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This brilliant Netflix hack makes it a lot more fun to watch shows with other people


When Harry Met Sally

One of the biggest problems with binge-watching shows on Netflix is that everybody watches at their own pace. It takes away the shared experience of watching an episode or two and then having someone to talk about it with immediately after the credits roll.

Never fear: A brilliant extension for Google Chrome solves that problem. Meet Showgoers, a plug-in that allows you to sync up your stream with someone else's so you can watch together. (It's not affiliated with Netflix in anyway; we reached out to Netflix for comment, but have not heard back.)

Here's how to install Showgoers

Go to the Showgoers website (showgoers.tv), where an "Install Showgoers" button will direct you to the Chrome store. Once you download this feature, go check out your Netflix account and you will notice a pair of old fashioned 3-D glasses:

Netflix Showgoers

Unfortunately, this won't allow you to watch "Wayne's World in 3D, but it will allow you to watch a classic like this with somebody else! 

Once you click on the glasses, it will lead you to this message:Screen Shot 2015 08 03 at 9.38.23 AM

Send that link to anybody you want to share your viewing experience with. (They also have to have Showgoers installed.)

Once you're watching, the pause, rewind, and fast forward options will all be in red:

Screen_Shot_2015 08 03_at_9_52_36_AM

This year, Netflix's original programming has increased in an unprecedented way. Their ambitious slate of television shows has surpassed both FX and HBO. Unlike FX and HBO, Netflix does not provide the option of watching shows live at a set time. This option could bring Netflix users one step closer to actually being on the same page about "Orange Is the New Black" and "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt."

In terms of film, Netflix plans to have a few original movies as well, including a four movie deal with Adam Sandler. Use Showgoers and it will be like a virtual trip to a theater, except you get to choose who shares the stadium seating with you and the snacks cost a lot less.

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