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Forget Ben Affleck — Here Are 9 Other Actors Who Could Have Easily Played Batman


ben affleck batman

The Internet went insane over the casting choice of Ben Affleck as Batman in the upcoming "Man of Steel" sequel. 

Since Warner Bros. announced Affleck would be Gotham's new Dark Knight, many have expressed outrage through petitions and social media.

After all, it's difficult to imagine Affleck do dark and broody after his performance in "Daredevil."

The hashtag #BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck quickly became popular suggesting both serious and ridiculous suggestions to replace the actor.

Warner Bros. never would have gone with an unknown as Batman. It needed a big A-list actor to take on the role of DC's most popular superhero.

Regardless, we've still put together a list of a few other actors who could definitely play the part.

Have your own casting choices? Add them below.

Ryan Gosling

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gosling was in the running to don the cape and cowl; however, the "Drive" actor says he doesn't do sequels.

"The Notebook" aside, not only is he one of the hottest actors out there right now, but he also has equal appeal with women and men. If Ryan Gosling was Bruce Wayne, every girl would have wanted to see that movie. 

If you've seen "Drive" or "Gangster Squad" Gosling can give a chillingly haunting performance as well. His ability to effortlessly transform from devilish heartthrob to menacing protector won us over. 

At 32, he may have been a little too young for the 40-ish Warner Bros. was going for.

Michael Fassbender

The idea wouldn't have been difficult to imagine.

Fassbender has worked with Snyder before in "300" and has quickly become a household name after "Prometheus" and "Inglourious Basterds." The only problem is that the "X-Men" gang have a hold on him.

Josh Brolin

The actor was reportedly also up for the role. It's not difficult to see why after his roles in "True Grit,""No Country for Old Men," and "Gangster Squad."

Brolin would have delivered a dark, grittier Wayne to the big screen.

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