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11 Movies Coming Out This Year That Will Probably Be Terrible


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Every year, there are hundreds of movies released that are pretty terrible from conception to execution to final product. At no point do they have any chance of working. 

Every year, there are a dozen or so movies that could conceivably work. They have large budgets, talented actors and people who could potentially care, but for whatever reason, they’re not very fun to watch. Something about the project just doesn’t quite come together, and they end up as big disappointments. 

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The following list is our guess at which movies released this year will fall into that latter category. It’s our chance to come clean and admit certain things kind of look like a mess. Whether it’s because of bad buzz, a questionable concept or bad chemistry between the leads, these movies have giant red flags.

We hope they work. We’ll jump in and give them a chance, but from where we’re sitting, they look terrible. 

"The Fantastic Four"

When The Fantastic Four reboot was first announced, I was so in. The first round of movies with Jessica Alba & company didn’t really come together, and I wanted to see someone do them correctly. Director Josh Trank seemed like the man to do it, but here we are, in mid-January, and we haven’t seen a piece of footage. (Update: the first teaser trailer is here.)

Even more troubling, rumors are swirling that Trank destroyed the production house. Now we’re getting an untold amount of reshoots

I desperately want this movie to work. I really, really do. But at this point, we all need to admit things look pretty bad. 

"Jupiter Ascending"

I’m a total sucker for space epics and was pretty positive Jupiter Ascending would be incredible when it was first announced, but yanking it out of its Summer 2014 was alarming.

Slotting it in February is downright disheartening.

That’s not to say great movies can’t come out in February, but if you have an expensive event film with A-list stars, February isn’t exactly prime real estate. It’s certainly possible the whole thing is an issue of special effects not being completed and tracking numbers looking particularly bad, which wouldn’t affect the overall quality, but the larger whispers are alarming. 

If this movie gets higher than 50% on Rotten Tomatoes, I’ll jump back in the pool and get re-excited. If it gets hammered by critics, I’ll quietly watch it on Starz sometime in 2016. 


I’m sorry. I know this is an unpopular choice. Get out all your hate.

Hell, chuck bananas at me if you want, but before you do, just hear out my reasoning.

I love the Minions like everyone else. They’re a barrel of laughs. I would watch them as hilarious comedic fodder in almost anything, but I just don’t understand how their shtick is going to work for an entire movie.

They’re the silly alternative. What happens when they’re not background? For example: Eeyore is my favorite Winnie The Pooh character, but I’m not sure I could handle an Eeyore movie. 

This movie is going to make a fortune. I really, really hope it works, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how this won’t get old after twenty minutes. Here’s to hoping I’m proven wrong. 

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