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'Paranoia' Is Harrison Ford's Biggest Box-Office Bomb Ever — Here's Your Box-Office Roundup


gary oldman angry face paranoia

We knew Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman's "Paranoia" action thriller wasn't going to do well in theaters; however, no one predicted it would do this poorly.

Despite the success of Weinstein Company's "The Butler," the big news of the weekend are the many shortcomings.

BoxOffice.com estimated the Harrison and Oldman's film about the two going head to head (with Liam Hemsworth as a pawn) would earn as little as $6 million

Instead, the film will end up the worst wide box-office release for the trio and one of the biggest losers of the summer. 

"Kick-Ass 2" and "jOBS" didn't fare much better with both suffering from dismal reviews.

Out of the top ten this week is Adam Sandler's "Grown Ups 2" which has earned $172 million after six weeks and Warner Bros. successful horror flick "The Conjuring." The flick has grossed nearly $200 million worldwide with most of that money coming domestically. 

The last film out of the top spots is Universal's most profitable film to date, "Despicable Me 2," which has gone on to earn nearly $800 million. 

Here are this week's winners and losers in Hollywood: 

10. Hugh Jackman's "The Wolverine" drops three spots with $4.4 million. The Fox film has earned nearly double of its money overseas with a total haul of $335 million. Jackman will next appear in the "X-Men" film set for next summer. 

9. "The Smurfs 2" may be bringing in a meager $4.4 million domestically in week three, but the Sony/Columbia Picture's film is overseas. The film has earned more than $206 million worldwide with 72.5% of its earnings coming from foreign box office. A third film has already been discussed. 

8. Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington's "2 Guns" drops more than 50% in ticket sales earning $5.6 million in week three. After debuting to $27 million, the Universal film has still failed to earn back its estimated $61 million production budget. Of course, Universal has had two of the biggest movies of the summer with "Fast & Furious 6" and "Despicable Me 2."

7. After debuting to poor reviews, "jOBS" opened to a weak $6.7 million. The Open Road Films movie cost $12 million to make. AaronSorkin has his on Jobs movie expected to be released next year. 

6. Fox's "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters" sequel dropped nearly 42% in its second weak with $8.4 million. The film earned less than half of the original 2010 flick opening weekend ($14 million vs $31 million). 

5. Disney's "Cars" spinoff "Planes" earns $13.1 million in week two. Most people are probably under the impression the film is also from Pixar when it actually comes from Disney Toons. The film was originally planned as a straight-to-video release. What's most notable is that while this film is an easy money maker for Disney, it is already faring better than DreamWorks Animation's latest dud, "Turbo." 

4."Kick-Ass 2" grossly underperformed earning $13.57 million in its opening weekend.It earned significantly less than the 2010 film which premiered to $19.8 million. 

3. Neil Blomkamp's futuristic "Elysium" switches spots with Jennifer Aniston's comedy in its second week earning another $13.6 million. Blomkamp's followup to his 2009 film "District 9," was well on its way to $100 million domestically by week two. "Elysium" should hit $100 million worldwide this week. 

2. Finally, a box-office hit for Jennifer Aniston. "We're the Millers" has a good second week with $17.8 million. The film, which cost Warner Bros. an estimated $37 million to make, has earned nearly $70 million in two weeks. 

1. It's Weinstein Company's "The Butler"* that stole the weekend with $25 million. Lee Daniels' film based on a "true life" story was originally scheduled for an October release before being smartly moved up to an emptier movie month. No doubt that the Warner Bros.'/Weinstein title spat inadvertently helped boost publicity and knowledge for the film, along with Oprah Winfrey's public appearances. 

*We know the title has been technically changed to "Lee Daniels' The Bulter," but let's be honest, it's one of the silliest forced and unfortunate title changes childishly enforced by Warner Bros and the MPAA. 

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