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The Top 11 On-Screen Presidents Of All Time


Jack NicholsonObama may have been the first African American president on paper; however, he wasn't the first one on-screen.

From black to white, female to male we've put together a list of the most popular on-screen commander in chiefs for election day.

While we won't get to see Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln until later this month and Bill Murray play FDR in "Hyde Park in Hudson" until December, there are plenty more actors who have portrayed real and fictional presidents.

To help us in our search, we consulted The Credits who surveyed 501 voters on their favorite fictional presidents.

If you're not happy with the election outcome, we recommend checking in with one of these reigning officers.

11. GEENA DAVIS: "Commander in Chief" (2005-2006)

Davis proved if a guy could be President, so could a woman.

She played President Mackenzie Allen on ABC's short-lived "Commander in Chief."

10. ANTHONY HOPKINS played two presidents two years apart in "Nixon" and "Amistad" (1995 / 1997)

Hopkins may not look like Nixon, but he mastered the 37th president's mannerisms.

Two years later, he played John Quincy Adams in "Amistad."

9. GARY SINISE: "Truman" (1995)

Sinise won the 1996 Golden Globe for Best Actor in a mini-series or TV film for his role as the 33rd president in the HBO film.

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