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Here's Who Will Star In The All-Female 'Ghostbusters' Reboot


melissa mccarthy kristen wiig

An all-female "Ghostbusters" reboot is in the works and we finally know the lead cast.

Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and current "Saturday Night Live" comediennes Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones are set to star in the upcoming Sony film. 

The Hollywood Reporter first reported the news

Director Paul Feig ("The Heat,""Bridesmaid") since confirmed the news with a simple image of the four actresses on Twitter.


McCarthy and Wiig previously starred in Feig's hit "Bridesmaids."

Last year marked the 30th anniversary of the original "Ghostbusters" film.

A "Ghostbusters" reboot/sequel has been in the works for a long time. Originally, the film was supposed to reunite original stars Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Davis with director Ivan Reitman.

After the death of Ramis in Feb. 2014, Reitman decided to step out of the directing chair

Feig announced the new "Ghostbusters" movie will hit theaters July 22, 2016.

The new film will begin shooting in New York this summer, according to THR.

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Why We'll See The New 'Mission Impossible' Sequel 5 Months Earlier Than Expected


mission impossible ghost protocol

A better shot at a lucrative run in Imax theaters was one very big reason Paramount moved the release date for Tom Cruise’s “Mission: Impossible 5” up to July 31.

The action sequel had been scheduled to debut on Christmas Day, one week after “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” hits theaters on Dec. 18. But Monday’s shift of “MI5” means Paramount not only avoids direct competition with Disney’s blockbuster-to-be, it also gives it a shot at Imax’s 338 theaters, which have been committed to “Star Wars” over the holidays.

None of the parties involved were commenting Tuesday, but the ticket premiums from the giant screen chain and PLF screens have played an increasingly large role in the success of breakout movies recently, and maximizing those returns makes sense.

Roughly 10 percent of the record-breaking $204 million domestic box office grosses for current No. 1 movie “American Sniper” have come from 333 Imax theaters, which have also dominated the list of locations providing the biggest returns. With roughly 380 PLF screens doing the same sort of business, over-sized screens have provided nearly a fifth of the haul generated by the Iraq War saga from Warner Bros.Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

That studio’s action remake “Point Break” is currently penciled in for Imax theaters on the July 31 weekend, but that’s not set in stone and there’s little doubt that “Mission: Impossible 5” would be more attractive.

“We believe ‘Mission Impossible’ would clearly trump ‘Point Break’ as a choice for the July 31 slot,” said B. Riley analyst Eric Wold Tuesday. “Not only did Imax successfully play the last ‘Mission Impossible’ film in December 2011, but Imax cameras were used to shoot some of the film’s key scenes, indicating a solid relationship with both the studio and fans on this franchise.”

“Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” was a hit for Paramount, taking in $209 million domestically and $485 million from abroad. In all, the franchise has generated more than $2 billion in global grosses for the studio since 1996.

The confirmation of “MI5” would be another boost for Imax stock, which hit another 52-week high Monday with shares at $33.61, and has risen 15 percent in the past two weeks.

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Here Are The Actors In Danny Boyle's Coming Steve Jobs Biopic


Filming has begun on Danny Boyle's new biopic of Steve Jobs, The Verge reports, and all the actors for the main roles have been announced.

The film will tell the story of the early years of the company, focusing on three key product launches. These are the first Macintosh computer, the NeXT computer, and the Apple iMac.

The screenplay is written by Aaron Sorkin, who won an Oscar for his writing on "The Social Network."

The late Apple cofounder and CEO Steve Jobs is being played by Michael Fassbender.

jobs fassbender

Kate Winslet is playing early Apple employee Joanna Hoffman.

winslett hoffman

Cofounder and electrical engineer Steve Wozniak's role is filled by Seth Rogan.

rogan wozniak

Steve Jobs persuaded Pepsi executive John Sculley to join Apple as CEO by asking him whether he wanted "to sell sugared water for the rest of your life? Or do you want to come with me and change the world?" Sculley will be played by Jeff Daniels.

daniels sculley

Katherine Waterston is to play Chrisann Brennan, Jobs' former girlfriend and the mother of his first child.

waterson brennan

Michael Stuhlbarg is Andy Hertzfeld, a member of the first Mac development team. He now works at Google.

stuhlbarg hertzfield

Perla Haney-Jardine and Ripley Sobo will play Jobs' daughter Lisa Brennan. (Child actor Makenzie Moss is also playing Brennan at a younger age.)

brennan daughter

Sarah Snook is taking on the role of PR guru and entrepreneur Andrea Cunningham, who helped Apple launched the Apple Macintosh. (There were no photos of Cunningham from the time available.)

cunningham snook

Adam Shapiro will play early Apple employee and executive Avie Tevanian.

shapiro tevanian

Here's the full press release, courtesy of Slash Film:

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA, January 27, 2015 — Universal Pictures today announced that principal photography has commenced in San Francisco on Steve Jobs. Set backstage at three iconic product launches and ending in 1998 with the unveiling of the iMac, the film takes us behind the scenes of the digital revolution to paint an intimate portrait of the brilliant man at its epicenter.

