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'Skyfall' Is Now The Highest-Grossing Bond Film In The U.S. – Here's Your Box-Office Roundup



Daniel Craig and Bond can't be stopped at theaters … unless if you're a "Twilight" vampire.

Though he may not have taken the box office again this weekend, "Skyfall" continues breaking records now being the first Bond film to break $200 million at the U.S. box office.  

"Quantum of Solace" came close earning a total of $168.4 million back in 2008. 

Despite its huge earnings, the final installment of "Twilight" blows 007 away, earning $226 million in the U.S. in two weeks. 

However, the film has still earned less than the second film in the franchise, "New Moon." At this point, "New Moon" had earned $230.9 million at theaters. We expect "Breaking Dawn Part 2" will ultimately out earn the second installment of the vampire series.  

All together, it was a massive box-office weekend with the top ten grossing more than $198.3 million. The total resulted in a new top gross for Thanksgiving weekend beating out 2009's $175.2 million intake.  

This week's top films were much of the same as last week as no new release could break the stride of last week's top performing titles. 

Out of the top ten are two films. "Pitch Perfect" bows out after earning $66.1 million worldwide.  

And, it's been a long two months, but "Taken 2" is finally out of the top ten earning just under a million dollars. In its eight-week run, the sequel to the 2008 thriller earned a total $353.9 million worldwide.  

Here are this week's winners and losers at the box office: 

10. "Argo" fell four spots at theaters this week with $3.9 million to bring its seven-week total to $148.1 million worldwide. 

9. In its second, the Weinstein Company's "Silver Linings Playbook" earned $4.6 million. The figure may not seem like much; however, the film was playing in a total of 367 theaters. Starring "Hunger Games" Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, the film cost an estimated $21 million to produce. 

8. Denzel Washington's "Flight" moved down three spots in its fourth week with $4.6 million. To date, the film has earned $76.9 million. 

7. FilmDistrict's "Red Dawn" remake was shot three years ago with now stars Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson. That may have helped the film open to $14.6 million. 

6. "Wreck-It Ralph" may have dipped two spots at the box office this weekend; however, Disney's video game film barely took a hit from last week's earnings with $16.8 million. The film has now earned $190.7 million worldwide. 

5. Ang Lee's eagerly anticipated film adaptation of "Life of Pi" earned a big $22 million. The film, about a boy stranded on a life boat with a vicious tiger at bay cost an estimated $120 million to make. 

4. Disney may have chosen correct in releasing its animated film a month earlier. DreamWorks' "Rise of the Guardians" opened to a paltry $24 million. In comparison, "Wreck-It Ralph" debuted to more than $70 million. This is the lowest box-office opening for a DreamWorks film since 2006's "Flushed Away" ($18.8 million). In total, that film went on to earn $64.6 million domestically, but finished out strong overseas. 

3. The top three films look exactly the same as last week. "Lincoln" opened in 243 more theaters grossing $25 million. Daniel Day Lewis' performance as the 16th president has brought the film's three-week total to $62.2 million. 

2. "Skyfall" added another $36 million to its overall total bringing the film just under the $800 million mark worldwide. $568.4 million of the 23rd Bond's earnings have come from overseas.  

1. Once again, "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2" owns the box office earning $43 million. In two weekends, the final installment to the franchise has earned $577.8 million worldwide.

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