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New Documentary Follows The Everyday Lives Of 9 Lesbian Porn Stars


Porn star i love your work

Porn stars are used to being viewed in, shall we say, compromising positions — but filmmaker Jonathan Harris is exposing the other side of adult film stars' worlds: their more mundane everyday lives.

"I think about their lives, what they had for breakfast, what their apartment might look like, where they get their groceries," Harris, 33, explained to Slate of his new interactive film titled "I Love Your Work."

The project follows nine young women who make lesbian porn and "consists of 2,202 10-second video clips, taken at five-minute intervals over 10 consecutive days," states the film's website.

But for $10, the documentary lets viewers get to know the women even more intimately, according to the site: "There is an interactive environment for exploring this material (around six hours of footage). It is limited to just 10 viewers per day, and tickets cost $10 each."

We didn't pay the $10 to see what goes on after the pay wall, but we did watch the trailer, in which the women explain why they chose to become adult film stars. Here are some of the reasons:

  • "I want to feel like I've experienced being incredibly sexual in what is supposed to be a shameful situation  but not feeling shamed."
  • "Getting paid to have sex with beautiful women is one of those job descriptions you just can't say no to."
  • "It's an easy way to be famous, and Americans are seeking fame."
  • "The pornography that I make is true and authentic to my sexuality. It's not faking it or putting on a show."
  • "My parents cut me off so I had no money. Because I'm gay."

Harris says creating the film made him see a new side of porn and Americans' obsession with it:

"When I see porn now, I see real people performing. The power of pornographic fantasies is diminished for me now, because I understand the role of makeup and lighting and camera angles to convey a certain image that usually has very little to do with reality. And I think this is ultimately a really humanizing thing to realize. It makes me feel better about my own body, and about the bodies of other people in my life. I can still appreciate the fantasies, but they have less control over me now."

Watch the trailer for the project below. We're warning you: NSFW.

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