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UPDATE: 'Veronica Mars' Movie Reaches $2M Kickstarter Goal In Record 10 Hours


Kristen Bell Veronica Mars

UPDATE: "Veronica Mars" creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell zoomed past their $2 million in 30 days Kickstarter goal to receive all of the needed funds in just ten hours!

“I love you guys. You are all SO spectacular. I am speechless,” Bell tweeted afterward, continuing, "dear pope: Im sorry VM fans stole ur thunder on ur 1st day. I mean,Im not really that sorry,but i thought it would be polite 2 say so."

Now Warner Bros. is expected to follow through on its promise to handle distribution and publicity, in exchange for raising the money to make the movie.

As for the movie's story line, Thomas revealed some teasers:

"Life has taken Veronica away from Neptune. In the years since spoiling [dad] Keith's [Enrico Colantoni] chances to be re-elected sheriff, Veronica hasn't taken a case. But something big is about to bring her back home and back to her calling. My goal is to include as many of your favorite characters as possible. It is, after all, time for Veronica’s 10-year high school reunion."


This article was published March 13, 2013

Before Kristen Bell was known as the "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"actress who loves sloths, she played the title character on the CW's cult favorite show "Veronica Mars."

Since the show was canceled in 2007 after three years on the air, fans have been begging to bring back Bell and her kick-butt cast mates.

Show creator Rob Thomas was listening and on Wednesday, posted a campaign to Kickstarter in hopes of raising $2 million in 30 days to make a "Veronica Mars" movie. 

The entire original cast is on board, and even made the below video asking for fans' help.

Kristen Bell Veronica Mars Kickstarter CampaignThe campaign has already raised almost a million dollars and is encouraging fans to donate by pledging rewards for certain amounts  ranging from a copy of the script for $10 to a role in the film for $10,000. 

Warner Bros. has promised to handle distribution and publicity if Bell and co. can raise the cash in time.

If they get the funds, the low-budget movie would start production this summer, and hit theaters in 2014 for a limited time before getting released on digital platforms.

“Kristen and I met with the Warner Bros brass, and they agreed to allow us to take this shot," show creator Thomas wrote on the project’s fundraising page. “They were extremely cool about it, as a matter of fact. Their reaction was, if you can show there’s enough fan interest to warrant a movie, we’re on board."

Watch Bell and her cast mates "Veronica Mars" video pitch below:

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