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The 20 Best TV Moments of 2014


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Here's to an absurdly bountiful year for TV.

2014 had it all — bloody dramas, wasted comedies, bad detectives, stoner broads, sex doctors, purple weddings, transgender dads, clone wars, spies and politicians and jailbirds. Plus the occasional demented aerobics dancer.

20. "Orphan Black": The Finale

The clones band together to fight the power and dance. Tatiana Maslany dazzled all season, one actress playing an army of rebel clone girls on the run from the sinister Dyad Institute that created them.

There's never any breathing room in Orphan Black — the camera is always screaming "Don't open that door" or "Watch out for traffic" or "For the love of God, stay away from the garbage disposal."But Orphan Black thrives on that frantic pace, as the clone-club sisters turn that post-adolescent "What the hell am I doing here?" paranoia into one long ridiculous punk sci-fi caper.

Watch the making of the video here.

19. "Key & Peele": "Aerobics Meltdown"

A lost VHS tape from the 1987 Jazz Fit Championships, starring a couple of spandex-rocking aerobic dancers named Flash and Lightning.

There's also a director holding up cue cards. ("Just got some bad news. Keep dancing.") Oh, it's not pretty inside the cut-throat world of competitive jazzercising. 

Key & Peele had so many killer moments this season, mostly playing on their favorite theme, the grim side of masculinity — the massage, the "slap ass!" relapse, that unspeakably depressing visit to the mattress store. ("Who got that good D?" Sweet mother of Christ.) But there's something particularly creepy about that "Aerobics Meltdown" sketch. Maybe it's the spandex.

Watch the clip here.

18. "Girls": Go With the Flo

The highlight of a mixed season — Marnie and Jessa might as well be named Fast and Forward by now. But the "Flo" episode is one of Girls' best, as Hannah tries to give her dying Grandma Flo (June Squibb) the sort of sentimental deathbed scene only a twit as maudlin as Hannah could imagine.

No, Flo isn't buying it, and neither is Hannah's ever-delightful salt lick of a mom. (But Adam is, because he's an even bigger twit than Hannah.) It's a pleasure watching these tough old bags argue in the hospital and recoil from the collegiate simp they spawned.

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