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Here's The 'Hunger Games' Actress Who Randomly Strips Naked In An Elevator


johanna mason jena malone

Watch out Jennifer Lawrence, you may have some competition from another fiery brunette. 

Though Lawrence captivated, there was another young actress who stole the screen during “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” 

Enter Jena Malone who plays axe-wielding Johanna Mason from District 7 in the film. 

We’ve been waiting to see Malone’s character make her grand entrance on screen since we knew the films were being made. 


Because she has one of the best character entrances in any book. 

Ahead of the 75th Hunger Games in which old victors are participating, she steps into an elevator with Katniss (Lawrence), her pal/lover Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), and their mentor Haymitch (Woody Harrelson), and starts to undress completely. 

She’s never met Katniss or Peeta before. Haymitch knows her from The 71st Hunger Games. But there she goes, just starting to strip while making small talk with the three (or Peeta for the most part). 

It was one of the best scenes in the movie. 

Why did she do this? 

It’s not as random as it may appear in the film.  

In the book, Peeta explains Johanna does this to see Katniss’ reaction. Like the other victors Katniss has met, they’ve all been teasing her — another man, Chaff, stole a kiss on the lips from her upon meeting — since they know she’s the most naive and pure of them all.  

It’s all in good fun. Katniss just noticed it with Johanna. 

Who is Jena Malone? 

jena maloneYou’ll recognize Malone from “Pride & Prejudice,” “Into the Wild,” and last year’s acclaimed “Hatfields & McCoys” series that ran on History. 

She didn’t just steal that scene in “The Hunger Games.” Malone lit up the screen every time she appeared on screen. Whether she was screaming defiantly at the Capitol and President Snow in Stanley Tucci’s presence on a stage or while pacing heatedly along a makeshift beach in the games, her energy was well spent in the sequel.  

Returning to the elevator scene, I’ve always wondered what Katniss’ face looked like during the elevator scene while reading the series. Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t disappoint in the film. 

The scene is being passed around Tumblr right now.

If you want to see one of the best scenes from the film, mini spoilers below.

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