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Here's How Tom Hardy Perfected Bane's Voice In 'The Dark Knight Rises'


bane the dark knight rises

As  we revealed late last week, we've been making our way through the awesome "The Dark Knight Rises" Blu-ray special features

One favorite from the disc was finding out more about the origins of Tom Hardy's Sean Connery-esque Bane voice.

We knew the voice was very much inspired by boxing champ Bartley Gorman; however, on the DVD, Hardy goes into more detail about how he nailed down just the right accent for Gotham's Reckoning. 

In addition to Gorman, Hardy shares Bane's voice was also brought on by Richard Burton (yes, Elizabeth Taylor's late husband).

"Bane is somebody who's in tremendous pain all the time. So he had an older voice. Which is sort of Richard Burton, I suppose, you know. Slightly florid, camp English villain … in many ways, but just off-center."

However, Hardy knew the character needed to be of Latin descent – and, rightfully so. After all, Bane's origins are rooted in a South American prison. So the prime of his voice is a nod to that.

" ... Taking that into mind, I looked at original Latin … sort of Romany Gypsy. And there was a character, Bartley Gorman … the bare-knuckle fighter, and that's where the accent comes from that I use in the film."

For those unfamiliar with Gorman, he was once the bare-knuckle boxing champ of the world, referred to as the King of the Gypsies.

Here's a clip of Gorman:

Now, listen to Hardy as Bane:

"The Dark Knight Rises" is available on DVD December 4.

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