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27 Actors Who Dramatically Changed Their Looks For Movies


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Bruce Wayne who? Christian Bale trades Batman's cape and tights to play Irving Rosenfield, an overweight, balding con artist in the new film "American Hustle."

For the role, Bale told People Magazine he gained 43 pounds on a diet of donuts, cheeseburgers, and anything else he could get his hands on.

He estimated going from about 185 to 228 pounds. The actor also shaved his head, and slouched enough to accidentally herniate a disc in his back.

Bale was so unrecognizable that co-star Robert De Niro had to ask who Bale was upon meeting him on set. 

It's not the first role Bale has gained or lost weight for — "The Machinist," the "Dark Knight" trilogy, and recent film "Out of the Furnace" all required dramatic changes in his appearance.

While Bale may be a master of transformation, he's certainly not the only Hollywood actor who has gone above and beyond — losing weight, undergoing hours of makeup application, and wearing prosthetics — for a role.

Ryan Reynolds gained 25 pounds of muscle for his role in "Blade: Trinity."

"Blade: Trinity" is probably not the most dignified movie to prove acting credibility but Ryan Reynolds disagrees. 

"The Proposal" actor obsessively trained to look like the graphic novel's character working out six days a week and consuming 3,200 daily calories for three months to gain a six-pack.

Natalie Portman lost 20 pounds to play a ballerina dancer in "Black Swan."

Portman was on a carrots and almond diet to play ballet dancer Nina Sayers and worked out five to eight hours a day via cross-training, swimming, and ballet.

The actress later told Entertainment Weekly the extent of her preparation for the role:

"There were some nights that I thought I literally was going to die," Portman told EW. "It was the first time I understood how you could get so wrapped up in a role that it could sort of take you down."

Christian Bale lost more than 63 lbs. for his role in "The Machinist."

Bale got down to a body weight of 120 pounds by running, and on a daily diet of an apple and can of tuna.

The actor gained it all back, plus an extra 30 pounds, for his role as Bruce Wayne in "Batman Begins." 

He talked about his weight gain with IGN, saying: 

"... I think putting weight on, unfortunately I had to put it on pretty fast and it's not very healthy doing that. That was when I felt bad. I did actually start to feel I was putting my body under too much pressure because I put on 100 pounds in five months."

Bale later gained 43 pounds for this weekend's "American Hustle."

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