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M. Night Shymalan Reveals He Ghost Wrote 'She's All That'


she's all that

"After Earth" director M. Night Shymalan reveals in an interview with Movies.com that he ghost-wrote the hit '90s teen film "She's All That." 

Yes, the Freddie Prinze Jr. film that replays on cable all the time featuring the actor as a high school jock making over nerdy recluse Rachel Leigh Cook as part of a bet. 

The film made $103 million worldwide at the box office. Not bad for a film with a production budget of $10 million back in 1999. 

That's not all.  

While discussing the typical surprise endings that come with a Shyamalan film, the director pointed out another project that was a deviation from the material he does now. 

Any guesses? 

"Stuart Little." 

"You're saying the audience's relationship started with me with 'The Sixth Sense,'" said Shyamalan. "That same year I wrote 'Stuart Little.'" 

A look at the writer of "She's All That" leads to R. Lee Fleming Jr. whose IMDB listing shows he has written and produced a number of TV shows from "Friends" to "One Tree Hill" and currently "The Lying Game." 

This has led people to wonder whether Shyamalan is also writer Fleming Jr.  

The reasoning? 

For starters, it's an odd coincidence the two are the same age, and were both born August 1970. 

Maybe it's coincidence. Maybe not.

Rewind to 1999 with two clips from the film.

Here's Prinze Jr. making the bet to makeover a student with a young Paul Walker.

Here's the big reveal of Cook's makeover:

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