Steve Jobs is directed by Academy Award® winner Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours) and written by Academy Award® winner Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network, HBO’s The Newsroom), working from Walter Isaacson’s best-selling biography of the Apple founder. The producers are Mark Gordon (Saving Private Ryan, Source Code), Guymon Casady (HBO’s Game of Thrones, Hope Springs) of Film 360, Scott Rudin and Academy Award® winner Christian Colson (Slumdog Millionaire, Selma).

Michael Fassbender (X-Men: Days of Future Past, 12 Years a Slave) will play Steve Jobs, the pioneering founder of Apple, with Academy Award®-winning actress Kate Winslet (The Reader, Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind) starring as Joanna Hoffman, former marketing chief of Macintosh. Steve Wozniak, who co-founded Apple, is played by Seth Rogen (Neighbors, The Interview), and Jeff Daniels (HBO’s The Newsroom, Good Night, and Good Luck.) stars as former Apple CEO John Sculley. The film also stars Katherine Waterston (Inherent Vice, Being Flynn) as Chrisann Brennan, Jobs’ ex-girlfriend, and Michael Stuhlbarg (A Serious Man, HBO’s Boardwalk Empire) as Andy Hertzfeld, one of the original members of the Apple Macintosh development team.

Other members of the cast include Perla Haney-Jardine (Future Weather), Ripley Sobo (Winter’s Tale) and Makenzie Moss (upcoming Do You Believe?) as young Lisa Brennan at various stages of her life, Sarah Snook (Predestination) as Andrea Cunningham, as well as Adam Shapiro (A Single Man) as Avie Tevanian.

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Chris Pratt May Star In An 'Indiana Jones' Reboot


chris pratt the tonight showIn case you haven't noticed, Chris Pratt has kind of become the biggest star in Hollywood.

With lead roles in two of 2014's biggest hits - The LEGO Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy - he has amassed a massive fanbase and demand, and that looks to continue this year with the release of Jurassic World.

While that may seem like a lot of franchises for one star, apparently Hollywood isn't done trying to pile them on, as apparently Pratt is now being eyed as the actor to bring back Indiana Jones

This news comes to us from Deadline, and while they cushion their report by saying that things are still very much in early stages, they say that Chris Pratt is right now the man being eyed to bring back one of the industry's most successful blockbuster action series. At this point there are no exact details regarding exactly how the actor would fit into the franchise, but the wording in the story suggests that he will actually be the new Indiana Jones - instead of a sidekick like Shia LaBeouf was in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

While it certainly is big news that Chris Pratt may be the man who winds up taking Harrison Ford's place as the star of the Indiana Jones movies, the fact that the franchise is coming back for a fifth installment isn't too much of a shock. In late 2013 - a few years after the sale of Lucasfilm - we learned that the Walt Disney Company had worked out a deal with Paramount Pictures that would see the company take full control of the Indiana Jones franchise. At this point, it seemed like an inevitability that we would eventually see an Indiana Jones 5, and now it seems that day is inching closer.

As for Chris Pratt, as talented and charismatic as he has proven himself to be, I honestly must say that I am a bit torn about him possibly being the new Indiana Jones. On the one hand, variety in cinema is a great thing, and having multiple franchises become homogenized by having the same lead isn't terrifically exciting. On the other hand, Harrison Ford wound up doing just fine handling playing Indiana Jones and Han Solo in the Star Wars movies within the same era. 

I imagine that this subject will cause a bit of debate, so let me throw the question out to all of you: do you want to see Chris Pratt play the new Indiana Jones? 

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11 Movies Coming Out This Year That Will Probably Be Terrible


mila kunis jupiter ascending

Every year, there are hundreds of movies released that are pretty terrible from conception to execution to final product. At no point do they have any chance of working. 

Every year, there are a dozen or so movies that could conceivably work. They have large budgets, talented actors and people who could potentially care, but for whatever reason, they’re not very fun to watch. Something about the project just doesn’t quite come together, and they end up as big disappointments. 

These 11 movies probably aren't worth your time >

The following list is our guess at which movies released this year will fall into that latter category. It’s our chance to come clean and admit certain things kind of look like a mess. Whether it’s because of bad buzz, a questionable concept or bad chemistry between the leads, these movies have giant red flags.

We hope they work. We’ll jump in and give them a chance, but from where we’re sitting, they look terrible. 

"The Fantastic Four"

When The Fantastic Four reboot was first announced, I was so in. The first round of movies with Jessica Alba & company didn’t really come together, and I wanted to see someone do them correctly. Director Josh Trank seemed like the man to do it, but here we are, in mid-January, and we haven’t seen a piece of footage. (Update: the first teaser trailer is here.)

Even more troubling, rumors are swirling that Trank destroyed the production house. Now we’re getting an untold amount of reshoots

I desperately want this movie to work. I really, really do. But at this point, we all need to admit things look pretty bad. 

"Jupiter Ascending"

I’m a total sucker for space epics and was pretty positive Jupiter Ascending would be incredible when it was first announced, but yanking it out of its Summer 2014 was alarming.

