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'The Croods' Overpower 'Olympus' — Here's Your Box-Office Roundup


the croods emma stone

DreamWorks Animation can breathe a huge sigh of relief. 

After a dismal end to 2012, the animation studio had nothing to worry about with "The Croods" out this weekend.  

The film, about the first caveman family, performed better than the release of "How to Train Your Dragon" back in March 2010. 

Meanwhile, Gerard Butler's cold streak has come to and end at the box office. After a slew of romance flops at in 2012, "Olympus Has Fallen" soared at theaters opening weekend. 

The only new release that didn't catch on this weekend was Tina Fey's rom-com, "Admission," which suffered from underwhelming reviews

"Silver Linings Playbook" finally bows out of the top ten in its 19-week at theaters. The Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence comedy has now earned $216 million worldwide. 

Also out of the top ten this week are Nicholas Sparks' "Safe Haven" and teen film "21 and Over." 

Here are this week's winners and losers in Hollywood:  

10. After dipping four spots, The Rock's "Snitch" just makes it into the top ten this week earning $1.9 million. The Lionsgate film has now earned $40.3 million after five weekends.  

9. "Identity Thief" featuring Melissa McCarthy also fell four spots with $2.5 million in its seventh weekend. Universal's comedy has managed to bring in $135.9 million worldwide earning the majority of its money at the domestic box office. 

8. "Jack the Giant Slayer" took a tumble with three new films out earning just under $3 million. Now out for a month, the fairytale-inspired movie featuring Ewan McGregor has earned $119.6 million worldwide. The film is estimated to have cost Warner Bros. $195 million to produce. 

7. Steve Carell's "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" drops 58 percent in week two earning $4.3 million. The film, which cost an estimated $30 million to produce, has earned $17.4 million since its debut. 

6. After debuting successfully in three theaters last weekend, "Spring Breakers" opens in more than 1,110 theaters bringing in $5 million The indie film with James Franco and Selena Gomez had a low budget estimated at $2 million. 

5. Tina Fey and Paul Rudd's "Admission" didn't get a warm welcome in theaters. The film, with an estimated budget of $13 million earned $6.4 million.  

4. Halle Berry's "The Call" drops two spots earning $8.7 million in week two. The TriStar film has now grossed $30.9 million.  

3. "Oz the Great and Powerful" moves down two spots in week three with $22 million. Disney's "Alice in Wonderland" performed similarly in week four at theaters back in 2010. "Oz" is performing just as well overseas as it is at home, earning $356.4 million worldwide.  

2. "Olympus Has Fallen" has secured director Anton Fuqua's largest opening yet with $30.5 million. Fuqua previously made "Training Day" which debuted at $22.6 million. After two romance flops in 2012, the Gerard Butler White House action thriller solidifies the actor's genre in theaters. 

1. DreamWorks Animation's "The Croods" managed to bring in $44.7 million to take the box office this weekend. The film's performance all but proved that the studio's last film, "The Rise of the Guardians" low gross was an anomaly. "The Croods" earnings came in slightly higher than 2010's March hit "How to Train Your Dragon" ($46 million) and just under "Megamind" ($46 million). 

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