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10 Actors Whose Careers Took A Big Hit In 2014


Cameron DiazWe're almost through 2014, and for some of us, this is an event worth celebrating. This was an interesting year for movies and movie stars. There was a lot of mud slung from a massive privacy breach. And there were the usual bad choices (and ill fortune) that some of our favorite stars suffered through.

It's amazing what anything as small as a cameo or as large as a sleeve of films can do to a person's career, and 2014 showed us that no one is safe from failure in the business they call show.

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10. Will Smith

What's The Damage: Will Smith lost a lot of clout in 2013, with the M. Night Shyamalan stinker After Earth, and he's still paying for it up to this day. Yet despite this horrific waste of a man who's clearly talented when he's at his peak efficiency, there could have been a shot for him to redeem himself this year, with even the smallest of performances.
Anyone who's seen Winter's Tale can attest to the fact that his small, but effective, performance as a mysterious character could have granted him some much-needed good will. The only problem is, he decided to use the vastly unseen Winter's Tale as the venue for his talents. 
Chances For Recovery In 2015: Good, especially with his casting in Suicide Squad, as well as an NFL drama and a return to cocky R-rated action/comedy in the rather good looking Focus

9. Chris Pine

What's The Damage: Star Trek alone should be pushing Chris Pine into the stratosphere of modern acting, considering how great he is in the iconic role of Captain Kirk. Unfortunately, this year brought Pine's career out of warp, with Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit performing rather unspectacularly at the box office.

If Stretch had made it to theaters, Pine could have put himself at even money. Alas, the film was buried on VOD. The kicker for Chris Pine's 2014 is, of course, his performance in Into The Woods, which has garnered positive mentions, but has been overshadowed by the under-performance that is known as Horrible Bosses 2

Chances For Recovery In 2015: Not Good. Z For Zachariah is the only film Chris Pine has on his slate for 2015, and while that might pull in some teen spending money, it surely isn't going to be anywhere near what other YA adaptations will be bringing in next year. 

8. Dane DeHaan

What's The Damage: Dane DeHaan is still somewhat of a rising star, and 2014 should have been his year to shine – especially considering he scored his first big franchise role on the back of a pretty good 2013.

It didn't help that said franchise was none other than the sinking ship we call The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and it helped even less that the film turned DeHaan into a sneering mutation of a character that looked like he was going somewhere in the first half. Much like anyone else who had more than one film with Sony this year, Dane DeHaan took a 1,2 punch as Life After Beth wasn't anything to write home about either. 

Chances For Recovery In 2015: Good, as he has two films replete with amazing co-stars lined up for 2015: Tulip Fever and Life

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