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Charlie Sheen Gave Lindsay Lohan $100K To Pay Tax Debt


Charlie Sheen Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan, 26, and Charlie Sheen, 47, may have a 21-year age difference, but the hard partying, seemingly reformed by rehab duo found they had a lot in common while bonding on the set of the upcoming "Scary Movie 5."

TMZ is reporting that while on set, Lohan mentioned her ongoing tax problems to Sheen, who offered to cut her a check on the spot — but she declined.

But just last week, Lohan's business manager received a check from Sheen for $100,000 intended to pay off the IRS, which the actress promptly did.

Lohan previously owed the IRS $233,904 in unpaid back taxes, according to TMZ, but between her "Liz & Dick" and "The Canyons" roles, is slated to earn over $2 million by the end of this year.

Sheen and Lohan, who play themselves in the film set for a 2013 release, briefly appear as "The world's hottest new couple" but, in true "Scary Movie" horror spoof fashion, at least one of them gets brutally murdered in the film's opening.

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