Slotting it in February is downright disheartening.

That’s not to say great movies can’t come out in February, but if you have an expensive event film with A-list stars, February isn’t exactly prime real estate. It’s certainly possible the whole thing is an issue of special effects not being completed and tracking numbers looking particularly bad, which wouldn’t affect the overall quality, but the larger whispers are alarming. 

If this movie gets higher than 50% on Rotten Tomatoes, I’ll jump back in the pool and get re-excited. If it gets hammered by critics, I’ll quietly watch it on Starz sometime in 2016. 


I’m sorry. I know this is an unpopular choice. Get out all your hate.

Hell, chuck bananas at me if you want, but before you do, just hear out my reasoning.

I love the Minions like everyone else. They’re a barrel of laughs. I would watch them as hilarious comedic fodder in almost anything, but I just don’t understand how their shtick is going to work for an entire movie.

They’re the silly alternative. What happens when they’re not background? For example: Eeyore is my favorite Winnie The Pooh character, but I’m not sure I could handle an Eeyore movie. 

This movie is going to make a fortune. I really, really hope it works, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how this won’t get old after twenty minutes. Here’s to hoping I’m proven wrong. 

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Liam Hemsworth May Replace Will Smith In 'Independence Day 2'


Liam HemsworthIt appears that the Independence Day sequel is finally a go, and it has now locked in on the actor that it wants to cast as the new hero: The Hunger Games' Liam Hemsworth!

The nearly two-decades-in-the-making sequel, titled ID Forever will finally get off the ground for a new generation of moviegoers.

According to a scoop from The Wrap, Liam Hemsworth, the younger brother of Thor star Chris Hemsworth, has been offered the leading role in the long-anticipated sequel to the 1996 perennial crowd-pleaser. Should the report prove true, this will be a major jump in the stock of the younger Hemsworth brother, as he attempts to fill the unmistakably charismatic leading man shoes of Will Smith - who, after a period of negotiations, decided he would not be returning for a second run with the Independence Day franchise.

With Liam Hemsworth in the spotlight - likely as the young hero who will somehow carry the burden of Earth’s fate on his shoulders - it will definitely mean a change in dynamic for the series. The casting is likely a nod to the Millennial generation, and is certainly a smart move in the sense that the awesome-but-aged franchise could likely use any donations of momentum from the phenomenal success of The Hunger Games series - in which Hemsworth plays a prominent part. However, it will be interesting to see if the role is written in a such a way to challenge his burgeoning acting chops and give us something memorable.

Will Smith independence dayNext to nothing is known about the plot of Independence Day 2, which has gone through several seismic shifts over the years. There was talk at one point about the film being set 20 years after original, depicting an Earth that has spent the last few decades preparing for the inevitable return of the freaky dreadlocked aliens, armed with a new knowledge of travel through space by way of Interstellar-like wormholes. This, of course, was before the script would be completely re-worked in early 2014.

Indeed, the last bit of news that we heard was last year when 20th Century Fox hired a scriptwriter named Carter Blanchard to re-write the script originally drafted by The Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2 scribe, James Vanderbilt.What elements will remain from the original Vanderbilt script are still a mystery.

Original film director and habitual destroyer of worlds, Roland Emmerich is reportedly set to return to the helm of this sequel and original stars, Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman are also expected to reprise their roles as scientist David Levinson and (likely former) President and declarer of our independence, Thomas Whitmore. Additionally, the new Human Torch of the upcoming reboot, The Fantastic Four, Michael B. Jordan is also rumored to be circling a role.

ID Forever will upload viruses to hostile aliens computers, preventing their ability to download the film illegally when it is set to hit theaters nearly 20 years to the day of the original’s release, on June 24, 2016.

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'Jupiter Ascending' Debuted At A Secret Sundance Screening And The Response Was Not Good


jupiter ascending mila kunis

Warner Bros. previewed its big-budget movie "Jupiter Ascending" at a secret Sundance screening Tuesday evening, and the response wasn't great.

According to Variety, the film didn't receive any applause after it screened and a number of viewers left in the middle of the showing.

Press reportedly weren't invited to the screening though a few critics managed to snag tickets. BadAssDigest's Devin Faraci and Time Out's David Ehrlich were in attendance.


According to Faraci, the secret screening wasn’t a popular event to head out to see. The theater was about half empty.

Variety rounded up a few reactions from people who saw the film. 

Responses were reportedly mixed with one anonymous viewer calling it “ridiculous,” and saying she “hated it.”

Others thought Sundance was an odd outlet to preview a big-budget release since the majority of movies are usually indies.

While reviews for the film are embargoed until Monday, a few days before the film’s release, Faraci had a less than favorable response after the screening.

The sci-fi flick, starring Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum, was originally supposed to be released last summer. About seven weeks before the movie was expected in theaters, the movie was pushed back until Feb. 2015 to reportedly complete work on the film's special effects.

