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This spot-on George Lucas impersonator blew everyone away at Comic-Con


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One brave fan at San Diego Comic-Con cosplayed as everyone’s favorite "Star Wars" director to make fun of: George Lucas.

His spot-on parody inspired many passersby to stop and ask for photos, prompting him to respond, "Is it digital? Eh, we can fix it in post."

When we first spotted cosplayer Josh Robert Thompson outside the showroom floor, he wore a grey, slicked back wig, round glasses, and a prosthetic neck piece. He held a large sign that read "Gredo Shot First!" in one hand, and a Jar Jar Binks toy in the other.

For reference, here's what Lucas looks like in real life.

george lucas tribeca film festival

And here's a glimpse at the intense transformation Thompson, a professional comedian and voice actor, underwent in the make-up chair.

Rotating through a Rolodex of Lucas-inspired catchphrases, Thompson walked around the convention yelling to no one in particular, "Those are my movies, dammit."

And, "Where the hell is J.J.? I just want to ask him a question."

Thompson cosplayed as Lucas at Disney's "Star Wars" Celebration last spring and left as a celebrity of the community. A video capturing his parody went viral on YouTube.

He said the fan response has been more tame at Comic-Con.

Still, dozens are tweeting about their encounters with the divisive director.

Friday, the day of the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" panel, he attempted to find a fan with an admission wristband — a hot ticket item — who would be willing to hand it over.

"I couldn't get into my own panel!" he laughed.

Follow along with Thompsons' escapades on Twitter and at jrtvoices.com.

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