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10 Annoying Lies That Movies And TV Shows Tell You


Reddit user julestheteacher recently posted this question to the AskReddit community: "Hello, what 'lies' do you see on TV shows that annoy you the most?"

Redditers unleashed their fury.

Here are the best answers:

1. Extracting people's identities from security camera footage is easy

csi computer

"Enhance. Enhance. Enhance. Magnify by 800%.

That's not how photographs work."—andalucian_cat

"Ha ha- CSI then!! oh just go magnify in that persons eye... theres the licence plate!!!"—julestheteacher

2. Computers hacking happens instantaneously

PACIFIC RIM Burn Gorman Dr. Hermann Gottlieb

"Ramdomly punching keys on the keyboard as fast as you can, instantly hacks anything."—Red_Fist_Champion

"Pacific Rim was guilty of this when the over the top goofy British math scientist punched a bunch of keys randomly and spouted off some technobabble. It was so absurd it was jarring and destroyed my suspension of disbelief."—Nutz76

3. Men need women to run their lives —jimflaigle

according to jim belushi

"It seems like in almost every sitcom the main male character is a hopeless idiot who could barely remember to breathe without his wife reminding him.

I mean, somehow he always seems to have a good job and keep all the bills paid... but for some reason he desperately needs his wife's input on what to wear to a PTA meeting."—InPursuitOf

4. Arizona has moderate weather

medium patricia arquette

"I enjoy the show Medium because it's based out of my hometown Phoenix, but the more I watch it the more annoyed I get ... The thing that made me bust up recently was a radio show that said, 'Another beautiful day here in Phoenix, with a high of 85... That combination of words has never been uttered by any person in AZ history. Also, people are hopping in their cars and not burning their hands and legs on everything inside!"—54mu5

5. New York City is affordable

don't trust the b in apartment apt 23

"I live in NYC. It's really jarring when a story is taking place in NYC and the scenery they are showing is not even close to anything you'll actually find in NYC.

Also the lie that a couple of 20-somethings with relatively low paying jobs can afford a gorgeous, enormous apartment in Manhattan is really annoying."—acydetchx

6. Both parties know when to hang up the phone without saying good-bye first —Minolta13

mad men phone amc

"Mad Men is the worst for this. Myself and my girlfriend always say "Bye""Bye" every time someone hangs up in that program. Nobody ever says bye :("—Jestar342

"I thinks it's an american thing. The Englishman in me thinks that if I was in '24' I'd at least say 'cheers chap, all the best'..."—julestheteacher

7. Medical personnel treat their own relatives

grey's anatomy ellen pompeo patrick dempsey

"How residents/interns do rounds/treat their own family members.
Almost every hospital in the whole country wouldn't allow you to treat your own family."—owlbrowneyes

8. Gerard Butler is human

p.s. i love you gerard butler

"In the movie 'P.S. I Love You', Gerard Butler's character buttons his shirt up using one hand.

It's been years since I've seen the movie and I've attempted to do this as fast as he did in the movie and fallen minutes short. I'm now convinced that Gerard Butler is not human."—Justananomaly

9. People navigate by cardinal direction

The Hangover cop car

"'I'm heading South down T-------- Avenue'

or even worse, inside a building: 'I'm on the East side of this massive nondescript warehouse'

Who the f--- knows if they're going North or South down a road?"—yukyum

10. Democracy works —crotch_jenkins

Kevin Spacey House of Cards

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