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Meet the actresses behind the 5 beautiful wives in 'Mad Max: Fury Road'


mad max Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron may be the leads in "Mad Max: Fury Road," but long after leaving the film you'll likely be talking about five other women.

The plot of the apocalyptic high-octane car-chase film revolves around five brides — the prized possessions of the film's villainous warlord Immortan Joe. Theron's Imperator Furiosa sets about a plan to break them free from a vicious breeding cycle as an act of vengeance on Joe.

After leaving the film, you may be left wondering the identities of the five young women all playing characters with rather extravagant, flamboyant names. Played by models and even Elvis' granddaughter, here are the wives of "Mad Max: Fury Road."

British supermodel and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, 28, plays the leader of the wives, The Splendid Angharad.

mad max rosie huntington whiteley

Here's how Huntington-Whiteley looked at the "Fury Road" premiere.


If the actress looks familiar it's because you may remember her from "Transformers: Dark of the Moon," in which she took over the lead female role from Megan Fox.

rosie huntington whiteley transformers 3Before her acting career kicked off, she was one of Victoria's Secret Angels. Here she is in November 2010 at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

victoria secret rosie huntington whiteleyrosie huntington whiteley victorias secretShe was also the face of Burberry's 2011 campaign, "Burberry Body."

rosie huntington whiteley burberry adRiley Keough, 25, plays the fiery, red-headed Capable.

mad max womenKeough is the oldest granddaughter of Elvis and the daughter of Lisa Marie Presley and musician Danny Keough.

Here she is with both her famous mother and grandmother, Priscilla Presley, at the premiere for "Mad Max: Fury Road."

priscilla presley lisa marie riley keoughKeough has been in several films including the 2010 indie "The Runaways" with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning. She also appeared in the original "Magic Mike," in which she played a stripper.

In celebration of the release of "Fury Road," Keough posted a collage of images from on set to Instagram. 


Keough recently married stuntman Ben Smith-Petersen, who you may recognize as the guitar-wielding man in "Fury Road." The two
met on set while the film was shooting in 2012 





Zoe Kravitz (26), the daughter of rock star-actor Lenny Kravitz, plays Toast the Knowing.

zoe kravitz mad max fury roadThe actress-model often appears alongside her famous dad at events, including the "Hunger Games" premieres and the Academy Awards.

lenny kravitz zoe kravitzKravitz has appeared in two big franchises, "X-Men: First Class" as the mutant Angel and the "Divergent" series as one of the leads, Christina. As a hobby, she started a band, Lolawolf, named after her two younger half-siblings (Lola Lolani and Nakoa-Wolf).

zoe kravitz divergent

Australian actress and model Courtney Eaton, 19, plays the youngest of the wives, Cheedo the Fragile.

courtney eaton mad max

Here she is in real life with director George Miller at the film's premiere.

george miller courtney eatonEaton, who makes her film debut in "Fury Road," told The Hollywood Reporter she auditioned for the role because of her father.

"I was with a modeling agency and the casting directors came to my agency and asked me to do a tape," said Eaton. "And then my dad, he's a massive fan, made me do the audition. So I have him to thank."

Her next role will be in 2016's "Gods of Egypt," featuring Gerard Butler.

Abbey Lee also made her film debut in "Fury Road" as The Dag.

abbey lee mad max

In reality, Lee looks much different.

abbey lee mad max fury road premiereThe 27-year-old is an Australian fashion model who has been modeling since 2008 in New York Fashion Week and the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

abbey lee 2008 modelShe has also been photographed by Terry Richardson. In 2016, she will be in "Gods of Egypt" with her friend Eaton.

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