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'Man Of Steel' Borrows Elements From 5 Other Big Movies


superman man of steel

Warning: If you haven't seen the film, there are some spoilers. 

As "Man of Steel" rolls into theaters this weekend you may find yourself experiencing some serious déjà vu.

I enjoyed director Zack Snyder's take on the son of Krypton during a Tuesday screening; however, when the movie begins to get to the big action sequences at the end, you can't help but feel you've seen some of this before.

Between black holes, snake-like probes, and a familiar scene of an apocalypse, here are a few films "Man of Steel" appears to borrow a page from:

1. "Independence Day"

This is the movie you'll most likely find similarities with.

Here's the set up: A giant alien ship takes position over one of Earth's major cities (Chicago). American jet fighters head toward the giant vehicle in hopes to destroy it. The scene feels so familiar we're almost expecting Will Smith to appear in a cameo.

Here's a shot from "Man of Steel":

man of steel independence day

Here's a scene from "Independence Day":

We're not the only ones who noticed this.

NY Daily News:

"The alien invasion-heavy result is like “Independence Day” in a cape, though at least its hero doesn’t get Green Lantern-ized."

2. "War of the Worlds

For some reason there are giant tentacles attacking Superman throughout the final fight scenes of the film.

They look a lot like those alien probes Tom Cruise was battling in New Jersey.

3. "The Avengers"

"Man of Steel" follows the recent superhero cliché of sacrificing yourself for the good of mankind. 

Again, we have aliens placing themselves at the center of a big city. There's even a black hole for the villains to get sucked into.

From "The Avengers":

avengers portal

avengers tony stark falls to earth

4. "Inception"

There's a scene in "Man of Steel" where buildings are crumbling left and right and you can't help but feel like you're in one of Christopher Nolan's collapsing dream worlds from "Inception." 

By the way, Nolan did co-write the script for "Man of Steel."

"Man of Steel":

man of steel



5. "Terminator 2"

There's an odd action sequence between Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) and General Zod (Michael Shannon) taking place in Superman's head where he envisions an apocalyptic ending to Earth.

It plays out sort of like that ubiquitous vision Sarah Connor sees about the world coming to a fiery end.

man of steel terminator

Bonus: "District 9"

district 9"Man of Steel" is a film about an alien on Earth coming to grips with his differences and gaining acceptance from those around him.

On many levels, this is a loose plotline for Neil Blomkamp's brilliant 2009 film which shows a man who slowly changes into an alien. He's not harmful or a different person, but because of his outward appearance he's treated like a dangerous monster.

Of course, the aliens don't have heat vision and can't fly.

Had Superman looked like something out of "District 9" hidden in a human suit would the people of Earth have been as welcoming?

Let us know if you notice any other similarities while seeing the film.

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