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Christian Bale's Original Batman Audition Tape Shows Him Wearing The Batsuit From 'Batman Forever'


Tomorrow, Warner Bros. is releasing the ultimate collector's edition of "The Dark Knight" trilogy.

Ahead of its release, a clip of Christian Bale's original audition tape to play the Caped Crusader has hit the web. 

What's cool — other than seeing original test footage — is that Amy Adams can be seen performing the screen-test with him. 

Many often make fun of the voice that Batbale adopted in the trilogy. However, director Christopher Nolan briefly details in the clip that Bale's need for a different voice heavily influenced his casting.  

"I think Christian's voice was a part of the big impression he made in the test," says Nolan. "He had decided that Batman needed to have a different voice to Bruce Wayne … that he needed to put on a different voice." 

Also — Bonus points if you noticed that Bale is wearing what looks to be one of Val Kilmer's Batsuits that he wore in "Batman Forever." It's just spray-painted black.

Here's Batbale:

batman forever suit christian bale

And, here's a look at the cowl:

batman christian bale

Here's Kilmer. It's the second suit on the right.

batman forever val kilmer

Note: An earlier version of this story had a photo of George Clooney from "Batman & Robin." We regret the error.

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