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Joseph Gordon-Levitt May Play Batman In A 'Justice League' Film


joseph gordon levitt the dark knight rises

The end of "The Dark Knight Rises" set the stage perfectly for Joseph Gordon-Levitt's John Blake ... er Robin ... to take over the bat mantle. 

However, could he really be doing that so soon after director Christopher Nolan just wrapped up his trilogy?

According to Hit Flix's Drew McWeeny, Gordon-Levitt will "absolutely" play Batman in the impending "Justice League" film.

"They're [Warner Bros.] a long way from filming anything "Justice League" related, but they appear to be solidifying deals for Gordon-Levitt and, potentially, at least one other actor from the Nolan films to do… something."

While we're hesitant to believe this, McWeeny's pretty solid when it comes to Batman rumors. He did call Liam Neeson's return in "The Dark Knight Rises" long before the actor's confirmation for the film.

Without Nolan and Christian Bale, it would only feel natural to have someone familiar play the role of the Caped Crusader when the eventual reboot or long-rumored Justice League movie takes place to combat Disney's Avengers team. 

If it seems too good to be true, it's not like Gordon-Levitt is against the idea of donning the cape and cowl.

He told MTV in September that if the circumstances were right, he may be up for for a "Justice League" film.

"I always pick projects that I want to be involved in for the same reasons," said Gordon-Levitt. "Is the script really good? Is the filmmaker a really inspired artist that I feel connected to? That's what I always pay attention to."  

McWeeny went on to suggest Gordon-Levitt may even make an appearance in "Man of Steel," as the Batman – a leap – even if one we wouldn't mind seeing.

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