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Movie Studio Lionsgate Ditches Its Famous 'Golden Gears' Intro For This New Logo


Lionsgate logo

Moviegoers may be surprised when they see the new Hunger Games movie, "Hunger Games: Catching Fire." The film will open with a new logo and intro-branding for Lionsgate, the studio behind the movie.

The Lionsgate movie-opening intro sequence is familiar to many: It begins as a closeup on a set of golden, grinding gears, and as the camera moves backward it emerges on the other side of a keyhole. The keyhole is on a gate, which then opens onto a dramatically cloudy sky where the Lionsgate logo lives.

No more. The studio was bored of it, according to the New York Times:

“It would have been really easy to say, ‘O.K., we want to freshen our logo. Let’s go buy a new gate,'” said Tim Palen, Lionsgate’s chief marketing officer. “But it’s hard to make a gate exciting. We decided to be bold.”

A new intro was designed by Devastudios. Check out the old one first to refresh your memory; the new one is below that.

Old Lionsgate intro:

New Lionsgate logo:

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