The news alarmed many since the film was expected to be a big summer tentpole, and because the film has a reported $175 million budget

The movie is the latest from the Wachowski siblings who are best known for "The Matrix" trilogy. The duo's last effort, 2012's "Cloud Atlas" starring Tom Hanks and Halle Berry, was a big flop so the pressure's on for the pair to make a good followup to their original monster hit. 

Watch a trailer for the film below. "Jupiter Ascending" is in theaters Feb. 6.


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Here's What It's Like As An Actor To Be Directed By Steven Spielberg


steven spielberg

Three-time Oscar winner Steven Spielberg is known for being a directorial genius, and actors who work with him often learn a tremendous amount just from watching his process.

Take actor/writer/directorEdward Burns, for example.

Ed Burns Christy Turlington

In his new memoir, "Independent Ed," the actor recounts working with Spielberg on the 1998 Oscar-winning film, "Saving Private Ryan."

Burns discusses how he was incredibly nervous when he began filming — so nervous that he says he "botched" several takes. He even recalls Tom Hanks leaning in and whispering to him to calm down ("I've seen you act before, and this isn't acting!" he claims Hanks said). Yet despite several uncomfortable takes, Spielberg offered zero feedback, which terrified Burns.

He writes:

"Most directors would have stepped in after my first botched take, offered some notes, and inadvertently rattled my confidence. But this wasn't Steven's approach with us. He allowed us several takes to figure things out for ourselves. So much that he didn't provide any direction for almost two weeks. We did our scenes in two or three takes and then moved on. No feedback. No nothing. The cast figured he hated what we were doing and speculated which one of us would be fired first."

Ed Burns Steven Spielberg Tom HanksSpielberg started to give direction a few weeks later. But his early silence wasn't for naught. It was a strategy to help his actors find their respective ways on their own. According to Burns' account, Spielberg said:

"I like to give my actors three takes to figure it out. If I step in after the first take and give you a note, especially with young actors, you'll hear me rather than your own voice.

That might rattle you, too. Hurt your confidence. Or cause you to question your choices. And who ever gets it right on the first or second take?

So I'll give you time to find it [....] Especially in an ensemble piece where you have four or five guys acting together. It's going to take everyone a little time to find the beats and gel."

Burns says working with Spielberg taught him that being a director is "about knowing when to give direction."

According to Burns, Spielberg later said he steps in when he feels actors are going in the wrong direction "... And then, only with a little note, as little as possible. I'd rather you guys find it.steven spielberg set of saving private ryanBurns says the entire process of filming "Saving Private Ryan" was "a life changer," as it influenced the way he approached directing and filmmaking moving forward.

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Joss Whedon Blames 'Sexism' For Lack Of Female Superheroes


Joss Whedon

It’s widely known by now that as more and more superhero films start moving into production, the demand for female-led franchises is only getting louder.

Marvel Studios has taken the brunt of the criticism for a lack of starring female roles in their film universe, with 16 films starring men released or in development (not including team-ups) to just a single film with a female lead. The tide is (technically) turning, with Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman announced by Marvel and DC respectively, but it still seems an uphill battle.

One man at the head of the charge is writer/director Joss Whedon, who after attempting to get a Wonder Woman film off the ground switched over to Marvel’s Avengers, and helped make Black Widow the studio’s fan-favorite female (of which there are admittedly few). But according to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dollhouse creator, the real reason behind the absence of starring women in superhero universes is no mystery: good old fashioned sexism.

scarlet johannson black widow avengersSpeaking with Digital Spy just months before Marvel and Warner Bros. would set release dates for their first female-led solo films, Whedon admitted that he remains frustrated that no studio was developing a female superhero property, explaining the core problem, as he sees it:

“It’s a phenomenon in the industry that we call ‘stupid people’. There is genuine, recalcitrant, intractable sexism, and old-fashioned quiet misogyny that goes on ... You hear ‘Oh, [female superheroes] don’t work because of these two bad ones that were made eight years ago’… there’s always an excuse.”

In the current climate, any and all accusations that sexism is to blame for the under-representation of women tends to be met with… passionate opposition (or claims that showcasing a social group besides white males is simply ‘diversity’ or ‘political correctness’ for its own sake). Yet it’s safe to say that Whedon – overseer of Marvel’s Phase 2, and director of both Avengers films – has a better sense of the industry in question than the average movie-goer.

According to him, misogyny among film industry higher-ups remains a factor, even if it is “quiet.”

Whedon goes onto explain that The Hunger Games is just one example of a studio finding success in actually building on a blockbuster heroine, explaining that superhero or no, stories of everyday people thrust into greatness are “all part of the same genre.” That’s a sentiment previously stated by Marvel boss Kevin Feige, whose “hope” of seeing a female-led Marvel film, and claims that a Black Widow film would only be made “if they had a great idea” for one earned as much criticism as praise.

Captain Marvel was announced not long after those comments, promising the issue will finally be addressed (as Marvel also rolls out its first non-Caucasian star in Black Panther). Yet the core issue remains: closing in on a decade of Marvel’s cinematic master plan, a female-led story is only now becoming a priority.

