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10 'Star Wars' Characters Who Should Get Their Own Spinoff Film


Han Solo

There's been a lot of "Star Wars" talk lately with casting getting under way for "Episode VII."

While we can expect that film December 2015, there are also a number of "Star Wars" spinoff films in addition to the three already planned.

While fanboys contemplate the next sequel's plot, no one's really sure what the spinoffs shall entail either. 

We're rounded up ten characters we'd like to see in theaters from the obvious to a few you may not be familiar with — unless you know the extended universe.

Sorry, but you won't find Admiral Ackbar here.

The character's great for a gag, but any film with him would be a trap.

MACE WINDU: Samuel L. Jackson says he wants in on the new installments even if he has to return as a hologram.

Sure, Jackson has another Disney franchise on his hands right now with "The Avengers," and there's the slight issue about his character getting axed in "Star Wars—Episode III: Revenge of the Sith," but it wouldn't be the first time we saw a hologram in the "Star Wars" universe.

CHEWBACCA: Han's Wookie sidekick has a family back on his home planet of Kashyyk. And, in the books, Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader imprisoned most of the Wookies to help build the Death Star.

(Source: "Star Wars" wiki)

HAN SOLO: Harrison Ford's a little old at 70 to reprise the role, but if the film was to follow a younger Solo in all of his smuggling glory alongside Chewy, then we could get a peek at his adventures before joining up with Luke and Leia.

Though Disney has yet to confirm, EW reported Han will get his own movie.

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