Home"
"In Thru the Outdoor"
"Pictures & Pages"
“Pictures on the Page”
"The Three of Us"
“Rewind the Page”
“Goin’ Back”
"Words by Heart"
“Words Can’t Say”
"Words for You"
“Words Get in the Way”
“Words in a Distance”
“Words of a Song”
"Words on Fire"
"Words or Music?"
“Words and Music”
“Momentarily Uncool”
“Wish Me Luck”
“Words Fail Me”
“Written in My Soul”
“Song for Penny”
“Suitable Rubies”
“Breakfast at Noon”
“Days of Future Passed”
“Before I Forget”
“Hotel Kisses”
“Real Uncool”
“Late for Breakfast”

As Slate points out, music aficionados will notice that a lot of these titles are song lyrics, song titles, and album names like Led Zeppelin's "Tangerine" and Bob Dylan's "My Back Pages."

Thankfully, Crowe admits that most of the names on this brainstorm list are pretty bad. We agree. 

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