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19 Obvious Reasons Why 'Star Wars' Is Better Than 'Star Trek'


Star Wars

I'm fully aware that writing an article about how "Star Wars" is better than "Star Trek" is flame bait. Especially with "Star Trek Into Darkness" hitting theaters this week. You understand this as well as I do. 

But damn it, it's true. Last night, I caught a 9:45 p.m. IMAX 3D showing of "Star Trek Into Darkness" and it just reminded me how much more I enjoy watching the "Star Wars" movies. It kills me that I have to include Episodes I through III. Those aren't "Star Wars" movies, they're abominations. But in the spirit of fairness, I'll count them. 

Even counting the newer "Star Wars" installments, the franchise is still better than the "Star Trek" universe. Fightin' words. 

The irony here is that new Trek-helmer J.J. Abrams will be taking the reins for the new "Star Wars," so this fight might dwindle in the next few years as "Star Wars" gets Abramified and lens-flared into the next decade. 

So let's just enjoy the discussion for now because really, I know you get as much of a kick out of this "debate" as I do.

Here are 19 reasons why "Star Wars" is better than "Star Trek." There are more, but I have some actual work to attend to, so please feel free to sound off in the comments below. 

19. Carrie Fisher in a gold bikini chained to a fat alien.

This could conceivably be higher up on the list, but the choice is obviously driven by my male brain, and the fact that my male brain was influenced by this scene when I was but a wee lad of 6 years old. 

18. "Star Wars" video games put "Star Trek" games to shame.

While we may not be getting "Star Wars 1313" (RIP LucasArts), "Star Wars" has given us one of the best role-playing games ever in "Knights of the Old Republic" and more than double the game titles of any "Star Trek" adaptations.

We have no idea what EA has in store for Disney's next lineup of "Star Wars" games, but it can't be any worse than the latest attempt at a video game tie-in for "Star Trek":  

"Playing Star Trek: The Game felt like playing an unfinished version of a game that, even when finished, still wouldn't be very good."

17. A star ship captain of the Enterprise doesn't know how to put sentences together or run a crew.

Who doesn't love the way William Shatner talks? "Bones ... Spock! BonesSpock! I ... can't ... believe we just got shot. I ... hope ... that this is ... over." But come on, seriously? This guy is trusted to command a star ship?

Sure, Han Solo takes some serious risks with his crew and Millenium Falcon, but Kirk is kind of a moron, new Kirk included. Leading away-crews himself with his most important staffers? Right, this is dramatic. They are the main characters, understood. But for a series that gets touted for it's realism based on science, this just takes me way out of it.  

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