Could that be a prime example of, to use Whedon’s words, quiet (but no less genuine) misogyny? That’s certainly not to suggest that Whedon and Feige aren’t in total agreement on the matter, but the director seems to have made his opinion clear.

As if those statements weren’t enough cause for comic fans to begin hotly debating their favorite movie universes and heroines, Whedon went on to state that even a small step from Marvel would do wonders – but that their strongest female characters may already be spoken for by a rival studio:

“Marvel is in a position of making a statement simply by making [a female-led] movie, which I think would be a good thing to do… But it has to be a good movie, it has to be a good character, and most of the best characters in Marvel are owned by Fox, let’s face it!”

hunger games katniss jennifer lawrenceThere’s little doubt that Whedon is referring to the women of the X-Men universe, currently residing under Fox’s banner (and soon to be played by a new crop of actresses). Given Whedon’s own work on the “Astonishing X-Men” weaving a memorable story around Kitty Pryde, an opportunity to bring the likes of Jean Grey, Rogue, Storm and Shadowcat to film would be a dream come true for the writer/director.

For the time being, he’ll have to make do with Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch; we’ll simply side with Age of Ultron‘s Cobie Smulders and look forward to seeing more women on film with all these dudes.”

What do you think of Whedon’s comments? Does his firsthand involvement in adapting comic book superheroes lend more weight to his opinion, or do you still disagree? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Wonder Woman will be in theaters June 23, 2017, while Captain Marvel arrives July 6, 2018.

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One Dead After Tragic Ceiling Collapse On Taiwan Set Of Martin Scorsese Film


taiwan accident martin scorceseA tragic accident on the Taiwan set of Martin Scorsese's upcoming film, "Silence," resulted in one death and two injuries, reports The Daily Mail.

After a scaffolding collapsed, three men were rushed to the hospital. Construction worker Chen Yu-lung was pronounced deceased, and the other two maintained head injuries and fractures. All three had been working on the set of the film, which is based on the Shusako Endo novel of the same name.

taiwan accident martin scorceseA spokesperson for the film released the following statement to Deadline:

“Today there was an unfortunate accident at CMPC Studios in Taiwan, where the Martin Scorsese film, Silence, is in pre-production. An existing structure on the CMPC backlot had been deemed unsafe by the production, and accordingly a 3rd-party contractor was hired to reinforce and make it safe prior to any production-related work commencing in this building. Sadly, during this process, the ceiling collapsed, resulting in the death of one of the contractor’s employees and injuries to two others. Everyone is in shock and sorrow and expresses their deepest concern and sympathy to the families of the individual who died and those who were injured.”

martin scorseseThe movie is in pre-production and will star Liam Neeson, Adam Driver, and Andrew Garfield.

A video of the collapse is below.


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Here's The 'Terminator' Trailer That Will Air During The Super Bowl


A new 30-second trailer for the next "Terminator" movie will air during the Super Bowl Sunday.

Paramount has released the spot online ahead of the big game.

"Terminator: Genisys" will bring Arnold Schwarzenegger back to the franchise while adding Emilia Clarke ("Game of Thrones"), Matt Smith ("Doctor Who"), Jason Clarke (“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”), and Oscar-nominated J.K. Simmons.

The movie is in theaters July 1.

 Paramount also released a new poster for the film featuring Schwarzenegger.

terminator genisys poster

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Stunning Photos Show Why California Has The Best Movie Theaters In The World



There's nothing like going to see a movie. The whole experience — from picking what to see and grabbing snacks to getting the best seats, not to mention watching the movie — is a treat.

From massive multiplexes, 3-D movies, and IMAX cinemas, going to the movies has become a high-tech operation, but it wasn't always so.

From the late 1910s until the 1940s, a boom time for Hollywood and the movie industry, hundreds of beautiful and ornate "movie palaces" opened in metropolitan areas across the US. These theaters were palaces, featuring massive screening rooms with lavish and baroque architectural elements.

Most of these theaters have since closed and been demolished. But in California, some of these gorgeous spaces still exist and continue to show films to eager viewers hoping to take a step back in time.

Photographer Franck Bohbot has traveled to California from his native France to document these stunning California movie theaters in their glory. He has shared a selection of images here with us, and you can check out more on his website.

The Castro Theatre, in San Francisco, was built in 1922 and is a historical landmark. The theater has 800 seats downstairs and 600 in the balcony.

Hollywood's famous Chinese Theatre, now known as the TLC Chinese Theatre, was built in 1926 and designed to look like a Chinese palace. Its entrance features now famous cement bricks, which bear the signatures and handprints of Hollywood stars.

Built by Sid Grauman, who constructed the Chinese Theater, Los Angeles' Egyptian Theater opened its doors in 1922 and hosted the first movie premiere, for "Robin Hood," later that year. Much of the theater was designed in an Egyptian Revival style, most likely because of the public interest in the excavation of King Tut's tomb about the same time.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

One Of The Most Talked-About Movies At Sundance Was Filmed With An iPhone 5S (AAPL)


Tangerine Film

You don't need a multi-million dollar budget to make a hit movie.

