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10 Actors Who Parodied Themselves Before 'This Is the End'


"this is the end" rihanna

An all-star cast of comedians parody their celebrity status as they try to survive the apocalypse in Sony Pictures' "This is the End" now playing in theaters.

It's always a highlight when celebrities are willing to poke fun at their own persona, so...

Jean Claude Van Damme in 'JCVD'

Jean Claude Van Damme's career had fallen practically to obscurity by 2008. But the '90s action star took advantage of his C-list status, starring as a forgotten action star struggling with his taxes and a custody battle with his ex-wife in "JCVD." Poor guy even loses roles to Steven Seagal.

Steve Carell in 'Knocked Up'

The Hollywood nice guy is berated by pregnant and moody E! producer Allison Scott (Katherine Heigl) in "Knocked Up." He tries to gracefully exit the hostile interview, but has a hard time escaping the wrath of Heigl's character.

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon in 'The Trip'

Coogan and Brydon have played themselves in a number of films, most memorably in their 2010 comedy "The Trip." They travel around Northern England tasting food, wine, and working out their impressions of Michael Caine and Al Pacino. The duo will be making their way to Italy in the upcoming sequel.

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