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Here's why Marvel won't be at San Diego Comic-Con


avengers age of ultronFor the first time in four years, Marvel won't be heading to San Diego Comic-Con

Marvel's panel in the coveted Hall H is usually one of the biggest, most-anticipated ones at the annual fan event, which will be held July 9-12 at the San Diego Convention Center.

The news may have come as a shock to fans heading to the convention.

Now, we have some more insight into why Marvel won't be going all out this July in San Diego.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel studio president Kevin Feige opened up on why Marvel will be sitting this one out.

It was just timing. We had done that [media] event in October, when we announced so much. Everyone knows what we’re doing over the next few years. I really have a belief: If you can’t go to Comic-Con and overdeliver, then don’t go. 

That makes sense. 

The "event" Feige is referencing was a huge press and fan event held October 28, 2014 where the studio president announced nine films that will be part of Marvel's future film schedule through 2019, including two more "Avengers" films.

marvel studios kevin feigeNormally, this is news that would be announced at Comic-Con, and since it was all revealed last fall, Marvel probably doesn't have too much more to announce other than casting or directors for some of these upcoming titles. 

The next "Captain America" film, "Captain America: Civil War," only just recently started production, so it probably would have been difficult to get the stars out to San Diego for the event. That will hit theaters in April 2016.

Marvel's other 2016 film, "Doctor Strange," a new addition to the MCU starring fan favorite Benedict Cumberbatch, is starting filming soon.

Director Scott Derrickson told fans Tuesday he was on his way to London to begin filming.


Marvel is well aware that DC / Warner Bros. will be bringing out the big guns. No doubt to show off its lineup of hugely-anticipated movies for next year. Not only do they have "Batman v Superman" out in March, but there's also the adaptation of the "Suicide Squad,"a comic series which revolves around DC anti-heroes and villains working on covert missions for the government. It's a risky film since most of the characters involved (Captain Boomerang/El Diablo/Plastique) are obscure to someone who's not a fan of the comic or familiar with DC characters.

suicidesquadcast2It's kind of difficult to compete with that when Marvel's next movie "Ant-Man" is out July 17 — the week after Comic-Con. There's not much else to say about the film that hasn't been out in the media already.

As Feige said — you need to go big or go home.

And right now doesn't make any sense.

How do you take on DC's Caped Crusader?

With Star Wars.

chewbacca harrison ford the force awakensInstead of making way for Marvel, Hall H will be utilized for another Disney-owned property with a huge fandom.

Friday, July 10, Hall H will be home to a massive panel for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," which will be released December 2015. Not only will the panel include Lucasfilm president and "The Force Awakens" producer Kathleen Kennedy, but director J.J. Abrams will also be on hand.

"Special guests" will also make appearances.

And we're sure attendees will get a first-look at some new footage for the film — at the very least, a new trailer.

So yeah, no one's worried about Marvel sitting this one out.

Maybe Marvel's saving some big announcements and footage for October when New York Comic Con will occur. 

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