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No Amount Of Star Power Could Save 'Movie 43' From Bombing—Here's Your Box-Office Roundup


emma stone movie 43The raunchy trailers for "Movie 43" didn't help set it over the top at the box office this weekend. Instead, it may have helped steer audiences in the opposite direction.

The comedy composed of a bunch of shorts featuring more than 20 stars including Richard Gere, Halle Berry, Emma Stone, and Hugh Jackman followed three teens trying to find the most banned movie of all time.

Essentially, it looked like overly-stuffed celebrity films "Valentine's Day" or "New Year's Eve" (both of which fared much better at theaters opening weekend).

"Movie 43" wasn't the only new release in theaters to suffer from a poor opening.

Jennifer Lopez's return to theaters with Jason Statham in "Parker" didn't fare much better, leaving room for Jeremy Renner's "Hansel and Gretel" film to beat out both (though that may have been because of his "Avengers" star power as arrow-shooting Hawkeye).

Meanwhile, Weinstein Company films and Jessica Chastain continue to please while other Oscar-nominated films began to lose their appeal with audiences.

Out of the top ten this week include "The Hobbit" after seven weeks and Marlon Wayans' "A Haunted House."

Here are this weekend's winners and losers at the box office:

10. "Les Misérables" rounds out the top ten this week with $3.9 million. The foreign box office has helped bring the musical to $312.9 million worldwide at theaters. 

9. Mark Wahlberg's "Broken City" dropped four spots in week two with $4 million.

8. Warner Brother's "Gangster Squad" is hurting. The film added another $4.2 million to it's paltry $39.6 million earnings in the U.S. In three weeks, the mob movie barely passed its estimated production budget of $60 million worldwide.

7. "Movie 43" featuring Halle Berry, Emma Stone, and practically every other celebrity under the sun bombed with $5 million. Director Peter Farrelly even admitted he didn't expect the film to get rave reviews. The film cost an estimated $6 million to produce.

6. Weinstein Company's "Django Unchained" may not have won over fans with its controversial dolls; however, the film is still going strong in week five with another $5 million. Quentin Tarantino's latest has brought in a total of $257.8 million worldwide.

5. Jennifer Lopez's last few films haven't been box-office gold ("The Back-up Plan" / "What to Expect When You're Expecting") and "Parker" was no different with $7 million. The film grossed less than star Jason Statham's "Safe" last year which debuted to $7.9 million. 

4. "Zero Dark Thirty" dropped two spots earning $9.8 million. The Osama Bin Laden flick has now earned $77.6 million worldwide despite its controversial waterboarding scenes.

3. "Silver Linings Playbook" doesn't budge at all earning $10 million in week 11 bringing its worldwide total to $86.3 million. At this rate, the Oscar-nominated film starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper will hit $100 million worldwide in the next two weeks.

2. Jessica Chastain's "Mama" continues to deliver scares in week two with $12.9 million. The film took a big dip 54 percent dip in week two at theaters.

1. Jeremy Renner's Grimm fairytale "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters" didn't bomb, opening at $19 million this weekend. It may be difficult for the "Avengers" star's latest flick to earn more than the film's estimated $50 million budget.

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