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'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Was Filming Outside My Apartment This Morning


I woke up this morning to find an interesting scene outside my window: a motorcade of 20+ police cars driving by Lincoln Center with their lights on, but no sirens.

motercade police cars outside my window

It led me to believe something was going on, so I went downstairs with my iPhone. I first noticed this flyer saying they'd be filming a "Movie" on my block, so buses wouldn't be stopping at their usual spot.

movie filming spideman

I came across this truck that said Sony Pictures. I figured only a big-budget film would have the means to shut down a busy Broadway intersection on a Saturday morning.

sony pictures presents spiderman filming

Crew members were taping blue X's over the NYPD police cars.

police cars spiderman movie filming

They were also fixing fake license plates onto the cars:


Hey! There's a huge group of what appears to be cast members, posing for paparazzi photos in between scenes.

case of spiderman movie filming

Here, the paparazzi capture the moment:

paparazzi spiderman movie filming

I zoomed in on the group shot and noticed this guy in the back row, standing next to a girl wearing a Spider-man shirt. He looked a lot like Andrew Garfield, the star of the upcoming "The Amazing Spider-man 2" movie.

andrew garfield body double spiderman

Could it be his body double? He was wearing some sort of body suit that looked like it would be helpful for filming stunts.

andrew garfield body double spiderman

Here were two other interesting characters from the group shot: A homeless man with a boom box around his neck and his lady friend getting cozy.

homeless extra spiderman movie filming

This fruit cart in the scene looked nicer than the carts you see on the streets of Manhattan.

nyc fruit cart spiderman filming

At closer glance, the sign seemed fake to me.

nyc fruit cart spiderman filming

I was right; it's a prop! Here is the crew packing it up.

food cart spider-man fake

Whatever scene they'd been filming with the police car motorcade was over, so I followed the cast and crew to their lunch spread a few blocks away where there was a solid assortment of hot food. Actors got in line to eat first, followed by production assistants.

food line spiderman filming

I stayed just in time to see what looked like the real Andrew Garfield ride off into the distance in a black car.

andrew garfield in a limo spiderman filming

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