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30 Brilliant Recreations Of Movie Scenes


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Film enthusiast Allen Fuqua has combined his passion for movies and travel by recreating movie scenes around the world.

His project Movie Mimic has over 60 scenes that Fuqua has duplicated with the help of friends and strangers.

Fuqua has given us permission to feature a selection of his work and a glimpse of experiencing traveling in a unique way.

'Inception' at Da Stuzzi, Paris, France

Movie: Inception
Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio
Location: Da Stuzzi, Paris, France
With: Teresa Cabanillas Gutiérrez 
Photographer: Jazz Gabriel

'Inception in Paris, France

Movie: Inception
Actor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Location: Paris, France
Photographer: Jazz Gabriel

'Drive' at MacArthur Park, Los Angeles, CA

Movie: Drive
Actor: Ryan Gosling
Location: MacArthur Park, Los Angeles, CA
With: Mike Ladiona
Photographer: Kevin Thomas

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