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'G.I. Joe' Takes Down Tyler Perry's 'Temptation' — Here's Your Box-Office Roundup


g.i. joe retaliation the rock

Paramount made a great decision holding off "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" until this year.

The sequel, starring Bruce Willis and The Rock, was originally set to debut last June, but was put off to incorporate a larger role for Channing Tatum after his big success at theaters last year with "Magic Mike" and "21 Jump Street."

A good decision since the summer was already jam packed with Hollywood blockbusters ranging from "The Dark Knight Rises" to "The Avengers."

Stephanie Meyer's "The Host" will not be the next "Twilight" series for teens. The alien love story had a weak opening. 

Meanwhile, nothing can stop Tyler Perry's continuing reign at the box office. His second film to debut at the end of March is another moviegoer winner. 

Out of the top ten this week are Warner Bros.' "Jack the Giant Slayer" which has managed to take in $157.7 million worldwide of its $195 million budget. 

Melissa McCarthy's "Identity Thief" also ended its run after eight weekends with $146.5 million.  

Here are this week's winners and losers in Hollywood: 

10. After a dismal two weeks at the box office, Jim Carrey and Steve Carell's "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" drops another three spots with $1.3 million. In three weeks, the film has earned $20.5 million, nearly $10 million shy of its estimated $30 million budget. 

9. "Spring Breakers" featuring James Franco, Selena Gomez, and Vanessa Hudgens earns $2.8 million. The low-budget, indie film cost $5 million to produce and has already made $12.9 million worldwide after three weeks in a limited number of theaters.  

8. Tina Fey's dramedy, "Admission," took in $3.3 million. In two weeks, the film has earned $11.8 million, still short of its estimated $13 million production budget.  

7. 911 thriller, "The Call," featuring Halle Berry, grossed $4.8 million this weekend. The TriStar movie has done well earning $39.5 million on a $13 million budget. 

6. "The Host" is no "Twilight." The Stephanie Meyer alien film debuted to $11 million. Back in 2008, Meyer's first vampire film earned $69.6 million opening weekend. 

5. "Oz the Great and Powerful" moves down two spots this week with $11.6 million. Disney's prequel to the classic will cross the $200 million mark at home this week, and has earned $412 million worldwide. 

4. Gerard Butler action flick "Olympus Has Fallen" drops nearly 54 percent, earning $14 million. The White House thriller from FilmDistrict has earned $60 million in two weekends. 

3. Tyler Perry's "Temptation" (Confessions of a Marriage Counselor) featuring Kim Kardashian doesn't fail to impress with $22.3 million at theaters. It's the ninth Perry flick to gross more than $20 million opening weekend. 

2. DreamWorks Animation's "The Croods" couldn't hold onto the crown for a second week. The animated cavemen film dipped 39 percent, earning $26.5 million. The film has earned nearly double overseas, taking in $138.7 million.  

1. Paramount's pushed back release date of "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" helped the film immensely. The film, starring The Rock, Bruce Willis, and Channing Tatum took in $41.2 million opening weekend. The film was originally supposed to come out last June, but decided to hold off to extend Tatum's role and convert to 3D. The film is doing even better overseas, earning another $80.3 million in foreign tickets.

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