That's the lesson from "Tangerine," a film at this year's Sundance Film Festival shot entirely with an iPhone 5S.

The movie follows Sin-Dee, a transgender prostitute who teams up with her friend Alexandra on a journey through Los Angeles after she realizes her pimp boyfriend was unfaithful to her while she was in jail.

Director Sean Baker used an iPhone, a lens adapter from Moondog Labs, an $8 app called Filmic Pro, and some external audio equipment to shoot "Tangerine,"according to No Film School.

Shooting a feature-film with a smartphone is empowering. It's unclear why Baker chose an iPhone 5S instead of a 6 or 6 Plus, but we look forward to more movies like this one.

You can find more info on "Tangerine" screenings here.

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Here's what 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle's relationship with his wife was really like


Clint Eastwood's "American Sniper" is breaking box-office records and garnering critical acclaim with six Oscar nominations, but many are questioning the accuracy of the film, which is based on former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle's best-selling memoir of the same title.

While some argue that Kyle, who was shot and killed in 2013 by a Marine veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, may have embellished battle scenes, his widow says their relationship was just as special and loving in real life as it appeared on screen.

Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller played Chris and Taya Kyle in "American Sniper":

American Sniper Taya Kyle Sienna Miller bradley cooperThe real Chris and Taya Kyle:

taya kyle

Taya Kyle told People magazine in early January: "I was madly in love with him and still am."

Taya, now 40, adds: "I miss him so much. I loved being in his arms. I loved holding his hand. But what I miss most about Chris is the feeling when he was in the room. He just changed the feeling whenever he walked in. I missed him even when he was just gone from the room."

Taya Kyle american sniper premiereBut as seen in the film, the couple's relationship went through a few rough patches as Chris spent long stretches away from his wife and two young children while serving four tours in Iraq.

In 2009, to save his marriage, Chris quit the military to make his wife and children his priority.

"My relationship with him, from the beginning, was just very real. Very real, deep, passionate love. We went through some really hard times, but we found our way back to each other every time," a choked up Taya told Fox News in December. "I'll never have anything like that again, and I'm OK with that because it was special and it deserves to be set in a different category."

Taya clarified the truth behind a few key scenes between her and Kyle in the film.


1. In the movie, Taya and Kyle meet in a bar. The two take shots, and Taya becomes so drunk that she ends up getting sick. Kyle holds her hair back as she vomits.

Taya tells Fox News the story is, unfortunately pretty, close to the truth: "Yes, although I will say it wasn't shots; I think I was drinking scotch on the rocks. And then yes I did vomit, and then yes he did hold my hair back."

american sniper

2. In the movie, Kyle's wedding was interrupted by news that the US would go to war following 9/11.

In reality, the couple decided to get married because Chris was about to be deployed and had only a few days of leave amid military training.

american sniper wedding bradley cooper sienna miller 3. In one scene, Taya calls Chris, who is in Iraq, to tell him the sex of their unborn child. When a firefight breaks out, Chris drops his phone to shoot and Taya is left on the line to hear the entire ordeal, not knowing whether her husband is dead or alive.

According to Slate: "Kyle once dropped his phone during a firefight and she was forced to hear the whole thing — but not when she was revealing the sex of her baby, as in the film."

American Sniper Taya Kyle Sienna Miller4. In the movie, Chris eventually decides to quit the military essentially because he is depressed after seeing so much death.

According to his memoir, Chris told Taya he would not reenlist because their marriage was nearing divorce.

american sniper sienna miller5. At the end of the movie, Taya pulls Chris aside on the morning before his unexpected death (Chris was shot by a veteran he was trying to help) and has a long chat with him about how grateful she is that he returned home and what an amazing father he had become.

According to Slate: "This is not in Kyle's memoir, for obvious reasons, but screenwriter Jason Hall writes in an addendum to the new edition of the book that Taya told him she had this conversation with Kyle a month before his death."

american sniper bradley cooper sienna miller

When Chris was killed, he had been in the process of adapting his best-selling memoir into the film that it became. At the time, Bradley Cooper was attached to produce and star as Chris, who wished to have Eastwood direct the movie.

Taya Kyle Bradley CooperWhen Eastwood eventually signed on, after Chris' death, Taya tells People magazine the 84-year-old director "was a little choked up. He said, 'I just want you to know that your story has my heart.'"

"I feel like they all have this huge heart for Chris," Taya added. "I really feel like they truly love him and understand him."

When Taya first met actress Sienna Miller — who would be playing her in the film — she says that after just a few sentences, "I was like, 'This is good.' We just connected. It's been a tremendous blessing."

Sienna Miller Clint Eastwood Bradley Cooper

"They spent a lot of time absorbing the details and getting them right in the movie," Taya told Fox News. "Chris would be far too humble to say any of his good qualities, he was very self-deprecating in his humor, and for me to have the ability to tell them what I loved was a beautiful thing."

