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'The Walking Dead' And 'Toy Story' Share The Same Plot


The Walking Dead Toy Story sheriffWhat does AMC's hit zombie show "The Walking Dead" have in common with "Toy Story"?

Much more than you would imagine.

Just in time for the upcoming season finale Sunday, writer and director John Wray made a convincing mashup connecting the storylines of "The Walking Dead" to the "Toy Story" franchise.

We've run some of the photos with his permission.

Take a look >

Since Wray put up the images, they've been going viral on Reddit, and have been featured everywhere from BuzzFeed to UpRoxx.

Business Insider caught up with Wray to find how he made the connection between the Disney / Pixar favorite and one of the most popular shows on television right now.

According to Wray, the inspiration for the mashup album came after someone online pointed out the common elements between Lotso and the Governor from "Toy Story 3" and "The Walking Dead" respectively.  

"It struck me that both were pitted against sheriffs," Wray told Business Insider. "Just to amuse myself I "cast"The Walking Dead with Toy Story characters. (Rex=Carol? Slinky Dog=T-Dog?) But when I figured out the Rick/Shane/Carl & Woody/Buzz/Andy triangles, I started to dig deeper." 

Wray says he initially tried putting together a mashup video of "The Walking Dead" footage with "Toy Story" audio, but it deemed it too much effort for the amount of impact.

"I had to edit the scenes so heavily that it actually highlighted the differences rather than the similarities," said Wray. "So then the plan was to just do 5-10 funny side-by-side comparisons, but when I scrubbed through the footage I kept finding more and more material. I took the best ones and put together the album as it exists now. There are actually more that I didn't include, and I'm almost certain there are good ones that I missed."

Familiar with both works, Wray said the entire album of 40 images took him about a day and a half to compile.  

"Most of that time was spent scrubbing through episodes of TWD[The Walking Dead] and the "Toy Story" movies. Once I knew what I wanted, piecing together the images didn't take much time at all." 

Wray's album will change the way you look at both stories.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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