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Keanu Reeves' Long-Awaited Big-Budget, Samurai Movie '47 Ronin' Finally Gets A Trailer


keanu reeves 47 ronin

After numerous push backs, we finally get to see a trailer for Keanu Reeves samurai movie "47 Ronin" and it doesn't look half bad.  

The film follows Kai (Reeves) as he leads a small army of 47 warriors to avenge the death of their master. 

Universal needs this film to be a big hit. 

Like Disney's "The Lone Ranger," this movie has been in the works for seemingly forever. As a result, its budget swirled massively out of control. 

"47 Ronin" was originally set for a November 2012 release before being pushed back to February of this year.

The Wrap reported back in September that the production for the film was a "nightmare" with the budget inflating to $225 million.

This is Reeves second film he has out this year.

After a long hiatus from the film circuit he'll also be seen in "Man of Tai Chi."(His last big blockbusters were 2003's "Something's Gotta Give" and "The Matrix: Revolutions."

"47 Ronin" comes to theaters December 25.

One takeaway.

When seeing this image in the above trailer ... 

samurai 47 ronin

We can't help but think of the Silver Samurai from "The Wolverine." 

the wolverine silver samurai

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