Through tears, Taya told Fox that she still felt her husband's presence every day:

I do in a lot of ways feel like I still have that relationship, and it still grows because of what I learn and what I experience, and how I can more deeply appreciate what he was going through and I wish that had know more at the time, as people often do. But I also know that he knows the best I could and he was doing the best he could.

We started our lives and we went through war, child birth, happiness, joking through the hard times, and he really changed me into somebody much, much better, and I'm so grateful to him. I carry him with me, I feel him with me all the time and that's a pretty special thing.

Watch Taya's full interview on Fox News below:

"American Sniper" is nominated for six Academy Awards, including best picture, adapted screenplay, and best actor for Cooper.

Taya, meanwhile, has founded the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation to help enrich the relationships of military and first responders' families.

Taya Kyle Chris Kyle

Even though Chris was killed almost two years ago, Taya told People: "He had so much energy in life. There are some people who probably go to heaven and chill and just check in once in a while, but Chris is probably like, 'I'm watching my people!'

"I will miss him every single day of my life."

Taya Kyle Chris Kyle funeral

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6 crazy things revealed in HBO's explosive new Scientology documentary 'Going Clear'



Director Alex Gibney's explosive HBO documentary about Scientology, "Going Clear," which is based on Lawrence Wright's best-selling book of the same name, premiered Sunday night at the Sundance Film Festival.

After HBO had 160 lawyers preparing for the doc about the litigious church, the film quickly became the festival's premiere with the most buzz.




After festivalgoers and the press viewed the film for the first time, a few notable tidbits about Scientology came to light.

1. The Church of Scientology allegedly split up Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

The Daily Beast's Marlow Stern, who was in attendance, explains:

According to the testimony of Marty Rathbun, formerly the second-highest ranking official in the Church of Scientology who left in 2004, Scientology head David Miscavige was suspicious of Cruise’s second wife [Nicole Kidman], whose father was a renowned psychologist in his native Australia. Scientology is vehemently opposed to psychiatry and psychology, and Rathbun claims that because of Kidman’s father, she was labeled a "Potential Trouble Source" (PTS)...

"I was to facilitate the breakup with Nicole Kidman," Rathbun says in the film.

Rathbun alleges in the film that the Church of Scientology then waged an aggressive campaign to get Cruise to dump Kidman, including having a private investigator wiretap her phone ... Furthermore, Rathbun says the Church of Scientology "re-educated" Cruise's adopted children with Kidman, Connor and Isabella, into turning against their mother so that Cruise could retain custody.

Read the Daily Beast's full review here.

Tom Cruise Nicole Kidman2. John Travolta allegedly stays with the church because it has too much dirt on him and has threatened to make his private info public.

Vulture's Bilge Ebiri writes:

Travolta, it's suggested, is kept in the group because they have mountains and mountains of dirt on him, the result of years of spiritual "auditing" (the process by which Scientologists basically reveal their deepest secrets, which are then cataloged and brought out whenever someone needs some, uh, encouragement, as the Mafia likes to say).

Read Vulture's full review here.

john travolta autograph
3. The church allegedly mistreats its members, in some cases physically abusing them, and threatens and harasses those who leave the faith.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that in the doc "well-known former members paint detailed portraits of how abusive and controlling the organization could and still can be."

4. Church of Scientology membership has apparently dwindled to 50,000 worldwide.

Mashable's Josh Dickey, who saw the film, writes, "It's hard to believe Scientology still retains some 50,000 members in the social age (down from a peak of about 100,000 in the early '90s)."

5.  "Going Clear" estimates Scientology has amassed over $1 billion in tax-free wealth.

"An organization that's managed to retain its tax-exempt status based on its classification as a religion according to the IRS with access to some $3 billion in assets, is still a fearsome beast to contend with," writes The Hollywood Reporter in its review.

"The documentary is a broadside against the controversial religion," Variety adds. "It argues that Scientology exploits its tax exempt status to amass millions of dollars in property and donations, behaving more like a business than a charity."

6. A few more interesting celebrity nuggets from Los Angeles Times writer Amy Kaufman, who was at the screening:




The film received a standing ovation after its Sundance premiere.



"Going Clear" will air on HBO beginning March 16. 

The Church of Scientology published a full-page ad in The New York Times earlier this month accusing the film of reporting false claims about the controversial religion.

The Scientology ad calls out "Going Clear" director Alex Gibney for supposedly not allowing the organization to respond to claims made in the film.

Specifically, the ad asks whether the documentary is "a Rolling Stone/UVA Redux"— a reference to a now notorious article in the magazine about rape at the University of Virginia.

Former Scientology members hope this film will have the power to force major shifts within the church.

"I hope this movie increases public pressure for the church to change its abusive practices," one former Scientology member told The Times.

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Here are all the movie trailers you'll see during the Super Bowl


terminator genisys arnold

The commercials are one of the best parts of the Super Bowl; however, we're excited for the premiere of a few new movie trailers.

Five studios will show televised spots for upcoming spring and summer movies.

This year, a 30-second ad costs an estimated $4.4 million - $4.5 million.

