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Here's What Disney CEO Bob Iger Says He Wants To Do With 'Star Wars'


Bob Iger

During Disney's Q4 earnings call, CEO Bob Iger gave no details on the upcoming "Star Wars" movie; however, he did give a hint at how the company plans to brand George Luca's lucrative company. 

For the release of "Star Wars: Episode VII," Lucasfilm will be co-branded with Disney much similar to that of Pixar.

"The Star Wars brand, I think, basically doesn't need much help except to, obviously, will I think benefit greatly from the release of a film," said Iger. We intend in that case to co-brand ... Disney-Lucas or Disney-Star Wars in some form, different forms."

Given Disney / Pixar's branding, we imagine the design may look something like this:

star wars disney possible logo

Here are a few other points Iger made during the call about the future of Lucasfilm:

More "Star Wars" online merchandise

According to Iger, the Lucasfilm acquisition won't affect retail strategy, but there may be a push for "Star Wars" Web sales with Iger saying there's "real potential" for online merchandise.

Disney may consider acquiring any other Lucasfilm rights Fox holds

Any rights 20th Century Fox may have to distribute future "Star Wars" flicks won't affect Disney. However, Iger says Disney may acquire rights from News Corp. down the line.

"Fox has certain distribution rights to films that have already been made and released and will be released in varying forms going forward as they did recently with the 3D release of one of the Star Wars films … We may choose at some point after closing to explore that, but all the value they were looking at is going forward value associated with all the rights that we bought from Lucas and any new IP that is created … is not encumbered by any of the deals that Fox had."

Is Star Wars Clone Wars Moving To Disney XD?

Though Iger didn't confirm it, Disney XD will most certainly feature Cartoon Network's current "Clone Wars" cartoon series. Iger strongly hinted toward opportunities Disney has with Lucasfilm on the kid's channel citing its successful roll out of Marvel shows on the channel toward a younger male demographic.

You can read the full earnings call HERE.

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