Most of the trailers have already debuted online including a spot for "Ted 2" and "Terminator: Genisys." The biggest trailer to be on the lookout for is one for "Jurassic World."

Sorry, Batfans. Despite rumors of a "Batman V Superman" Super Bowl teaser, it doesn't look like Warner Bros. bought any ad space during the big game. The studio hasn't for several years.

Here are all the trailers you can expect to see.


Release date: May 22, 2015

Disney premiered a Super Bowl teaser for its upcoming sci-fi flick starring Britt Robertson (above), George Clooney, and Hugh Laurie. Similar to "Pirates of the Caribbean," the film is based off of a theme park attraction at Walt Disney World. Brad Bird will direct.

Unconfirmed: Marvel just released a new 30-second TV ad for "The Avengers: Age of Ultron" that we could see get some replay Sunday evening.

20th Century Fox

"Kingsman: The Secret Service"
Release date:
Feb. 13, 2015

Colin Firth plays a spy agent who trains a new recuit to go up against a group of villains led by Richmond Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson). The film's based off a comic book series called "The Secret Service" and is directed by Matthew Vaughn ("X-Men: First Class,""Kick-Ass").

Expected, but unconfirmed:"Fantastic Four." Fox debuted the first teaser trailer for the film earlier this week. We'd be surprised if we don't see a shorter version of the teaser Sunday.


"The Divergent Series: Insurgent"
Release date:
March 20, 2015

MTV debuted the "Divergent" sequel trailer that will air during the Super Bowl pregame show. Shailene Woodley returns as Tris Prior continuing her journey to take down power-hungry leader Jeanine (Kate Winslet) in a futuristic Chicago.

Paramount Pictures

"Terminator Genisys"
Release date:
July 1, 2015terminator genisys arnold

Paramount and Skydance previewed its new "Terminator" ad spot earlier in the week. The fifth film in the franchise will bring back Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator while uniting him with new stars Emilia Clarke ("Game of Thrones") and Matt Smith ("Doctor Who").

"Hot Tub Time Machine 2"

Release date: Feb. 20, 2015

hot tub time machine 2

Adam Scott ("Parks and Rec") joins Craig Robinson, Gillian Jacobs, and Chevy Chase in the sequel to the 2010 film. The crew will use the time machine to prevent one of their buddies from being killed in the present.

"Spongebob: Sponge out of Water"
Release date: Feb. 6

spongebob squarepantsMore than 10 years after the first movie, this time, Spongebob and his friends will somehow be mingling among the living on land.


"Fast & Furious 7" aka "Furious 7"
Release date:
April 3, 2015

Universal has been releasing behind-the-scenes footage (coined seven seconds of seven) from the upcoming film ahead of its new Super Bowl spot. 

Release date: July 10, 2015

The loveable yellow minions from "Despicable Me" are getting their own spinoff this summer. "Despicable Me 2" made over $1 billion at the box office.

"Jurassic World"

Release date: June 12, 2015

Chris Pratt stars in the new "Jurassic Park" sequel which will take place at a dino theme park. The Super Bowl spot will give our first look at the new dinosaur threat in the sequel.

 "Seventh Son"
Release date: Feb. 6, 2015seventh son jeff bridges

The fantasy film starring Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore was pushed back a few times from 2013. After Legendary Pictures moved from Warner Bros. to Universal, the movie finally received another release date. It's uncertain how the movie will perform since it has been in production for so long.

"Ted 2"
Release date: June 26, 2015

Universal revealed the first trailer for the sequel where the vocal teddy is on a mission to become a dad. Mark Wahlberg returns and is joined by Amanda Seyfried. The cut down version during the Super Bowl reportedly will feature a cameo from the Patriots' Tom Brady.

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Here's the awesome 'Jurassic World' trailer that aired during the Super Bowl

Here's the 'Terminator' trailer that just aired during the Super Bowl


A new 30-second trailer for the next "Terminator" movie aired during the Super Bowl Sunday.

Paramount and Skydance previously released the spot online ahead of the big game.

"Terminator: Genisys" will bring Arnold Schwarzenegger back to the franchise while adding Emilia Clarke ("Game of Thrones"), Matt Smith ("Doctor Who"), Jason Clarke (“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”), and Oscar-nominated J.K. Simmons.

The movie is in theaters July 1.

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Here's the first trailer for George Clooney's new movie 'Tomorrowland'

The new 'Furious 7' trailer is ridiculous


Explosions, cars parachuting from airplanes, and girls fighting in dresses.

Universal just released an action-packed new trailer for “Furious 7,” the latest film in the “Fast & Furious” franchise, and you’ll need to watch it again to make sure you caught everything going on. 

There’s a scene where the Rock brandishes a machine gun, and, to top it all off, a car crashes through a high-rise building into another building. 

It looks ridiculous, and we’re going to enjoy every moment of it.  

Vin Diesel, Ludacris, Michelle Rodriguez, and the rest of the “Fast & Furious” crew return for the sequel along with Paul Walker in his final film role. 

“Furious 7” is in theaters April 3.

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